Flora of Charmlee Region Park, Santa Monica Mountains

Bob Muns, 1984, 1987, 2002

This is a working list, about which we make no guarantees until we finish checking
it. The information below is incomplete, and there may be errors we haven't caught yet.

#, Latin Name Common Name Life
Plant Communities

Ferns and Fern Allies

DryopteridaceaeWoodfern Family
1 Dryopteris argutaWoodfern P 4-11 wooded slopes, shaded places
PolypodiaceaePolypody Family
2 Polypodium californicumCalifornia Polypody P 1-5 rocky slopes, Ch, CSS
PteridaceaeFern Family
3 Adiantum jordanii California Maidenhair P 3-5 shaded wet slopes, Ch, &
4 Aspidotis californica California Lace Fern P 3-4 rock crevices
5 Pellaea andromedifoliaCoffee Fern P 1-4 rocky, dry places, Ch, OW
6 Pellaea mucronataBird's Foot Fern P 12-6 rocky, dry places, Ch, CSS
7 Pentagramma triangularisGoldback Fern P 12-4 shaded, rocky slopes, CSS, Ch
SelaginellaceaeSpike Moss Family
8 Selaginella bigelovii Bigelow's Spike-Moss P - open, rocky, brushy slopes, Ch, CSS


AmaranthaceaeAmaranth Family
9 Amaranthus albusPigweed *A 6-12 W
AnacardiaceaeSumac Family
10 Malosma laurinaLaurel SumacS 6-7 Ch, CSS
11 Rhus integrifolia Lemonade BerryS 2-4 Ch, CSS
12 Rhus ovataSugar Bush S 3-5 Ch, CSS, OW
13 Toxicodendron diversilobumPoison Oak S 3-4 Ch, CSS, OW

Carrot Family


14 Anthriscus caucalis Bur Chervil *A 4-6 W, shady places
15 Apiastrum angustifolium Wild CeleryA 4-5 Ch, CSS, under shrubs
16 Daucus pusillus Rattlesnake WeedA 4-5 Ch, CSS, &, grassy slopes
17 Foeniculum vulgare Sweet fennel *P 5-9 W, roadsides
18 Sanicula arguta Sharp-Toothed Sanicle P 2-4 CSS, Ch, VG, open, grassy slopes
19 Sanicula crassicaulis Pacific Sanicle P 2-4 Ch, OW, shaded slopes
20 Tauschia arguta Southern Tauschia P 2-4 Ch, CSS, rocky banks
AsclepiadaceaeMilkweed Family
21 Asclepias fascicularis Narrow-Leaf Milkweed P 5-10 VG, OW, &, open disturbed places
AsteraceaeSunflower Family
22 Achillea millefolium Yarrow P 4-6 Ch, CSS, OW, open places
23 Acourtia microcephala Perezia P 5-8 Ch, CSS, OW
24 Ambrosia psilostachya Western Ragweed P 8-10 CSS, Ch, W
25 Artemisia californica California Sagebrush S 8-12 Ch, CSS
26 Artemisia douglasiana Mugwort P 7-11 Rp, CSS, OW, W, MC
27 Baccharis pilularis Coyote Brush S 8-11 CSS, CS, OW
28 Brickellia californica California Brickellbush S 8-11 Ch, CSS, ± disturbed places
29 Carduus pycnocephalus Italian Thistle *A 5-7 W, along roadsides, pastures
30 Centaurea melitensis Yellow Star Thistle *A 5-7 W, open places
31 Chaenactis artemisiifolia White Pincushion A 4-6 Ch, CSS, W, burns
32 Chamomilla suaveolens Pineapple Weed *A 2-5 W, roadsides
33 Cirsium occidentale var. californicum California Thistle B 3-7 Ch, CSS, OW, &
34 Cirsium occidentale var. occidentale Cobwebby Thistle B 4-7 VG, OW, coastal dunes, scrub
35 Cirsium vulgare Bull Thistle *B 6-10 W
36 Conyza canadensis Horseweed A 5-12 W
37 Cotula australis Australian Brassbutton *A 1-4 W
38 Encelia californica California EnceliaS 3-6 Ch, CSS
39 Erigeron foliosus Fleabane Aster P 5-6 Ch, CSS, OW, burns
40 Eriophyllum confertiflorum Golden Yarrow SS/S 1-7 Ch, CSS, OW
41 Filago californica California Filago A 5-9 Ch, CSS, rocky or grassy pl
42 Gnaphalium bicolor Two-Tone Everlasting P 1-4 Ch, CSS, W
43 Gnaphalium californicum Green Everlasting A/B 1-7 Ch, CSS, OW
44 Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalum Felt-Leaf Everlasting P 7-10 Ch, CSS, OW, grasslands
45 Gnaphalium canescens (another ssp.) Fragrant Everlasting P - -
46 Gnaphalium sp. Cudweed - - -
47 Grindelia camporum Gum PlantP 4-10 Ch, CSS, VG
48 Hazardia squarrosa Saw-Toothed Goldenbush S 8-11 Ch, CSS
49 Hemizonia fasciculata TarweedA 5-9 VG, OW, W
50 Hemizonia minthornii Santa Susana Tarweed S 7-10 Ch, sandstone outcrops
51 Hypochaeris glabra Cat's-Ear *A 3-6 VG, W
52 Isocoma menziesii Coast Goldenbush S 4-12 CS, CSS, Ch, OW
53 Lactuca serriola Prickly Lettuce*A 6-9 W
54 Lasthenia californica California Goldfields A 3-4 VG, CSS, &
55 Lessingia filaginifolia Cudweed Aster P/SS 7-10Ch, CSS, &
56 Madia gracilis Slender Tarweed A 5-6 Ch, OW, &
57 Malacothrix saxatilis Cliff Aster P 1-12 Ch, CSS, W, MC
58 Microseris sp. Microseris A - -
59 Rafinesquia californica California Chicory A 4-6 Ch, CSS, burns, shaded places
60 Senecio vulgaris Common Groundsel *A 1-6 W
61 Silybum marianum Milk Thistle*A/B 5-7 W
62 Solidago californica California Goldenrod P 7-10 Ch, CSS, OW, in colonies
63 Sonchus asper Prickly Sow Thistle *A most W, gardens, along streams
64 Sonchus oleraceus Sow Thistle *A 1-12W
65 Stephanomeria cichoriacea Tejon Milk-Aster P 8-10 Ch, CSS, W, open rocky pl
66 Venegasia carpesioides Canyon Sunflower SS/S 3-6 Rp, Ch, moist wooded sl, burns
BerberidaceaeBarberry Family
67 Berberis pinnata Barberry S 3-6 deep shaded places
BoraginaceaeBorage Family
68 Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia Fiddleneck A 3-6VG, &
69 Cryptantha sp. Popcorn FlowerA - -
70 Cryptantha sp. Popcorn FlowerA --
71 Pectocarya linearis ssp. ferocula Comb Bur A 3-4 grassy places
72 Plagiobothrys sp. Popcorn Flower A - grassy places
BrassicaceaeMustard Family
73 Arabis glabra Tower Mustard B/P 3-5 OW, &
74 Brassica nigra Black Mustard *A 3-7 W, fields, burns
75 Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's Purse *A 1-12 W, gardens
76 Cardamine californica Milk MaidsP 2-4 Ch, OW, moist shady pl, &
77 Descurainia pinnata Tansy-Mustard A 3-6 Ch, W, MC, washes
78 Hirschfeldia incana Mediterranean Mustard *B/P 3-9 W, roadsides
79 Lepidium sp. Peppergrass A - -
80 Raphanus sativus Wild Radish *A 3-5 W
81 Sisymbrium irio London Rocket*A 3-10 W
82 Sisymbrium officinale Hedge Mustard *A 4-7 Ch, OW, W
83 Sisymbrium orientale Oriental Mustard *A 4-6 Ch, OW, W
84 Thysanocarpus curvipes Lace-Pod A 2-4 Ch, CSS, open rocky places
CactaceaeCactus Family
85 Opuntia littoralis Coast Prickly PearS 5-6 CSS, VG, &
CaprifoliaceaeHoneysuckle Family
86 Sambucus mexicana Mexican Elderberry S/T 4-8 Ch, CSS, OW, open washes
87 Symphoricarpos mollis Snowberry SS/S 4-5 Ch, OW, Rp
CaryophyllaceaePink Family
88 Cerastium glomeratum Mouse-Ear Chickweed - 3-5 W, MC
89 Silene gallica Common Catchfly *A 2-5 VG, W
90 Silene laciniata ssp. major Indian Pink P 4-7 Ch, CSS
91 Spergula arvensis ssp. arvensis Corn Spurrey *A 3-4 W, sand dunes
92 Stellaria media Chickweed *A 2-4 W, about cultivation
ChenopodiaceaeGoosefoot Family
93 Atriplex semibaccata Australian Saltbush *P/SS 4-12 CS, CSM, disturbed pl in CSS
94 Chenopodium album Lamb's Quarters *A 6-10W
95 Chenopodium californicum California Goosefoot P 2-6 Ch, CSS, grassland, &
96 Chenopodium murale Nettle-Leaf Goosefoot *A most W
97 Salsola tragus Russian Thistle *A 5-11 W
CistaceaeRock-Rose Family
98 Helianthemum scoparium Wild Rock Rose SS 3-10 Ch, CSS, dry sunny slopes
ConvolvulaceaeMorning Glory Family
99 Calystegia macrostegia Wild Morning Glory P 2-8 Ch, CSS, shrubby slopes
CrassulaceaeStonecrop Family
100 Crassula connata Pygmy Weed A 2-5 MC, open areas, burns
101 Dudleya lanceolata Lance-Leaf Liveforever P 5-7 Ch, CSS, rocky slopes
CucurbitaceaeGourd Family
102 Marah macrocarpus Wild Cucumber P 1-6 Ch, CSS, OW. shaded slopes
CuscutaceaeDodder Family
103 Cuscuta sp. Dodder A - -
EuphorbiaceaeSpurge Family
104 Chamaesyce sp. Mat SpurgeA --
105 Eremocarpus setigerus Turkey Mullein A 5-11 CSS, OW, VG, W, grassy sl
FabaceaePea Family
106 Astragalus didymocarpus Two-Seeded Milkvetch A 3-5 CSS, VG, &, grassy slopes
107 Astragalus trichopodus Locoweed P 2-6 Ch, CS, CSS
108 Lathyrus vestitus var. vestitus Wild Sweet Pea P 3-6 Ch, CSS, OW
109 Lotus purshianus var. purshianus Spanish Clover A 5-10 Ch, OW, MC
110 Lotus scoparius Deerweed SS 2-9 Ch, CS, CSS
111 Lotus sp. - A --
112 Lotus strigosus Bishop's Lotus A 3-6 CSS, &, coastal bluffs
113 Lupinus bicolor Miniature Lupine A 3-6 VG, W, &, burns
114 Lupinus concinnus Bajada Lupine A 3-5 Ch, W, &, burns
115 Lupinus hirsutissimus Stinging Lupine A 3-7 Ch, CSS, W, burns
116 Lupinus longifolius Bush Lupine S 4-6 Ch, CSS, OW, canyons
117 Lupinus sparsiflorus Coulter's Lupine A 3-5 washes, sandy areas
118 Lupinus succulentus Arroyo Lupine A 2-5 W, burns
119 Lupinus truncatus Collar Lupine A 3-5 Ch, CSS, W, burns
120 Medicago polymorpha Bur Clover *A 2-7 W, grassy places
121 Melilotus indica Yellow Sweet Clover *A 4-10W
122 Spartium junceum Spanish Broom *S 4-6 W, dry slopes, roadsides
123 Trifolium willdenovii Tomcat Clover A 3-6 MC, grassy slopes
124 Vicia americana var. americana American Vetch P 4-6 Ch, OW, along streams
FagaceaeOak Family
125 Quercus agrifolia Coast Live Oak T 2-4 OW, &, moist canyons
126 Quercus berberidifolia Scrub Oak S 3-5 Ch, OW
GeraniaceaeGeranium Family
127 Erodium botrys Long Beak Filaree *A 3-6 W, grassy openings
128 Erodium cicutarium Red Stem Filaree *A 1-5 W, grassy slopes
129 Erodium moschatum White Stem Filaree *A 2-5 W, roadsides
130 Geranium carolinianum Wild Geranium A 3-6 MC, shaded slopes
GrossulariaceaeGooseberry Family
131 Ribes malvaceum Chaparral Currant S 10-3 Ch, OW
132 Ribes speciosum Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry S 1-5 Ch
HydrophyllaceaePhacelia Family
133 Emmenanthe penduliflora Whispering Bells A 4-7 Ch, CSS, OW, &, burns
134 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia Eucrypta A 2-6 Ch, CSS, CS, burns
135 Phacelia cicutaria Caterpillar Phacelia A 3-6 Ch, VG, burns
136 Phacelia distans Fern-Leaf Phacelia A 3-6 OW, CSS, &
137 Phacelia parryi Parry's Phacelia A 3-5 CS, CSS, W
138 Phacelia ramosissima Branching Phacelia P 4-9 Ch, Rp, OW, &
LamiaceaeMint Family
139 Marrubium vulgare Horehound *P 7-10 W
140 Salvia leucophylla Purple Sage S 5-7CSS
141 Salvia mellifera Black Sage S 3-7 Ch, CSS
142 Salvia spathacea Red Pitcher SageP 3-5 Ch, OW
143 Scutellaria tuberosa Skullcap P 3-5 Ch, OW, &
144 Stachys albens White Hedge Nettle P 5-10 CSS, VG, &, wet areas
145 Stachys bullata Hedge Nettle P 3-9 Ch, CSS, moist areas
MalvaceaeMallow Family
146 Malacothamnus fasciculatus Bush MallowS 4-10 Ch, CSS, W, burns
147 Malva parviflora Round Leaf Mallow *A most W
NyctaginaceaeFour-O'Clock Family
148 Mirabilis californica Wish Bone Bush P 3-5 Ch, CSS, OW, grassy places, washes
OnagraceaeEvening Primrose Family
149 Camissonia californica Mustard Evening Primrose A 4-5 Ch, W, &, burns
150 Camissonia micrantha Small-Flowered Evening Primrose A 2-6 CS, &
151 Clarkia purpurea Wine Cup Clarkia A 4-7 Ch, OW, &, open grassy sl
152 Epilobium canum California FuchsiaSS 7-11 Ch, CSS, OW
153 Epilobium canum ssp. canum California Fuchsia SS 8-10Ch, CSS
OxalidaceaeOxalis Family
154 Oxalis albicans ssp. californica Wild Oxalis *P 2-5 rocky slopes
PaeoniaceaePeony Family
155 Paeonia californica California Peony P 1-4 Ch
PapaveraceaePoppy Family
156 Eschscholzia caespitosa Collarless Poppy A 3-6 Ch, VG, &, grassy open areas
157 Eschscholzia californica California PoppyA/P 2-9 VG, &, burns, grassy open pl
PlantaginaceaePlantain Family
158 Plantago erecta California Plantain A 2-5 Ch, CSS, VG, open places in grassy areas
159 Plantago lanceolata English Plantain *P 4-8 W, moist places, roadsides
PolemoniaceaePhlox Family
160 Allophyllum glutinosum Stinky Gilia A 4-6 Ch, CSS, W, burns
161 Gilia angelensis Angel Gilia A 5-7 Ch, CSS, VG
162 Leptodactylon californicum Prickly Phlox SS 2-6 Ch, OW
163 Linanthus dianthiflorus Ground PinkA 2-4 Ch, CSS, VG, grassy slopes
PolygonaceaeBuckwheat Family
164 Chorizanthe sp. Spiny Herb A - CSS, Ch
165 Chorizanthe staticoides Turkish Rugging A 4-6 CSS, Ch, burns, grassy slopes
166 Eriogonum cinereum Ashy-Leaf Buckwheat S 4-12 CS, CSS
167 Eriogonum elongatum var. elongatum Wand Buckwheat P 8-11 Ch, CSS, OW
168 Eriogonum fasciculatum Calif. Wild Buckwheat S 7-10 Ch, CSS, &
169 Polygonum arenastrum Common Knotweed *A 3-11 W
170 Polygonum sp. - - - -
171 Pterostegia drymarioides Thread Stem A 3-7 MC, grassy slopes
172 Rumex crispus Curly Dock *P 3-6 W, along roads
PortulacaceaePurslane Family
173 Calandrinia breweri Brewer's Red Maids A 3-6 Ch, CSS, W, burns
174 Calyptridium monandrum Sand CressA 3-6 Ch, CSS, W, burns
175 Claytonia perfoliata Miner's Lettuce A 2-5 Ch, OW, CSS, shady moist pl
PrimulaceaePrimrose Family
176 Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel*A 2-10 W
177 Dodecatheon clevelandii Shooting StarP 1-4 CSS, VG, grassy slopes, flats
RanunculaceaeButtercup Family
178 Delphinium parryi Parry's Blue Larkspur P 4-7 Ch, CSS, VG, woods
RhamnaceaeBuckthorn Family
179 Ceanothus megacarpus Big Pod Ceanothus S 1-4 Ch, dry slopes, canyons
180 Ceanothus spinosus Green Stem Ceanothus S 2-5 Ch, CSS, dry slopes
181 Rhamnus crocea Red Berry S 3-4 Ch, CSS, OW
182 Rhamnus ilicifolia Holly-Leaf Red Berry S 2-6 Ch, &
RosaceaeRose Family
183 Adenostoma fasciculatum Chamise S 4-6 Ch, upper CSS
184 Cercocarpus betuloides Mountain Mahogany S 3-5 Ch
185 Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon S 6-7 Ch, CSS, OW
186 Horkelia cuneata Wedge-Leaf Horkelia P 4-10 CSS, OW, &, sandy flats, open slopes
187 Potentilla glandulosa CinquefoilP 4-7 MC, shaded slopes, canyons
188 Rosa californica California Wild Rose S 4-8 CSS, OW, Rp, &
RubiaceaeBedstraw Family
189 Galium angustifolium Narrow-Leaf Bedstraw P 4-6 MC, dry shady places
190 Galium aparine Cleavers A 3-7 Ch, OW, &, shaded sl & flats
191 Galium nuttallii Climbing Bedstraw SS 2-6 OW, Ch slopes
SaxifragaceaeSaxifrage Family
192 Lithophragma affine Woodland StarP 2-6 Ch, OW, &, shaded moist sl
ScrophulariaceaeSnapdragon Family
193 Antirrhinum kelloggii Twining Snapdragon A 3-5 Ch, CSS, W, burns
194 Antirrhinum multiflorum Rose Snapdragon P 5-8 Ch, &, burns
195 Castilleja affinis Indian Paint Brush SS 2-5 CSS, Ch, &, open places
196 Castilleja exserta Owl's Clover A 3-6 Ch, CSS, burns, openings
197 Collinsia heterophylla Chinese Houses A 3-6 OW, openings in Ch, &
198 Cordylanthus rigidus Bird's Beak A 7-8 Ch, MC
199 Keckiella cordifolia Heart-Leaf Penstemon S 3-6 Ch, CSS, OW
200 Linaria canadensis Blue ToadflaxA 2-5 CSS, Ch, sandy soil
201 Mimulus aurantiacus Bush Monkey Flower SS 1-5 Ch, CSS
202 Scrophularia californica California Bee Plant P 3-5 Ch, CSS, moist areas in OW, &
SimaroubaceaeQuassia Family
203 Ailanthus altissima Tree-of-Heaven*T 5-6 W, along roads
SolanaceaeNightshade Family
204 Nicotiana glauca Tree Tobacco *S/T most W, burns
205 Solanum xanti Purple Nightshade SS 1-6 Ch, CSS, OW
VerbenaceaeVervain Family
206 Verbena lasiostachys Vervain P 4-10 CSS, Ch openings


IridaceaeIris Family
207 Sisyrinchium bellum Blue Eyed Grass P 3-6 CSS, VG
JuncaceaeRush Family
208 Juncus bufonius Toad Rush A 4-9 low wet places
209 Juncus macrophyllus Big Leaf Rush P 6-8 along streams
LiliaceaeLily Family
210 Allium haematochiton Wild Onion P 3-5 Ch, CSS, VG
211 Calochortus catalinae White Mariposa Lily P 3-5 Ch, CSS, VG
212 Chlorogalum pomeridianum Soap LilyP 5-7 CSS, Ch, VG, W, burns
213 Dichelostemma capitatum Blue Dicks P 2-5 Ch, CSS, VG
214 Yucca whipplei Chaparral Yucca S 4-7 Ch, CSS, OW
215 Zigadenus fremontii White Star Lily P 3-6 Ch, CSS, VG
OrchidaceaeOrchid Family
216 Piperia unalascensis Rein OrchidP 4-8 Ch, OW, burns
PoaceaeGrass Family
217 Avena barbata Slender Oats *A 2-6 VG, &, roadsides
218 Avena fatua Wild Oats *A 2-7 VG, &, roadsides
219 Bromus catharticus Rescue Grass *A/P 4-11W
220 Bromus diandrus Rip Gut Brome *A 3-6 VG, W, grasslands
221 Bromus hordeaceus Soft Chess *A 3-7 CSS, OW, Ch border, W
222 Bromus madritensis ssp. rubens Red Brome *A 3-6 CSS, OW, Ch
223 Hordeum murinum Foxtail *A 3-7 W
224 Koeleria macrantha June GrassP 4-7 OW, &, open places
225 Lamarckia aurea Goldentop *A 2-5 CSS, Ch, W
226 Leymus condensatus Giant Wild Rye P 5-8 Ch, CSS, OW
227 Lolium sp. Rye Grass *A - W
228 Melica imperfecta Chaparral Melic P 3-5 Ch, CSS, OW, burns
229 Nassella cernua Nodding Needlegrass P 3-6 CSS, Ch
230 Nassella lepida Foothill Needlegrass P 3-5 CSS, OW, Ch border
231 Piptatherum miliaceum Smilo Grass *P 6-10 Rp, W
232 Schismus barbatus Mediterranean Grass *A 2-4 W, roadsides
233 Vulpia sp. Annual Fescue A - W, grassy places
T = Tree
S = Shrub
SS = Subshrub
A = Annual
B = Biennial
P = Perennial
* = Introduced
Ch = Chaparral
CS = Coastal Strand
OW = Oak Woodland
CSS = Coastal Sage
Rp = Riparian
CSM = Coastal Salt Marsh
FWM = Freshwater Marsh
W = Weedy, Waste &
Disturbed Places
MC = Many Communities
& = And Other Communities

Microseris sp.. It is quite likely that the updated name for this genus has changed to another genus, but without the species, the new genus name is uncertain.

Vulpia sp.. Because Festuca was split up into Festuca and Vulpia, we have no way of knowing from this Flora alone whether this should be listed as Festuca or Vulpia. Since in our experience the weedy non-native Vulpia species are encountered much more frequently than Festuca species, we have chosen to change Bob's original entry of "Festuca sp." to "Vulpia sp.". Note that this could be incorrect, and anyone using this flora should beware.

Plant list digitized and names updated in accord with The Jepson Manual by Tom Chester and Michael Charters 19 November 2002.

Changes to Bob Muns' Flora of Charmlee Region Park.

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