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Note three important caveats:

San Diego County has perhaps the richest diversity of habitats in the U.S., making it a hiker's paradise. Desert, mountains, sea shore, bays, rivers - we have it all. As a result, we enjoy one of the richest plant communities in the world. We have ~1,800 native plants, more native species than any other county in the contiguous U.S. Unfortunately, we also have more endangered and threatened species than any other county in the contiguous U.S. (Nature Conservancy, May/June 2000, p. 15.)

These pages are a guide to some of the natural richness of San Diego County. This url ( contains two major related sites: Field Guide to San Diego County and Hikes in San Diego County.

Field Guide to San Diego County Website

This is a field guide to many aspects of San Diego County. This site will contain webpages that include, among other pages:

Hikes in San Diego County Website

This is a hiking guide to San Diego County. The site will include:

All information on the web related to a given trail (conditions, web links, view plots, places, etc.) will be collected on a page devoted to a given trail.

See also a more complete introduction for this site.

Both Websites

Both sites are far from complete, even after they are transferred from their old homes, but will gradually become more complete after several years.

Both sites share the following files. All are found in the About This Site area of the main page for each site, except for the search page which is found at the top of the main pages:

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