The Flora of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Section C: near I-10 to I-15

See The Flora of the Pacific Crest Trail: Overview for an Introduction to these plant checklists.

Section C- near Interstate 10 to Interstate 15, distance 131.2 miles

This part of the trail starts at Cottonwood trailhead (elevation 1850 feet) and proceeds through Gold Canyon past the windmill farms. It enters the Whitewater drainage then the Mission Fork drainage which it then climbs up the south-east side of the San Bernardino Mountains. It reaches a high point of 8600 feet and stays in this conifer forest as it traverses the range. The trail slowly descends as you head eastward in the mountain range and changes to chaparral. The trail then follows Deep Creek drainage for a while before passing by Silverwood Lake. The elevation at the end of this section at Interstate 15 is 3000 feet. Table C1 gives the subsections of the trail, with the name linked to the online plant guide when the guide is available.

Table C1. Subsections of the PCT in Section C

Subsection with Link to Guide when availablePCT MileLength
Elevation of ends (feet)Peak
C1- Cottonwood trailhead to Whitewater canyon213.5221.17.6185022853225
C2- Whitewater canyon to Mission springs trail camp at road 1N05221.1242.121.0228581158115
C3- Road 1N05 (near Mission springs trail camp) to Rainbow Road242.1251.79.6811581008635
C4- Rainbow Road to road 2N01251.7257.05.3810078858635
C5- Road 2N01 to Highway 18257.0267.410.4788568297885
C6- Highway 18 to Van Dusen road 3N09267.4276.38.9682972607630
C7- Van Dusen road 3N09 to road 3N14276.3287.310.7726065107755
C8- Road 3N14 to Deep Creek Bridge (near Splinterís cabin)287.3299.812.8651045806510
C9- Deep Creek Bridge (near Splinterís cabin) to Highway 173299.8315.715.9458031904580
C10- Highway 173 to Highway 138 (Silverwood lake exit)315.7331.215.4319033953580
C11- Highway 138 (Silverwood lake exit) to Interstate 15331.2344.713.6339530004160

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