Plants of Garner Valley and Thomas Mountain

Compiled by Erik Blume

This list gives all the taxa found for the Garner Valley and Thomas Mountain area from online vouchers available from the Consortium of California Herbaria.

On a few days around 20 November 2006, I searched for vouchers from Riverside County that contained any of the following localities: Kenworthy, Thomas Valley, Hemet Valley, Garner Valley, Quinn Flat and Thomas Mountain. I compiled a list of the unique taxa names from those vouchers. I then removed taxa determined only to the species level if there were other vouchers given to subspecific levels. Vouchers for Quercus dumosa were removed, since the correct determination for those vouchers is unclear.

On 18 December 2006, I added a few species I had inadvertently omitted from the Hemet Valley search, and have been adding species off and on as I come across them.

Statistics of the list as of 13 January 2007:

Category# of Taxa
Taxa vouchered with current names358
Taxa vouchered without a current name, not used for this list69
Taxa vouchered with older names which were updated to current names46
Vouchered names which were rejected or not resolved to a current name20
Total taxa included in the list381

Taxa added to the list as of 13 January 2007 that are unvouchered, but have been seen by myself in Garner Valley:

Asclepias californica
Cirsium occidentale var. californicum
Pinus coulteri
Pinus jeffreyi
Pinus ponderosa

List Of Vouchered Names Which Were Rejected

These names were rejected primarily, but not always, because they did not match names in Tom Chester's southern California database. This list is as of 3 February 2007.

Quercus dumosadetermination questionable
Acer negundoJepson Name Status: JFP-1; rejected because there is already an infraspecific voucher for A. negundo
Agoseris heterophylla var. heterophyllaJepson Name Status: JFP-1 - possible addition, minor variant in Munz or Munz Supplement, essentially or possibly; addition, for taxon recognized since The Jepson Manual
Allium parvum var. jacintenseJepson Name Status: Variety not recognized in Jepson
Arctostaphylos peninsularisJepson Name Status: Accepted name for taxon not occurring in CA
Arenaria macradenia ssp. ferrisiaeJepson Name Status: JFP-1a; recognized synonym for Eremogone ferrisiae
Arenaria macradenia subsp. ferrisiaeJepson Name Status: JFP-1a
Carex festivellaJepson Name Status: JPF-1a t
Eleocharis bellaJepson Name Status: JFP-1a t
Eriastrum densifolium ssp. densifoliumJepson Name Status: JFP-1
Eriogonum evanidumJepson Name Status: JFP-1, accepted name for taxon native to CA; Eriogonum foliosum of pre-2004 California authors, non S. Watson
Lasthenia gracilisJepson Name Status: JFP-1; recognized as current by PLANTS and ICPN
Leptosiphon lemmoniiJepson Name Status: JFP-1 t; recognized as current name in PLANTS.
Leptosiphon liniflorus ssp. pharnaceoidesnot in ICPN or PLANTS
Lewisia rediviva var. minorJepson Name Status: JFP-unresolved; recognized as current by PLANTS
Marsilea vestitaOnly the variant Marsilea vestita ssp. vestita is in Tom's Database
Mimulus aurantiacus var. pubescens 
Mimulus fremontii var. fremontii 
Orthocarpus purpurascensJepson Name Status: JFP-1 t
Polygonum aviculareJepson Name Status: JFP-2
Trifolium variegatum var. pusillumJepson Name Status: JFP-1b

Updated Vouchered Names

These names were changed to match the current names in the southern California database. This list is current as of 3 February 2007.

Voucher NameUpdated NameNotes
Abronia villosa var. pinetorumAbronia villosa var. auritaPLANTS database recoginizes Abronia pinetorum as a synonym for Abronia villosa var. aurita ABPI2 Abronia pinetorum Abrams
Amorpha fruticosa var. occidentalisAmorpha fruticosa 
Arenaria douglasiiMinuartia douglasiisynonym cited in the Jepson manual
Arenaria pusillaMinuartia pusillaCited as synonym for Minuaria pusilla in the Jepson manual.
Artemisia arbuscula ssp. novaArtemisia novaCited as synonym for Artemisia nova in the Jepson manual.
Bouteloua aristidoidesBouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoides 
Bromus marginatusBromus carinatus var. carinatus 
Chaetopappa aureaPentachaeta aurea 
Crassula erectaCrassula connata 
Cryptantha decipiens var. corollataCryptantha decipiens 
Cryptantha micrantha var. lepidaCryptantha micrantha 
Elymus elongatusElytrigia elongataname not found in ICPN; PLANTS synonym for Thinopyrum ponticum
Elymus hispidusElytrigia intermedia ssp. barbulataPLANTS synonym for Thinopyrum intermedium
Elymus triticoidesLeymus triticoides 
Eriastrum sapphirinum ssp. ambiguumEriastrum sapphirinumCited as a synonym in Jepson manual.
Euphorbia albomarginataChamaesyce albomarginata 
Festuca myurosVulpia myuros var. myurosnot in ICPN
Frasera parryiSwertia parryi 
Haplopappus acradenius ssp. eremophilusIsocoma acradenia var. eremophila 
Heterotheca camphorataHeterotheca sessiliflora ssp. echioidesXWALK synonym for Heterotheca sessiliflora ssp. echioides
Layia ziegleriLayia platyglossa 
Leptosiphon liniflorusLinanthus liniflorus 
Lessingia germanorum var. glanduliferaLessingia glandulifera var. glandulifera 
Linanthus dianthiflorus ssp. dianthiflorusLinanthus dianthiflorus 
Lomatium mohavense ssp. longilobumLomatium mohavense 
Lonicera subspicata var. johnstoniiLonicera subspicata var. denudata 
Lotus purshianusLotus purshianus var. purshianus 
Lupinus bicolor ssp. tridentatusLupinus bicolor 
Lupinus formosus var. hyacinthinusLupinus hyacinthinus 
Mahonia dictyotaBerberis aquifolium var. dictyota 
Microseris lindleyiUropappus lindleyi 
Opuntia engelmanniiOpuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii 
Potentilla rivalis var. millegranaPotentilla rivalis 
Quercus dunniiQuercus palmeri 
Salvia columbariae var. ziegleriSalvia columbariae 
Sambucus ceruleaSambucus mexicana 
Solanum xanti var. montanumSolanum xanti 
Sphaeralcea ambigua var. keckiiSphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua 
Stipa cernuaNassella cernua 
Stipa lepidaNassella lepida 
Stipa lettermaniiAchnatherum lettermanii 
Stipa speciosaAchnatherum speciosum 
Veronica peregrina var. xalapensisVeronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis 
Vicia americanaVicia americana var. americana 
Yucca whipplei var. whippleiYucca whipplei 

Checklist of Vascular Plants of Garner Valley and Thomas Mountain

The current list is found here, and may contain updates from the information presented above.

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