Flora of the Western Old Kane Spring Road Area, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park


Fig. 1. View to the northwest showing the Old Kane Spring Road area on 20 February 2018, by Tom Chester. Click on the photograph for a larger version.


This is a start at the flora of the Old Kane Spring Road Area; see Figs. 1 and 2. This area is not tightly defined, since most of it has not been surveyed for plant species yet. From Fig. 2, which shows where species have been recorded, the checklist is most representative of the west end of Old Kane Spring Road, a portion of the area to the south, and the area along SR78 between its junction with Old Kane Spring Road to its junction with Borrego Springs Road. This flora does not include species in the San Felipe Wash.

Fig. 2. Map showing the western part of the Old Kane Spring Road area, along with locations where species have been recorded in our observations, vouchers, and iNaturalist observations. The areas of San Felipe Wash, The Narrows, Harper Canyon and Borrego Mountain are outside of this floral area. Click on the map for a version showing a larger area, without labels.

There are separate floras for The Narrows area on the west; Borrego Mountain on the north; and Harper Canyon to the south.

This area is dominated by an old alluvial plain which is being dissected; see Fig. 1. The ridges and canyons in the area we surveyed appear to be in similar rocks, but are probably of the Canebrake Conglomerate, a much older alluvial deposit. The photograph in Fig. 1 was taken from one of those ridges, which is in the foreground at bottom in the photograph.

This habitat excludes species that like to grow on granitic or metamorphic rock, or on slopes made from those exposures. Very little of the habitat here is of sand, so species that like to grow in sandy areas are sparse here.

The flora has been compiled from the following sources:

The resulting checklist contained a total of 94 taxa.

Since this checklist is almost surely quite incomplete for annuals and some perennials, we went through the checklists for The Narrows area and Harper Canyon, and the vouchers which were just outside this area, and included 45 species we thought could potentially be found here. Those species are noted in the checklist by having no entries in the last two columns.

Checklist for Old Kane Spring Road Area


The column with header Fam is the first three letter of the Jepson Manual Second Edition family. See Plant Family Abbreviations for most of them.

An asterisk before the common name indicates a non-native species.

The column labeled #V gives the number of vouchers from this area.

The column labeled #Pls gives a minimum estimate of the number of plants from our single survey in a dry year. An entry of iNat in this column indicates a species from iNaturalist whose determination was reviewed by us.

Taxa with no entry in the last two columns are species that potentially could be here, but so far have not been observed here.

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#FamScientific Name
Link goes to the Jepson eflora
(*)Common Name
Link goes to Calphotos
1SelSelaginella eremophiladesert spike-moss  
2PteCheilanthes parryiwoolly lipfern  
3EphEphedra asperaMormon tea 5
4EphEphedra californicadesert tea 1
5AcaJusticia californicachuparosa 60
6AmaAmaranthus fimbriatusfringed amaranth  
7AmaTidestromia suffruticosa var. oblongifoliaArizona honeysweet iNat
8AstAdenophyllum porophylloidesSan Felipe dogweed 1
9AstAmbrosia dumosaburroweed599
10AstAmbrosia salsola var. salsolacheesebush499
11AstBahiopsis parishiiParish's goldeneye  
12AstBebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush 1
13AstCalycoseris wrightiiwhite tackstem2 
14AstChaenactis carphoclinia var. carphocliniapebble pincushion1 
15AstChaenactis fremontiiFremont pincushion  
16AstChaenactis stevioidesdesert pincushion4 
17AstEncelia farinosabrittlebush199
18AstEncelia frutescensbutton encelia6 
19AstLogfia depressadwarf filago  
20AstLogfia filaginoidesCalifornia filago  
21AstMalacothrix glabratadesert dandelion1 
22AstMonoptilon bellioidesdesert star2 
23AstPalafoxia arida var. aridaSpanish needle41
24AstPectis papposa var. papposachinch-weed  
25AstPerityle emoryiEmory's rock-daisy  
26AstPleurocoronis plurisetaarrow-leaf1 
27AstPsathyrotes ramosissimaturtleback1 
28AstRafinesquia neomexicanadesert chicory1 
29AstStephanomeria exigua ssp. exiguaslender wreathplant240
30AstStephanomeria pauciflorawire-lettuce21
31AstTrichoptilium incisumyellow-head1 
32AstTrixis californica var. californicaCalifornia trixis12
33BorCryptantha angustifolianarrow-leaved cryptantha399
34BorCryptantha barbigera var. barbigerabearded cryptantha1 
35BorCryptantha maritimaGuadalupe cryptantha199
36BorCryptantha micrantha var. micranthared-root cryptantha 99
37BorEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells1 
38BorPectocarya heterocarpachuckwalla pectocarya  
39BorPectocarya peninsularisBaja pectocarya  
40BorPectocarya platycarpabroad-fruited combseed  
41BorPectocarya recurvatacurvenut combseed1 
42BorPhacelia crenulata var. minutifloralittle-flowered heliotrope phacelia199
43BorPhacelia distanscommon phacelia 5
44BorPholisma arenariumsand plant  
45BorTiquilia canescens var. canescensgray coldenia iNat
46BraBrassica tournefortii*Sahara mustard 35
47BraDescurainia pinnatawestern tansy-mustard 2
48BraDraba cuneifoliawedge-leaved draba1 
49BraLepidium densiflorumcommon pepper-grass2 
50BraLepidium lasiocarpum ssp. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass 99
51BraLyrocarpa coulteriCoulter's lyrepod11
52BraSisymbrium irio*London rocket  
53CacCylindropuntia bigeloviiteddy-bear cholla199
54CacCylindropuntia echinocarpasilver cholla199
55CacCylindropuntia ganderiGander's cholla199
56CacCylindropuntia ramosissimapencil cholla199
57CacFerocactus cylindraceusCalifornia barrel cactus299
58CacMammillaria dioicaCalifornia fish-hook cactus iNat
59CacMammillaria tetrancistradesert fish-hook cactus38
60CacOpuntia basilaris var. basilarisbeavertail cactus299
61CamNemacladus glanduliferusglandular nemacladus  
62CamNemacladus sp. 15
63CheChenopodium murale*nettle-leaved goosefoot  
64ConCuscuta californica var. papillosapapillate dodder460
65EupChamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurge  
66EupChamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurge250
67EupChamaesyce setilobastarfish (Yuma) spurge  
68EupCroton californicusCalifornia croton2 
69EupDitaxis lanceolatanarrowleaf ditaxis 50
70EupDitaxis neomexicanaNew Mexico ditaxis1 
71EupEuphorbia erianthabeetle spurge  
72FabAcmispon maritimus var. brevivexillusshort-bannered coastal lotus  
73FabAcmispon rigidusdesert lotus  
74FabAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus  
75FabAstragalus palmeriPalmer's milk-vetch1 
76FabDalea mollissilky dalea1 
77FabDalea mollissimadowny dalea1 
78FabLupinus arizonicusArizona lupine  
79FabLupinus concinnusbajada lupine  
80FabMarina parryiParry's marina1 
81FabOlneya tesotaironwood 85
82FabPsorothamnus emoryiEmory's indigo-bush2 
83FabPsorothamnus schottiiindigo bush199
84FabPsorothamnus spinosussmoke tree  
85FabSenegalia greggiicatclaw 50
86FouFouquieria splendens ssp. splendensocotillo499
87GerErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree  
88GerErodium texanumTexas filaree1 
89KraKrameria bicolorwhite rhatany 99
90KraKrameria erectaPima rhatany15
91LamHyptis emoryidesert-lavender 50
92LamSalvia columbariaechia 75
93LoaMentzelia affinisyellow blazing star  
94LoaMentzelia involucratabracted blazing star  
95MalEremalche rotundifoliadesert five-spot 2
96MalHibiscus denudatusrock hibiscus 15
97MolMollugo cerviana*carpet-weed  
98NycAbronia villosa var. villosahairy sand-verbena  
99NycAllionia incarnata var. incarnatasmall-flowered trailing four o'clock  
100NycBoerhavia triquetra var. intermediafivewing spiderling  
101NycMirabilis laevis var. retrorsaBigelow's desert four-o'clock 1
102OnaChylismia claviformis ssp. peirsoniibrown-eyed primrose399
103OnaEremothera boothii ssp. condensataBooth's evening primrose 99
104OnaEremothera refractanarrow-leaf suncup1 
105OnaEulobus californicusCalifornia suncup220
106OroOrobanche cooperiCooper's broomrape  
107PapEschscholzia minutiflora ssp. minutiflorasmall-flowered poppy4 
108PapEschscholzia parishiiParish's poppy  
109PhrMimulus bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's monkeyflower 99
110PlaMohavea confertifloraghost flower1 
111PlaPlantago ovatadesert plantain399
112PolAliciella latifolia ssp. latifoliabroad-leaf gilia  
113PolEriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicumdesert woolly-star  
114PolGilia stellatastar gilia1 
115PolLangloisia setosissima ssp. setosissimabristly langloisia  
116PolLoeseliastrum sp. 35
117PolChorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornubrittle spineflower310
118PolChorizanthe corrugatawrinkled spineflower 5
119PolChorizanthe rigidadevil's spineflower 99
120PolEriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet25
121PolEriogonum thomasiiThomas' buckwheat299
122ResOligomeris linifolialineleaf whitepuff140
123RubGalium stellatumstar-flowered bedstraw  
124SimSimmondsia chinensisjojoba250
125SolDatura discolordesert thornapple  
126SolPhysalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherry1 
127VisPhoradendron californicumdesert mistletoe 10
128ZygFagonia laevisCalifornia fagonia11
129ZygLarrea tridentatacreosote bush199
130AgaAgave deserti var. desertidesert agave 99
131AgaHesperocallis undulatadesert lily3 
132PoaAristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn1 
133PoaAristida purpureapurple three-awn  
134PoaBouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoidesneedle grama  
135PoaBouteloua barbata var. barbatasix-weeks grama  
136PoaDasyochloa pulchellafluff grass  
137PoaHilaria rigidabig galleta160
138PoaSchismus arabicus*Mediterranean grass  
139PoaSchismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus 99

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/)

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