Flora of Mt. Wilson Toll Road, San Gabriel Mountains

Bob Muns, ~1980

This is a working list, about which we make no guarantees until we finish checking
it. The information below is incomplete, and there may be errors we haven't caught yet.

This plant list is for the Mt. Wilson Toll Road from its beginning at the Pinecrest gate to Henninger Flats. Bob compiled this list from a number of walks from ~1970 to ~1980.

#, Latin Name Common Name Life
Habitat /
Plant Community

Ferns and Fern Allies

DryopteridaceaeWoodfern Family
1 Dryopteris argutaWoodfern P -open, wooded slopes, <8000'
2 Polystichum imbricansSwordfern - 
PolypodiaceaePolypody Family
3 Polypodium californicumCalifornia Polypody P -shaded places, cliffs, bluffs, rocks
PteridaceaeFern Family
4 Aspidotis californicaLace Fern - 
5 Cheilanthes covilleiBead Fern P -crevices, bases of rocks
6 Pellaea andromedifoliaCoffee Fern P -rocky or dry areas
7 Pellaea mucronataBird's Foot Fern P -rocky or dry areas
8 Pentagramma triangularisGoldback Fern P -shaded slopes or rocky areas
SelaginellaceaeSpike Moss Family
9 Selaginella bigeloviiSpike-Moss P -open sites, rocks, shrublands
CupressaceaeCypress Family
10 Cupressus sp.Cypress - 
PinaceaePine Family
11 Pinus attenuataKnobcone Pine - 
12 Pinus coulteriCoulter Pine - 
13 Pinus sp.Pine - 
14 Pseudotsuga macrocarpaBig Cone Spruce T -scattered on slopes, 1000-8000'
AceraceaeMaple Family
15 Acer macrophyllumBig Leaf Maple T 4-5streambanks, canyons, <5000'
AmaranthaceaeAmaranth Family
16 Amaranthus albusPigweed *A 4-10weed of waste places, roadsides, fields
17 Amaranthus sp.Amaranth A -waste places
AnacardiaceaeSumac Family
18 Malosma laurinaLaurel SumacS 2-5Chap, CSS, cis
19 Rhus ovataSugar Bush S 3-5canyons, Ch, <4300'
20 Schinus mollePepper Tree*ST3-6 
21 Toxicodendron diversilobumPoison Oak S 4-5canyons, slopes, Ch, OW, <5200'
AsteraceaeSunflower Family
22 Achillea millefoliumYarrow P 3-7 
23 Agoseris sp.Mountain Dandelion - -Ch
24 Ambrosia acanthicarpaAnnual Bur-Sage A 8-11weedy places, dry stream bottoms
25 Ambrosia psilostachyaWestern Ragweed P 7-11weedy pl, Ch, CSS, <2500'
26 Artemisia californicaCalifornia Sagebrush S 8-12Ch, CS, CSS, <2500'
27 Artemisia douglasianaMugwort P 6-10open to shady places, often in drainages
28 Baccharis salicifoliaMule Fat S 1-12along water courses, <3500'
29 Bidens pilosa var. pilosaBeggar-Ticks*A 5-11disturbed pl
30 Brickellia californicaCalifornia Brickellbush S 8-10dry washes, slopes, Ch, CSS, <8000'
31 Brickellia neviniiNevin's Brickellbush SS 9-11dry slopes and washes, Ch, CSS, 800-5500'
32 Centaurea melitensisYellow Star Thistle *A 5-6weed of waste pl, roadsides, etc.
33 Chaenactis artemisiifoliaWhite Pincushion A 4-7dry slopes, disturbed places, burns
34 Chaenactis glabriusculaYellow Pincushion A 3-7Ch, VG
35 Chrysanthemum sp. *- 
36 Cirsium occidentale var. occidentaleCobwebby Thistle B 4-7grassy, brushy places, Ch, CSS, CS
37 Conyza bonariensisLittle Horseweed *A 6-8weed of waste places
38 Conyza canadensisHorseweed A 6-9weed of waste places
39 Cotula australisAustralian Brassbutton *A 1-5weedy places, <1000'
40 Encelia sp.  - 
41 Ericameria parishii var. parishiiParish's Goldenbush S 7-10dry slopes, 1500-7000', Ch
42 Erigeron foliosusFleabane Aster P 5-7grassy or brushy places, Ch, YPF, OW
43 Eriophyllum confertiflorumGolden Yarrow SS 4-8dry sl and washes, CSS, Ch
44 Filago californicaCalifornia Filago A 3-6dry pl, burns, <3500', Ch, CSS
45 Gnaphalium bicolorEverlasting P 1-5dry pl, <2500', CSS, Ch
46 Gnaphalium californicumCalifornia Everlasting B 1-7dry hills, disturbed places, <4500'
47 Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalumFelt-Leaf Everlasting P 7-10dry, open places, <4000', Ch
48 Gnaphalium sp.Cudweed B -disturbed places
49 Gnaphalium sp.CudweedA - 
50 Hazardia squarrosaSaw-Tooth Goldenbush S 7-11dry sl, <4500', Ch, CSS
51 Helianthus annuusCommon Sunflower A/B 2-10roadsides and waste places
52 Heterotheca grandifloraTelegraph Weed A/B1-12weedy roadsides, Ch, CSS
53 Heterotheca sessilifloraGolden Aster SS 7-11dry pl, <6500', Cs, CSS, VG
54 Hypochaeris glabraSmooth Cat's-Ear *A 3-6weed of waste places, fields
55 Lepidospartum squamatumScale Broom S 8-10dry washes, stream terraces
56 Lessingia filaginifoliaCudweed Aster SS 7-10Ch, CSS, OW
57 Malacothrix saxatilisCliff Aster P 3-9open places, roadcuts, Ch, CSS etc.
58 Senecio flaccidus var. douglasiiBush Senecio S 6-10washes, dry stream beds, <6000'
59 Senecio vulgarisCommon Groundsel *A 1-12weed of gardens and waste places
60 Silybum marianumMilk Thistle*A/B 4-7 
61 Solidago californicaCalifornia Goldenrod P 7-10dry or moist places, <8000'
62 Sonchus oleraceusSow Thistle *A 1-12weed of waste places, etc.
63 Stephanomeria cichoriaceaTejon Milk-Aster P 8-10rocky slopes and canyons, <6000'
64 Stephanomeria virgataWand Chicory A 7-10dry, open slopes, <7000'
BoraginaceaeBorage Family
65 Cryptantha sp.Popcorn FlowerA -Chap, CSS
BrassicaceaeMustard Family
66 Arabis sp.  - 
67 Brassica rapaYellow Field Mustard*A- 
68 Erysimum capitatumWallflower B 3-7dry places, <8000', Ch, etc.
69 Hirschfeldia incanaMediterranean Mustard *A/B 1-12weed of waste pl, roadsides, etc.
70 Lepidium sp.Peppergrass*A- 
71 Raphanus sativusWild Radish *A 2-7weed in waste places, fields
72 Sisymbrium officinaleHedge Mustard *A 4-7weed of waste places and waysides
73 Sisymbrium orientaleOriental Mustard *A 1-5weed of roadsides etc.
CactaceaeCactus Family
74 Opuntia sp.Prickly Pear *S -Ch, CSS, VG, YPF
CapparaceaeCaper Family
75 Isomeris arboreaBladder PodS1-12 
CaprifoliaceaeHoneysuckle Family
76 Lonicera subspicataSouthern Honeysuckle S 6-7dry slopes, <3000', Ch
77 Sambucus mexicanaElderberry S/T 3-9open flats, valleys, Ch, OW, CSS
78 Symphoricarpos mollisSnowberry S 4-6shaded slopes, <5000', Ch, OW
CaryophyllaceaePink Family
79 Cerastium glomeratumMouse-Ear Chickweed *A 2-5waste pl, along roads, etc.
80 Silene gallicaCatchfly*A 2-6weedy pl
81 Silene laciniata ssp. majorIndian Pink P 5-7slopes, <5000', Ch, CSS, CS
82 Silene sp.  - 
83 Stellaria mediaChickweed *A 2-9weed in shaded places
ChenopodiaceaeGoosefoot Family
84 Atriplex semibaccataAustralian Saltbush *P 4-12saline waste pl, roadsides, etc.
85 Chenopodium albumLamb's Quarters *A 6-10weed in waste pl, <6000'
86 Chenopodium botrysJerusalem Oak *A 6-10weedy places, <7000'
87 Salsola tragusRussian Thistle *A 7-10disturbed places, <9000'
CistaceaeRock-Rose Family
88 Helianthemum scopariumWild Rock Rose SS 3-6dry slopes and ridges, CSS, Ch, <4000'
ConvolvulaceaeMorning Glory Family
89 Calystegia macrostegiaWild Morning Glory P 3-8dry slopes, <3000', CSS, Ch
CrassulaceaeStonecrop Family
90 Dudleya lanceolataLance-Leaf Liveforever P 5-7dry slopes and banks, <3500'
91 Dudleya sp.Live-Forever - 
CucurbitaceaeGourd Family
92 Marah macrocarpusWild Cucumber P 1-4dry places, <3000', CSS, Ch, OW
CuscutaceaeDodder Family
93 Cuscuta sp.Dodder A --
EricaceaeHeath Family
94 Arctostaphylos glaucaBig Berry Manzanita S 12-3dry slopes, <4500', Ch
EuphorbiaceaeSpurge Family
95 Chamaesyce sp.Mat SpurgeA - 
96 Croton californicusCalifornia CrotonP3-10 
97 Eremocarpus setigerusTurkey Mullein A 5-10dry open pl, <2500', CSS, VG, OW
98 Ricinus communisCastor Bean*S 1-12waste pl
FabaceaePea Family
99 Amorpha californicaFalse Indigo S 5-7dry sl, <7500', Ch, YPF, etc.
100 Lathyrus vestitus var. vestitusWild Sweet Pea P 4-6 
101 Lotus scopariusDeerweed SS 3-8dry slopes and fans, <5000', CSS, Ch
102 Lotus sp.Annual LotusA - 
103 Lotus strigosusStrigose Lotus A 3-6disturbed pl, <7500, Ch, etc.
104 Lupinus bicolorMiniature LupineA 3-6open or disturbed pl, VG, YPF, etc.
105 Lupinus hirsutissimusStinging Lupine A 3-5dry areas, burns, <4000', Ch
106 Lupinus sp.Bush LupineS- 
107 Lupinus truncatusTruncate Lupine A 3-5open grassy pl, burns, Ch, etc.
108 Robinia sp.Locust*- 
109 Spartium junceumSpanish Broom *S 4-6dry waste places, roadcuts
110 Trifolium sp.CloverA - 
FagaceaeOak Family
111 Quercus agrifoliaCoast Live Oak T 3-4valleys, slopes, <3000', OW, FW, MEF
112 Quercus berberidifoliaScrub Oak S 3-5dry slopes, Ch, 1000-5000'
113 Quercus chrysolepisCanyon Oak T 4-5canyons, shaded slopes, Ch, MEF
114 Quercus engelmannii  - 
115 Quercus wislizeniiInterior Live Oak T 3-5interior canyons, sl, Ch, FW
GarryaceaeSilk-Tassel Family
116 Garrya veatchii  - 
GeraniaceaeGeranium Family
117 Erodium cicutariumRed Stem Filaree *A 2-5open, disturbed places, statewide, <6500'
GrossulariaceaeGooseberry Family
118 Ribes aureumGolden Currant S 2-4many habitats, <8000'
119 Ribes malvaceumChaparral Currant S 10-3dry pl, Ch, OW, <5000'
120 Ribes sp.  - 
HydrophyllaceaePhacelia Family
121 Eriodictyon crassifoliumYerba Santa S 4-6dry sl, roadsides, washes, <6000'
122 Eucrypta chrysanthemifoliaEucrypta A 3-6canyons, Ch, <3000', after fires
123 Nemophila menziesiiBaby Blue Eyes A 2-6meadows, woodlands, etc., <6000'
124 Phacelia cicutariaCaterpillar Phacelia A 3-5rocky pl, <4000', VG, OW
125 Phacelia minorWild Canterbury BellsA3-6Chap, CSS
126 Phacelia ramosissimaBranching Phacelia P 5-8Ch, YPF
127 Phacelia sp.Phacelia P -open places, Ch
128 Turricula parryi  - 
LamiaceaeMint Family
129 Lamium amplexicauleDead Nettle *A 4-9disturbed pl, widespread, <1150'
130 Lepechinia sp.  - 
131 Marrubium vulgareHorehound *P 5-8disturbed pl, widespread, <1100'
132 Salvia apianaWhite Sage S 4-7dry slopes, CSS, Ch, YPF, <5000'
133 Salvia columbariaeChia A 3-6dry open places, CSS, Ch, <4000'
134 Salvia melliferaBlack Sage S 4-7dry slopes and benches, CSS, Ch, <4000'
LauraceaeLaurel Family
135 Umbellularia californicaCalifornia Bay T 12-5canyons, valleys, <5000', Ch, FW
LoasaceaeStick-Leaf Family
136 Mentzelia micranthaBlazing Star A 4-5open, often disturbed places, Ch, FW
OleaceaeOlive Family
137 Olea europaea *- 
OnagraceaeEvening Primrose Family
138 Camissonia californicaMustard Suncups A 4-5open pl, CSS, Ch, desert scrub
139 Clarkia sp.Lilac ClarkiaA- 
140 Epilobium canumCalifornia FuchsiaSS 8-10Chap, CSS, OW
141 Epilobium canum ssp. canumCalifornia Fuchsia SS 8-10dry slopes, ridges, <2000'
OxalidaceaeOxalis Family
142 Oxalis pes-capraeBermuda buttercup*P11-3disturbed, waste pl
PapaveraceaePoppy Family
143 Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia PoppyA/P 2-9grassy, open pl
PlatanaceaeSycamore Family
144 Platanus racemosaWestern Sycamore T 2-4along stream beds, <4000'
PolemoniaceaePhlox Family
145 Gilia capitataGlobe GiliaA 4-5Chap, CSS, YPF, etc.
146 Gilia sp.Gilia A -open grassy places
147 Leptodactylon californicumPrickly Phlox SS 3-6dry slopes and banks, <5000', Ch, FW
PolygonaceaeBuckwheat Family
148 Chorizanthe sp.Spiny Herb A -open places
149 Eriogonum elongatum var. elongatumWand Buckwheat P 8-11dry pl, <6000', Ch, CSS
150 Eriogonum fasciculatumCalif. Wild Buckwheat S 1-12Ch, CSS
151 Pterostegia drymarioidesThread Stem A 3-7shady, often moist pl, <5000'
PortulacaceaePurslane Family
152 Claytonia perfoliataMiner's Lettuce A 2-5Ch, CSS, OW
PrimulaceaePrimrose Family
153 Anagallis arvensisScarlet Pimpernel*A 3-7weed, disturbed pl
RanunculaceaeButtercup Family
154 Clematis sp.Virgin's Bower - 
155 Delphinium cardinaleScarlet LarkspurP5-6Chap, CSS, etc.
156 Delphinium sp.  - 
RhamnaceaeBuckthorn Family
157 Ceanothus crassifoliusHoary-Leaf Ceanothus S 1-4dry slopes and fans, <3500', Ch, CSS
158 Ceanothus leucodermisChaparral Whitethorn S 4-6dry rocky sl, <6000', Ch, OW
159 Ceanothus oliganthusHairy-Leaf Ceanothus S 2-4dry slopes, <4500', Ch
160 Ceanothus spinosusGreen Stem Ceanothus S 2-5 
161 Rhamnus californicaCoffee BerryS 5-6Chap, CSS
162 Rhamnus croceaRed Berry S 3-4dry washes and canyons, Ch, CSS, <3000'
163 Rhamnus ilicifoliaHolly-Leaf Red Berry S 3-6dry slopes, <5000', Ch, YPF
RosaceaeRose Family
164 Adenostoma fasciculatumChamise S 5-6dry slopes and ridges, <5000', Ch
165 Cercocarpus betuloidesMountain Mahogany S T3-4dry sl & washes, <6000', Ch
166 Heteromeles arbutifoliaToyon S 6-7Ch, <4000'
167 Potentilla glandulosaCinquefoilP 5-7 
168 Prunus ilicifoliaHolly-Leaf Cherry S 4-5Ch, <5000'
RubiaceaeBedstraw Family
169 Galium aparineCleavers A 3-7shaded banks, <7500'
170 Galium sp.Shrubby Bedstraw SS - 
SalicaceaeWillow Family
171 Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpaBlack Cottonwood T 2-4along streams, <6000'
SaxifragaceaeSaxifrage Family
172 Heuchera sp.  - 
173 Lithophragma affineWoodland StarP 2-6 
ScrophulariaceaeSnapdragon Family
174 Antirrhinum multiflorumPink Snapdragon P 5-7Ch, dry slopes, <4000'
175 Castilleja foliolosaFelt Indian PaintbrushP2-6 
176 Castilleja sp.Indian Paintbrush P -Ch, OW
177 Keckiella cordifoliaHeart-Leaf Penstemon S 3-8dry slopes and canyons, Ch
178 Keckiella ternata  - 
179 Mimulus aurantiacusBush Monkey Flower SS 4-7CSS, Ch, dry slopes, <5000'
180 Mimulus brevipesYellow Monkey Flower A 4-6dry places, <5000', Ch, CSS
181 Penstemon spectabilisNotable Penstemon P 4-6 
SolanaceaeNightshade Family
182 Nicotiana glaucaTree Tobacco *S/T 4-8waste pl, on burns, <3000'
183 Solanum douglasiiWhite Nightshade SS 1-12partly shaded slopes, CSS, Ch, etc.
184 Solanum xantiPurple Nightshade SS 2-6Ch, FW, <4000'
UrticaceaeNettle Family
185 Parietaria hesperaPellitoryA 2-6moist, shaded pl
LiliaceaeLily Family
186 Dichelostemma capitatumBlue Dicks P 3-5Ch, CSS, OW, desert, grasslands
187 Yucca whippleiChaparral Yucca S 4-6dry slopes, Ch, CSS, 1000-4000'
188 Zigadenus fremontiiWhite Star Lily P 3-5VG, CSS, Ch, <3500'
PoaceaeGrass Family
189 Agropyron sp.Wheat Grass P -Ch, YPF, dry slopes, <5000'
190 Arundo donaxGiant Reed*P 3-9by streams, moist pl
191 Avena barbataSlender Oats *A 3-6weed of waste places, open slopes
192 Avena fatuaWild Oats *A 4-6weed of waste places, open slopes
193 Avena sativaBarley *A 4-6 
194 Bromus catharticusRescue Grass*A/B 4-11 
195 Bromus diandrusRip Gut Brome *A 4-6weed of waste places, open slopes
196 Bromus madritensis ssp. rubensRed Brome *A 3-6weed of disturbed, open pl
197 Bromus sp.Brome Grass* - 
198 Bromus tectorumCheat Grass *A 5-6open disturbed places, mostly <3000'
199 Cynodon dactylonBermuda Grass *P 6-8waste and low places, forming tough sod
200 Lamarckia aureaGoldentop *A 2-5weed of disturbed places
201 Leymus condensatusGiant Rye Grass P 6-8CSS, Ch, OW
202 Melica imperfectaCoast Range Melic P 4-5CSS, Ch, OW, YPF
203 Nassella sp.Needlegrass P -Ch, CSS, OW
204 Pennisetum clandestinumKikuyu Grass*P- 
205 Pennisetum setaceumFountain Grass*P7-10 
206 Piptatherum miliaceumSmilo *P 4-9waste and disturbed places, low elevation
207 Schismus barbatusAbu-Mashi *A 3-4disturbed places, deserts
208 Vulpia sp.Fescue *A -Ch, CSS, OW
T = Tree
S = Shrub
SS = Subshrub
A = Annual
B = Biennial
P = Perennial
* = Introduced
Ch = Chaparral
CS = Coastal Strand
OW = Oak Woodland
CSS = Coastal Sage
Rp = Riparian
CSM = Coastal Salt Marsh
FWM = Freshwater Marsh
W = Weedy, Waste &
Disturbed Places
MC = Many Communities
& = And Other Communities

Plant list digitized and names updated to accord with The Jepson Manual by Tom Chester on 20 November 2002. The printed flora ends with #213; but the following entries were not added to the list above:

76O (follows #75, Opuntia)
106L (follows #105, Lotus strigosus)
129Phacelia (follows #128, Phacelia, but has no other entry information)

Nassella sp.. Because Stipa was split up into Achnatherum and Nassella, we cannot be certain that Stipa sp. has become Nassella sp.. However, because Bob's name for this is Needlegrass, it is likely.

Vulpia sp.. Because Festuca was split up into Festuca and Vulpia, we have no way of knowing from this Flora alone whether this should be listed as Festuca or Vulpia. Since in our experience the weedy non-native Vulpia species are encountered much more frequently than Festuca species, we have chosen to change Bob's original entry of "Festuca sp." to "Vulpia sp.". Note that this could be incorrect, and anyone using this flora should beware.

Changes to Bob Muns' Flora of Mt. Wilson Toll Road.

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