Changes To Flora of Mishe Mokwa Trail, Santa Monica Mountains

Bob Muns, 1984, 1985

This is a working list, about which we make no guarantees until we finish checking it. The information below is incomplete, and there may be errors we haven't caught yet.

This page lists all the changes we made to Bob Muns original printed list to produce the updated list.

Name Changes

These are the names changed to conform to those of the Jepson Manual.
Older NameJepson Manual Name
Caulanthus stenocarpus Payson, Streptanthus heterophyllus Nutt.Caulanthus heterophyllus
Dichelostemma pulchellumDichelostemma capitatum
Elymus condensatus J. PreslLeymus condensatus
Herniaria cinerea DC.Herniaria hirsuta ssp. cinerea
Thelypodium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) GreeneGuillenia lasiophylla

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