Flora of Grapevine Canyon Area, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park



The following map shows the Grapevine Canyon area:

Voucher locations are plotted with blue diamonds. Our single survey location is plotted as a heavy blue line, which includes a section of Grapevine Canyon Road that is obscured by voucher symbols. The voucher coordinate search box is outlined in green (see below). (See also larger-scale map to locate Grapevine Canyon within Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.)

This checklist is compiled from two sources. First, from vouchers taken in the Grapevine Canyon / San Felipe River area north of SR78, east of the mouth of Sentenac Canyon, and west of the Tamarisk Grove Campground. Second, from a survey done on 15 November 2011, and another on 15 April 2012, of a loop through lower Bitter Spring Canyon, the drainage to the northwest, and along Grapevine Canyon Road.

The vouchers come from a search on 13 November 2011 of the Consortium of California Herbaria.

The Consortium records were searched for vouchers with coordinates between 33.13 and 33.16° N. Latitude, and -116.46 and -116.37 E. Longitude (the rectangle outlined in green on the map above), and for all vouchers with the locality Grapevine Canyon. (A larger coordinate search box would have returned many vouchers not in Grapevine Canyon.)

The detailed localities of those vouchers were examined and those not actually in the target area were eliminated.

In addition, four vouchers from Marcus E. Jones, from 21 January 1926, georeferenced here were eliminated, since they were of species from Imperial County unlikely to be present in this area. His vouchers have the locality of Yaqui Well, but were said to be from Imperial County. The species rejected were Camissonia claviformis ssp. yumae, Chorizanthe corrugata and Ephedra trifurca. In addition, he had the only voucher of Camissonia chamaenerioides. Although this species could be found here, that voucher also was said to be from Imperial County.

506 vouchers remained of 237 taxa. Larry Hendrickson was far and away the dominant collector here, responsible for 42% of all the vouchers from this area. Groups with 15 or more vouchers are listed in the following table:

# VouchersCollector
96Larry Hendrickson, Cathleen Weigand, Brian Woodward
49Jeannie Gregory, John Gregory
49Larry Hendrickson
48Larry Hendrickson, Margaret Mulligan, Cathleen Weigand
47Marcus E. Jones
22Alice Eastwood
23W. L. Jepson
20Frank F. Gander
15Larry Hendrickson, Chris Peregrin

The field survey on 15 November 2011 was done by Tom Chester, James Dillane, Mike Crouse, Kate Harper, Dave Stith and Pam Pallette. We found 112 taxa, despite missing a lot of annuals and perennials not apparent at this time of year. Of those 112 taxa, 87 were on the grapevine canyon voucher list, 19 of these taxa were not, and 6 observed species need further determination when they are in an identifiable state.

The field survey on 15 April 2012 was done by Tom Chester, Kate Harper, RT and Shaun Hawke. We added a whopping 68 taxa to the list from 15 November 2011!

The Grapevine Canyon checklist thus contains 281 taxa, 172 from our two field surveys; an additional 108 from vouchers; and one possible additional species from our surveys. The checklist below contains an additional 25 taxa observed in Mine Wash to improve the completeness of this checklist for use in the field in future surveys, for a total of 306 taxa.

Checklist for Grapevine Canyon Area

The column BC is the minimum number of plants observed in our field surveys of the Bitter Creek Canyon area, up to a maximum of 99 plants.

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#FamilScientific Name(*)Common NameBC
1SelagSelaginella eremophiladesert spike-moss20
2PteriCheilanthes covilleibeady lipfern99
3PteriCheilanthes parryiwoolly lipfern55
4PteriCheilanthes viscidasticky lipfern 
5PteriNotholaena californicaCalifornia cloak fern10
6PteriPellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fern7
7CupreJuniperus californicaCalifornia juniper99
8EphedEphedra asperaMormon tea 
9EphedEphedra californicadesert tea99
10AcantCarlowrightia arizonicaArizona carlowrightia 
11AcantJusticia californicachuparosa85
12AdoxaSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleablue elderberry 
13AmaraAmaranthus blitoides*mat amaranth 
14AmaraAmaranthus fimbriatusfringed amaranth 
15AnacaRhus ovatasugar bush99
16ApiacApiastrum angustifoliumwild celery 
17ApiacTauschia argutasouthern tauschia 
18ApocyAsclepias subulatarush milkweed 
19ApocyFunastrum cynanchoides var. hartwegiiclimbing milkweed 
20ApocyMatelea parvifoliaspearleaf 
21AsterAcamptopappus sphaerocephalus var. sphaerocephalusgoldenhead11
22AsterAdenophyllum porophylloidesSan Felipe dogweed40
23AsterAmbrosia dumosaburroweed99
24AsterAmbrosia salsola var. salsolacheesebush99
25AsterArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. albulawhite mugwort15
26AsterArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. incomptamountain mugwort10
27AsterBaccharis brachyphyllashort-leaved baccharis7
28AsterBahiopsis parishiiParish's goldeneye99
29AsterBebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush50
30AsterBrickellia atractyloides var. argutaCalifornia spear-leaved brickellia5
31AsterBrickellia desertorumdesert brickellia 
32AsterBrickellia frutescensshrubby brickellia7
33AsterChaenactis artemisiifoliameally white pincushion 
34AsterChaenactis carphoclinia var. carphocliniapebble pincushion 
35AsterChaenactis fremontiiFremont pincushion99
36AsterChaenactis glabriuscula var. glabriusculayellow pincushion 
37AsterEncelia actoniActon encelia 
38AsterEncelia farinosabrittlebush99
39AsterEncelia frutescensbutton encelia 
40AsterEricameria brachylepisboundary goldenbush99
41AsterEricameria linearifolianarrowleaf goldenbush3
42AsterEricameria palmeri var. pachylepisPalmer's goldenbush 
43AsterEricameria paniculatablackbanded rabbitbrush6
44AsterEriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow 
45AsterEriophyllum wallaceiWallace's woolly daisy99
46AsterGeraea canescenshairy desert-sunflower 
47AsterGutierrezia californicaCalifornia matchweed99
48AsterIsocoma acradenia var. acradeniaalkali goldenbush1
49AsterIsocoma acradenia var. eremophilasolitary-leaved alkali goldenbush50
50AsterLasthenia gracilisgoldfields99
51AsterLogfia depressadwarf filago99
52AsterLogfia filaginoidesCalifornia filago99
53AsterMalacothrix glabratadesert dandelion10
54AsterMonoptilon bellioidesdesert star 
55AsterPalafoxia arida var. aridaSpanish needle 
56AsterPerityle emoryiEmory's rock-daisy 
57AsterPleurocoronis plurisetaarrow-leaf 
58AsterPluchea sericeaarrow-weed99
59AsterPorophyllum gracileodora20
60AsterPsathyrotes ramosissimaturtleback 
61AsterPseudognaphalium biolettiibicolored everlasting 
62AsterPseudognaphalium californicumCalifornia everlasting 
63AsterRafinesquia californicaCalifornia chicory 
64AsterRafinesquia neomexicanadesert chicory6
65AsterSenecio californicusCalifornia groundsel 
66AsterSenecio flaccidus var. monoensisMono ragwort 
67AsterSonchus oleraceus*sow thistle20
68AsterStephanomeria exigua ssp. exiguaslender wreathplant99
69AsterStephanomeria pauciflorawire-lettuce70
70AsterStylocline gnaphaloideseverlasting nest-straw50
71AsterTrichoptilium incisumyellow-head 
72AsterTrixis californica var. californicaCalifornia trixis2
73AsterUropappus lindleyisilver puffs 
74BignoChilopsis linearis ssp. arcuatadesert-willow99
75BoragAmsinckia intermediacommon fiddleneck99
76BoragAmsinckia tessellata var. tessellatabristly fiddleneck 
77BoragCryptantha angustifolianarrow-leaved cryptantha 
78BoragCryptantha barbigera var. barbigerabearded cryptantha50
79BoragCryptantha decipiensgravel cryptantha1
80BoragCryptantha intermedia var. intermediapopcorn flower99
81BoragCryptantha maritimaGuadalupe cryptantha 
82BoragCryptantha micrantha var. micranthared-root cryptantha5
83BoragCryptantha muricataprickly cryptantha 
84BoragCryptantha pterocaryawing-nut cryptantha 
85BoragCryptantha racemosabushy cryptantha 
86BoragEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells10
87BoragEriodictyon trichocalyx var. lanatumsmoothleaf yerba santa 
88BoragEucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. bipinnatifidaeucrypta4
89BoragHeliotropium curassavicum var. oculatumseaside heliotrope40
90BoragNama demissa var. demissapurple mat30
91BoragPectocarya heterocarpachuckwalla pectocarya 
92BoragPectocarya linearis ssp. feroculaslender combseed?
93BoragPectocarya penicillatacombseed99
94BoragPectocarya platycarpabroad-fruited combseed 
95BoragPectocarya recurvatacurvenut combseed99
96BoragPhacelia crenulata var. ambiguaheliotrope phacelia 
97BoragPhacelia distanscommon phacelia99
98BoragPhacelia minorwild canterbury bells20
99BoragPhacelia pedicellatapedicellate phacelia 
100BoragPholisma arenariumsand plant10
101BoragPholistoma membranaceumwhite fiesta flower99
102BoragPlagiobothrys arizonicusArizona popcorn flower10
103BoragTiquilia plicataplicate coldenia 
104BrassBoechera perennansperennial rock-cress 
105BrassBrassica tournefortii*Sahara mustard5
106BrassCaulanthus cooperiCooper's jewel-flower 
107BrassCaulanthus halliiHall's caulanthus2
108BrassCaulanthus lasiophyllusCalifornia mustard 
109BrassCaulanthus simulansPayson's wild cabbage 
110BrassDescurainia pinnatawestern tansy-mustard5
111BrassDithyrea californicaspectacle-pod 
112BrassDraba cuneifoliawedge-leaved draba 
113BrassHirschfeldia incana*shortpod mustard 
114BrassHornungia procumbensprostrate hutchinsia 
115BrassLepidium flavum var. felipenseBorrego Valley pepper-grass 
116BrassLepidium lasiocarpum ssp. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass20
117BrassLyrocarpa coulteriCoulter's lyrepod 
118BrassRaphanus sativus*purple wild radish 
119BrassSisymbrium irio*London rocket14
120BrassSisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard 
121BrassThysanocarpus curvipesfringe-pod10
122CactaCylindropuntia bigeloviiteddy-bear cholla99
123CactaCylindropuntia californica var. parkericane cholla1
124CactaCylindropuntia ganderiGander's cholla99
125CactaEchinocereus engelmanniiEngelmann's hedgehog cactus99
126CactaFerocactus cylindraceusCalifornia barrel cactus99
127CactaMammillaria dioicaCalifornia fish-hook cactus50
128CactaMammillaria tetrancistradesert fish-hook cactus2
129CactaOpuntia basilaris var. basilarisbeavertail cactus60
130CactaOpuntia chloroticapancake prickly-pear 
131CactaOpuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiEngelmann prickly-pear20
132CactaOpuntia phaeacanthadesert prickly-pear75
133CampaNemacladus glanduliferusglandular nemacladus 
134CampaNemacladus rubescensdesert nemacladus25
135CaryoAchyronychia cooperifrost mat 
136CaryoSpergularia marinasalt marsh sand-spurry70
137ChenoAtriplex canescens var. canescensfour-wing saltbush5
138ChenoAtriplex polycarpacattle saltbush45
139ChenoChenopodium californicumCalifornia goosefoot5
140ChenoChenopodium murale*nettle-leaved goosefoot40
141ChenoSuaeda nigrabush seepweed 
142CleomPeritoma arboreabladderpod50
143ConvoCuscuta californica var. californicaCalifornia dodder 
144CrassCrassula connatapygmy-weed 
145CrassDudleya saxosa ssp. aloidesdesert dudleya99
146CucurCucurbita palmatacoyote melon7
147CucurMarah macrocarpawild-cucumber1
148EuphoBernardia incanawestern bernardia2
149EuphoChamaesyce albomarginatarattlesnake weed 
150EuphoChamaesyce melanadeniared-gland spurge99
151EuphoChamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurge 
152EuphoChamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurge50
153EuphoChamaesyce setilobastarfish (Yuma) spurge 
154EuphoDitaxis lanceolatanarrowleaf ditaxis50
155EuphoDitaxis neomexicanaNew Mexico ditaxis 
156EuphoEuphorbia erianthabeetle spurge 
157EuphoStillingia linearifolialinear-leaved stillingia55
158FabacAcmispon argophyllus var. argophyllussouthern California silver-lotus1
159FabacAcmispon glaber var. brevialatusshort-winged deerweed99
160FabacAcmispon haydoniipygmy lotus 
161FabacAcmispon maritimus var. brevivexillusshort-bannered coastal lotus 
162FabacAcmispon rigidusdesert lotus5
163FabacAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus99
164FabacAstragalus palmeriPalmer's milk-vetch3
165FabacDalea mollissimadowny dalea 
166FabacLupinus arizonicusArizona lupine 
167FabacLupinus bicolordwarf lupine3
168FabacLupinus concinnusbajada lupine50
169FabacLupinus sparsiflorusCoulter's lupine 
170FabacMarina parryiParry's marina 
171FabacMelilotus indicus*sourclover40
172FabacOlneya tesotaironwood 
173FabacProsopis glandulosa var. torreyanahoney mesquite99
174FabacPsorothamnus emoryiEmory's indigo-bush 
175FabacPsorothamnus schottiiindigo bush60
176FabacPsorothamnus spinosussmoke tree9
177FabacSenegalia greggiicatclaw99
178FabacSenna covesiidesert senna9
179FouquFouquieria splendens ssp. splendensocotillo99
180GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree99
181GeranErodium texanumTexas filaree 
182GrossRibes indecorumwhite-flowering currant 
183GrossRibes quercetorumoak gooseberry 
184GrossRibes roezlii var. roezliiSierra gooseberry 
185KrameKrameria bicolorwhite rhatany99
186KrameKrameria erectaPima rhatany 
187LamiaHyptis emoryidesert-lavender30
188LamiaSalvia apianawhite sage30
189LamiaSalvia columbariaechia99
190LamiaSalvia vaseyiVasey's sage20
191LoasaMentzelia involucratabracted blazing star 
192LoasaPetalonyx thurberi ssp. thurberiThurber's sandpaper-plant99
193MalvaAyenia compactaayenia10
194MalvaHibiscus denudatusrock hibiscus 
195MalvaHorsfordia newberryiNewberry's velvet mallow 
196MalvaSphaeralcea ambigua var. ambiguaapricot mallow 
197MalvaSphaeralcea ambigua var. rugosadesert globemallow30
198MontiCalyptridium monandrumsand cress15
199NyctaAbronia villosa var. villosahairy sand-verbena 
200NyctaAllionia incarnatatrailing four o'clock1
201NyctaMirabilis laevis var. retrorsaBigelow's desert four-o'clock50
202NyctaMirabilis multiflora var. pubescensgiant four o'clock 
203OnagrCamissoniopsis pallida ssp. pallidapale suncup15
204OnagrChylismia cardiophylla ssp. cardiophyllaheartleaf suncup 
205OnagrChylismia claviformis ssp. peirsoniibrown-eyed primrose30
206OnagrEpilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia50
207OnagrEulobus californicusCalifornia suncup30
208OnagrOenothera deltoides ssp. deltoidesdune primrose 
209OrobaCastilleja foliolosawoolly Indian paintbrush2
210OrobaPedicularis densifloraIndian warrior 
211PapavArgemone munitaprickly poppy 
212PapavEschscholzia minutiflora ssp. minutiflorasmall-flowered poppy50
213PapavEschscholzia parishiiParish's poppy5
214PhrymMimulus bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's monkeyflower99
215PhrymMimulus brevipeswide-throated yellow monkeyflower99
216PhrymMimulus fremontii var. fremontiiFremont's monkeyflower 
217PlantAntirrhinum filipesdesert twining snapdragon 
218PlantKeckiella antirrhinoides var. microphyllalittle-leaved chaparral beardtongue2
219PlantMohavea confertifloraghost flower 
220PlantPenstemon centranthifoliusscarlet bugler 
221PlantPenstemon clevelandii var. clevelandiiCleveland's beardtongue 
222PlantPlantago ovatadesert plantain 
223PlantPlantago patagonicaPatagonia plantain 
224PolemEriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicumdesert woolly-star99
225PolemEriastrum sapphirinumsapphire woolly-star 
226PolemGilia brecciarum ssp. neglectaNevada gilia 
227PolemGilia scopulorumrock gilia 
228PolemGilia stellatastar gilia 
229PolemLoeseliastrum matthewsiidesert calico99
230PolemLoeseliastrum schottiiSchott's calico 
231PolemSaltugilia australissouthern gilia 
232PolygChorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornubrittle spineflower15
233PolygChorizanthe fimbriata var. laciniatalace-fringed spineflower50
234PolygChorizanthe rigidadevil's spineflower 
235PolygEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat 
236PolygEriogonum elongatum var. elongatumlong-stemmed buckwheat 
237PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat99
238PolygEriogonum gracile var. incultumslender buckwheat99
239PolygEriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet2
240PolygEriogonum plumatellayucca buckwheat50
241PolygEriogonum reniformekidney-leaf buckwheat 
242PolygEriogonum thomasiiThomas' buckwheat15
243PolygEriogonum thurberiThurber's buckwheat 
244PolygEriogonum wrightii var. membranaceumWright's buckwheat 
245PolygEriogonum wrightii var. nodosumWright's buckwheat70
246PolygPterostegia drymarioidesfairy bowties, threadstem10
247RanunDelphinium parishii ssp. subglobosumintermediate larkspur7
248RanunDelphinium parryi ssp. parryiblue larkspur 
249RhamnCeanothus perplexanscupped-leaf ceanothus 
250RhamnRhamnus ilicifoliahollyleaf redberry 
251RhamnZiziphus parryi var. parryilotebush35
252RosacAdenostoma fasciculatumchamise 
253RosacCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesbirch-leaf mountain-mahogany1
254RosacColeogyne ramosissimablack brush 
255RosacPrunus fremontiidesert apricot99
256RubiaGalium angustifolium ssp. borregoenseBorrego bedstraw 
257RubiaGalium stellatumstar-flowered bedstraw25
258RutacThamnosma montanaturpentine broom1
259SalicPopulus fremontii ssp. fremontiiFremont cottonwood2
260SalicSalix exiguanarrowleaf willow50
261SalicSalix laevigatared willow 
262ScropScrophularia californicaCalifornia bee plant 
263SimmoSimmondsia chinensisjojoba99
264SolanDatura wrightiisacred datura 
265SolanLycium andersoniiAnderson's boxthorn99
266SolanLycium brevipes var. brevipesdesert boxthorn 
267SolanLycium cooperiCooper's boxthorn27
268SolanNicotiana obtusifoliadesert tobacco25
269SolanPhysalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherry20
270TamarTamarix aphylla*athel 
271TamarTamarix ramosissima*saltcedar6
272UrticParietaria hespera var. hesperapellitory35
273ViscaPhoradendron bolleanumdense mistletoe 
274ViscaPhoradendron californicumdesert mistletoe70
275VitacVitis girdianawild grape 
276ZygopFagonia laevisCalifornia fagonia 
277ZygopLarrea tridentatacreosote bush99
278AgavaAgave desertidesert agave99
279AgavaHesperoyucca whippleichaparral yucca 
280AgavaYucca schidigeraMohave yucca99
281AlliaAllium fimbriatumfringed onion1?
282JuncaJuncus bufoniustoad rush99
283JuncaJuncus mexicanusMexican rush 
284PoaceAristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn 
285PoaceAristida purpureapurple three-awn5
286PoaceAvena barbata*slender wild oats60
287PoaceBromus berteroanusChilean chess20
288PoaceBromus diandrus*ripgut brome99
289PoaceBromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red brome99
290PoaceBromus tectorum*downy brome 
291PoaceDasyochloa pulchellafluff grass 
292PoaceDistichlis spicatasaltgrass99
293PoaceFestuca octoflorasix-weeks fescue 
294PoaceHilaria rigidabig galleta40
295PoaceHordeum brachyantherum ssp. californicumCalifornia meadow barley5
296PoaceHordeum murinum*foxtail barley99
297PoaceMelica frutescenstall melica20
298PoaceMelica imperfectacoast-range melic 
299PoaceMuhlenbergia porteriPorter's muhly 
300PoacePoa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass20
301PoacePolypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grass99
302PoaceSchismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus99
303PoaceSporobolus airoidesalkali sacaton99
304PoaceStipa coronatagiant needlegrass 
305PoaceStipa speciosadesert needlegrass5
306ThemiMuilla maritimamuilla3

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/)

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