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I have not yet begun my indexing of hikes and field guide pages in San Diego County in earnest. Hence until that time I'm collecting such pages here, rather than let them just languish in my bookmark files, so that readers can search this page for information. In addition to the titles of each page, I've tried to put keywords with each link so that a search for a given trail or place might succeed.

This page was begun on 3/7/00, and I'll gradually put my backlog into this page.

Field Guide Pages

Box Canyon (Carlsbad)

Hike Writeups

Tom Leech's San Diego Outdoors at Anza-Borrego Camping, Anza-Borrego Flowers, Breckenridge, Bataquitos Lagoon, Crest Canyon, Coastal Northwest, Lake Cuyamaca, Cuyamaca's West Mesa and, Airplane Monument, Daley Ranch, Elfin Forest, Guajome, Heise County Park, Hellhole Canyon, Iron Mountain, Jacumba, Kelly Ditch Trail, Kitchen Creek, Laguna Mountains, Oak Oasis, Roberts Ranch, San Clemente Canyon, San Diego Shorelines, San Dieguito Park, South Bay, South Borrego Springs, The Southwest U.S., Stonewall, Tide Pools, Whistler Ski Resort, Wildcat Canyon.

Carl Lambrecht's Hiking in Southern California (??). El Cajon Mountain.

Poway's Trail User's Guide - 1997 (Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Lake Ramona, Lake Poway, Iron Mountain, Mt. Woodson, etc.)

San Marcos' Trail Web Site (Double Peak; Discovery Lake; Discovery Creek; Cima Drive Loop; Twin Oaks Valley; Las Posas, Borden; Town Center; Jack's Pond)

Linda McMillin Pyle's Mountains (Oakzanita Trail, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park; Photo Gallery- Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Lake Poway; Trail of Palomar Mountain; Trail of the Grand Loop- Cuyamaca Rancho State Park)

The Bogues' Index of Hikes (Lawson Peak, Fortuna Mountain, Tecate Peak, El Cajon Mountain, Cuyamaca Peak, Cedar Creek Falls, Valley of the Moon, Lawson Peak, Gaskill Peak, Penasquitos Canyon from west, McGinty Mountain, Monument Peak, Kwaaymii Trail, Stonewall Peak, El Cajon Mountain attempt, Tahe Peak, Valley of the Moon, Hot Springs Mountain, Penasquitos Canyon from east, Corte Madera, Garnet Peak, Kwaaymii Trail, Iron Mountain, Peak (or Hill) 1882, Cedar Creek Falls, Glenn's View, Iron Mountain)

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