Flora of Bolsa Chica Marsh

Bob Muns, 1983, 1999

Latin names in parentheses are probable, but not certain, identifications.

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#, Latin Name Common Name Life
Plant Communities


AizoaceaeCarpet-Weed Family
1 Carpobrotus chilensisSea Fig*P 4-9 sand dunes, bluffs, CS, CSS
2 Carpobrotus chilensis X C. edulis(hybrid)*P - along coast
3 Carpobrotus edulisHottentot Fig*P 4-10 dunes along coast
4 Malephora crocea Red Ice Plant *P11-9 wetlands, coastal bluffs
5 Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Crystalline Ice Plant *A3-10 CS, CSS, coastal bluffs
6 Mesembryanthemum nodiflorumLittle Ice Plant*A4-11 CS, CSS, saline wetlands
7 Sesuvium verrucosum Sea Purslane P 4-11 margins of saline wetlands
8 Tetragonia tetragonioidesNew Zealand Spinach*A 4-9 beaches, near salt marshes
AmaranthaceaeAmaranth Family
9 Amaranthus albusPigweed *A 6-12 cultivated & waste places
10 Amaranthus deflexus Prostrate Amaranth *A 5-11 W
AnacardiaceaeSumac Family
11 Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian pepper tree *S/T - edges of CSM
12 Toxicodendron diversilobumPoison Oak S 4-5 canyons, slopes, Ch, OW
ApiaceaeCarrot Family
13 Apium graveolensCelery*P 5-7 wet places, edges of marsh
14 Ciclospermum leptophyllum Marsh Parsley *A 4-8 weed in gardens, etc.
15 Conium maculatumPoison Hemlock *B 4-9 moist, disturbed places
16 Foeniculum vulgare Fennel *P 5-9 roadsides, W
AsteraceaeSunflower Family
17 Amblyopappus pusillusCoast WeedA 3-4 coastal bluffs, old dunes
18 Ambrosia chamissonisSilver Beach BurP 7-11 beaches, dunes, CS
19 Ambrosia psilostachyaWestern Ragweed P 7-11 roadsides, fields, Ch, CSS
20 Artemisia douglasianaMugwort P 6-10 W, drainages
21 Aster subulatus var. ligulatus - - - -
22 Baccharis douglasii Marsh Baccharis P 7-10 near streams, CSM, CSS
23 Baccharis emoryiEmory BaccharisS 8-12 river banks, washes, marshes
24 Baccharis pilularisCoyote Brush S 8-11 coastal, CS, CSS
25 Baccharis salicifoliaMule Fat S 1-12 streamsides, moist places
26 Bidens pilosa var. pilosaBeggar-Ticks*A 5-11 W
27 Centaurea melitensis Tocalote *A 5-6 W, along trails
28 Chrysanthemum sp. Chrysanthemum *- escape from cultivation, coastal
29 Cirsium vulgareBull Thistle *B 6-9 W
30 Conyza bonariensisLittle Horseweed *A 6-8 W, urban sites
31 Conyza canadensisHorseweed A 6-9 W
32 Conyza coulteriCoulter's HorseweedA 5-10 moist flats, CSS
33 Cotula australisAustralian Brassbutton *A 1-5 urban weed, coastal areas
34 Cotula coronopifoliaBrassbutton*A 3-12 CSM, FWM
35 Encelia californica California Bush Sunflower S 3-6 coastal bluffs, CSS, Ch
36 Euthamia occidentalisWestern Goldenrod P 7-11 streambanks, CSM, FWM
37 Gazania linearis - * - -
38 Gnaphalium californicum Green Everlasting B 1-7 open wooded slopes, CSS, Ch
39 Gnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalumFelt-Leaf Everlasting B/P 7-10 open slopes, Ch, CSS
40 Gnaphalium luteo-albumCudweed*A 4-10 fields, W
41 Gnaphalium (stramineum) White Everlasting A/B 6-10 W
42 Hedypnois creticaCrete Weed*A 3-5 W
43 Hemizonia fasciculataTarweedA 5-9 coastal plains, CSS, OW, VG
44 Hemizonia sp. - - - -
45 Heterotheca grandifloraTelegraph Weed A 1-12 W, dry streams
46 Hypochaeris glabra Cat's-Ear *A 3-6 W
47 Isocoma menziesiiCoast Goldenbush S 4-12 CS, CSS, CSM
48 Jaumea carnosa Jaumea P 5-10 CSM, bases of sea cliffs
49 Lasthenia californica California Goldfields A 2-6 open pl, CSS. VG, etc.
50 Lasthenia glabrataMarsh GoldfieldA 4-5 CSM, AS, vernal pools
51 Osteospermum fruticosum Freeway Daisy *P - escape from cultivation, coastal
52 Picris echioides Prickly Ox-Tongue *A 6-12 W, fields, etc.
53 Pluchea odorataMarsh FleabaneA/P 7-11 alkaline wet places, CSM, FWM
54 Pulicaria paludosa Pulicaria *A/P - along streams, marsh edges
55 Senecio vulgarisCommon Groundsel *A 1-12weed of gardens and waste places
56 Sonchus asper ssp. asperPrickly Sow Thistle*A 1-12 W
57 Sonchus oleraceusSow Thistle *A 1-12 W, garden weed
58 Stephanomeria sp. Wreath Plant A - -
59 Stephanomeria virgataWand Chicory A 7-10 W, open slopes
60 Xanthium strumariumCocklebur A 7-10 weed of moist disturbed places
BataceaeBatis Family
61 Batis maritima Saltwort P 7-10 along coast, CSM
BoraginaceaeBorage Family
62 Amsinckia spectabilis Seaside Fiddleneck A 3-6 sandy places, edges of marshes
63 Cryptantha clevelandii Popcorn Flower A 4-6 slopes, rocky places, CSS, CS, Ch
64 Heliotropium curassavicumWild HeliotropeP 3-10 moist to dry, saline soils
BrassicaceaeMustard Family
65 Brassica nigraBlack Mustard *A 4-7 grassy hills & fields
66 Brassica rapa Field Mustard *A 1-5 W
67 Cakile maritimaSea Rocket*A 3-10 sand dunes, CS
68 Coronopus didymusWart Cress*A 3-7 W, gardens
69 Hirschfeldia incanaMediterranean Mustard *B 5-10 weed of waste places, along roads
70 Lepidium latifolium Perennial Peppergrass *P 6-8 beaches, roadsides, saline places
71 Lepidium sp.Peppergrass A - -
72 Lobularia maritimaSweet Alyssum *A 1-12 garden escape, coastal
73 Matthiola incana Purple Stock *P 3-5 sandy pl, bluffs, coastal
74 Raphanus sativusWild Radish *A 2-7 W
75 Sisymbrium irioLondon Rocket*A 1-4 W
CactaceaeCactus Family
76 Opuntia ficus-indicaMission Cactus *S/T 5-6 -
77 Opuntia proliferaCoast ChollaS 4-6 -
78 Opuntia sp.Prickly Pear *S -Ch, CSS, VG, YPF
CapparaceaeCaper Family
79 Isomeris arboreaBladder PodS 1-12 coastal bluffs, deserts
CaryophyllaceaePink Family
80 Polycarpon depressum Allseed A 4-6 bluffs, Ch, W
81 Polycarpon tetraphyllum Four-Leaf Allseed *A 5-7 W, along roads
82 Silene gallica Common Catchfly *A 2-5 W
83 Spergularia bocconeiBoccone's Sand Spurry*A 4-9 CSM, alkaline areas, sandy places
84 Spergularia marina Sand Spurry A 3-9 CSM, mud flats, alkaline places
ChenopodiaceaeGoosefoot Family
85 Atriplex californicaCalifornia SaltbushP 4-11 sandy places, coastal dunes, CSM
86 Atriplex canescensFour Wing SaltbushS 6-8 CS, CSS, along coast, deserts
87 Atriplex lentiformis Quail Bush S 7-10 CSM, saline places, CSS, deserts
88 Atriplex (rosea) Annual Saltbush *A 7-10 W
89 Atriplex semibaccataAustralian Saltbush *P 4-12 saline waste places, roadsides, etc.
90 Atriplex sp. Saltbush SS - border of salt marshes
91 Atriplex triangularisArrow-Leaf SaltbushA 6-11 moist saline pl, AS, CSM
92 Atriplex watsonii Watson's Saltbush P 2-10 CS, CSM, CSS, coastal bluffs
93 Bassia hyssopifolia Five-Hook *A 7-10 weed of alkaline places
94 Beta vulgaris Beet *A/P 7-10 low damp places
95 Chenopodium albumLamb's Quarters *A 6-10 weed in waste places
96 Chenopodium ambrosioidesMexican Tea *A/P 6-10 weed in waste & damp places
97 Chenopodium macrospermum var. halophilumCoast Goosefoot A 7-10 moist places, CSM, CS
98 Chenopodium multifidum Cut-Leaf Goosefoot *A 6-11 wayside weed
99 Chenopodium muraleNettle-Leaved Goosefoot *A 1-12 weed of disturbed places, gardens
100 Salicornia bigelovii Annual Pickleweed A 7-11 CSM
101 Salicornia subterminalis Bushy Pickleweed P/SS 4-9 CSM
102 Salicornia virginica Pickleweed P/SS 8-11 CSM
103 Salsola tragusRussian Thistle *A 7-10 weed of disturbed places
104 Suaeda taxifolia Sea Blite SS 7-10 CSM
ConvolvulaceaeMorning Glory Family
105 Calystegia soldanella Beach Morning Glory P 4-5 beaches, CS
106 Cressa truxillensisAlkali WeedP 5-10 saline, alkaline places
CrassulaceaeStonecrop Family
107 Crassula connataPygmy Weed A 2-5 dry places, after burns
CucurbitaceaeGourd Family
108 Marah macrocarpusWild Cucumber P 1-4 dry places, CSS, Ch, OW
CuscutaceaeDodder Family
109 Cuscuta salinaSalt Marsh DodderA 5-9 CSM
110 Cuscuta sp.Dodder A --
EuphorbiaceaeSpurge Family
111 Chamaesyce prostrata Mat Spurge *A 8-9 W
112 Chamaesyce (serpens) Mat Spurge A - W
FabaceaePea Family
113 Lotus scopariusDeerweed SS 3-8 CSS, Ch
114 Lotus strigosus Bishop's Lotus A 3-6 dry, disturbed places
115 Lupinus bicolorMiniature LupineA 3-6 CSS, &
116 Medicago polymorphaBur Clover *A 3-6 W
117 Melilotus albaWhite Sweet Clover *A 5-9waste and damp places
118 Melilotus indicaSour Clover *A 4-10 open disturbed areas
FrankeniaceaeFrankenia Family
119 Frankenia salinaAlkali Heath P 6-10 CSM, CS
GeraniaceaeGeranium Family
120 Erodium botrysBig Beak Filaree *A 3-5 open, dry, disturbed places
121 Erodium cicutariumRed Stem Filaree *A 2-5 W
122 Erodium moschatumWhite Stem Filaree *A 2-5 W
HydrophyllaceaePhacelia Family
123 Phacelia distansFern-Leaf Phacelia A 3-6 fields, slopes, MC
LamiaceaeMint Family
124 Marrubium vulgareHorehound *P most waste places, old fields, etc.
LythraceaeLoosestrife Family
125 Lythrum hyssopifolium Grass Poly *A/P 4-10 moist places
MalvaceaeMallow Family
126 Malva parvifloraRound Leaf Mallow *A most W
127 Malvella leprosaAlkali MallowP 5-10 moist, saline places
MyoporaceaeMyoporum Family
128 Myoporum laetumCampground Shrub*S 1-8 W
NyctaginaceaeFour-O'Clock Family
129 Abronia umbellataPink Sand Verbena P most sandy places, CS
130 Mirabilis californicaWish Bone Plant P 12-6 grassy areas, Ch, dunes
OnagraceaeEvening Primrose Family
131 Camissonia cheiranthifolia Beach Primrose P 4-8 coastal dunes, beaches, CS
132 Camissonia (lewisii) Suncups A 4-5 grassland, coastal
133 Camissonia (micrantha) Mini Suncups A 3-5 coastal dunes, beaches, sandy places
134 Oenothera elataHooker's Evening Primrose B/P 6-8 moist places, Ch, CSS
135 Oenothera (laciniata) Evening Primrose *A spring -
OxalidaceaeOxalis Family
136 Oxalis pes-capraeBermuda buttercup*P 11-3 disturbed, waste places
PapaveraceaePoppy Family
137 Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia PoppyA/P 2-9 grassy, open places
PlantaginaceaePlantain Family
138 Plantago coronopus Cut-Leaf Plantain *A/B 4-7 sea cliffs, about salt marshes
139 Plantago indicaSand Plantain*A 7-11 sandy, waste places
140 Plantago major English Plantain *P 4-9weed of damp waste places
PlumbaginaceaeLeadwort Family
141 Limonium californicumSea LavenderP 7-12 CSM, CS
142 Limonium pereziiMarsh Rosemary*P3-9 coastal sandy places, beaches
PolygonaceaeBuckwheat Family
143 Emex spinosa Devil's Thorn *A 7-11 W
144 Nemacaulis denudata Woolly-Heads A 4-9 dunes, CS, deserts
145 Polygonum arenastrumKnotweed *A 5-11 disturbed places
146 Pterostegia drymarioidesThread Stem A 3-7 shady places, MC
147 Rumex crispusCurly Dock *P 3-6 W
148 Rumex salicifoliusWillow DockP 5-10 moist places
PrimulaceaePrimrose Family
149 Anagallis arvensisScarlet Pimpernel*A 2-10 disturbed places, beaches, etc.
RubiaceaeBedstraw Family
150 Galium aparineCleavers A 3-5 half-shaded places
SaururaceaeLizard-Tail Family
151 Anemopsis californicaYerba MansaP 3-9 CSM, saline, alkaline soils
ScrophulariaceaeSnapdragon Family
152 Castilleja exsertaOwl's Clover A 3-5 open grassy places, CSS, etc.
153 Linaria canadensisBlue Toadflax A/B 3-5 dry slopes, waste places, CSS, Ch
SolanaceaeNightshade Family
154 Lycium californicumCalifornia Box ThornS 1-3 coastal bluffs, CSS
155 Lycopersicon esculentum Tomato *A/P 7-9 W
156 Nicotiana glaucaTree Tobacco *S/T 3-9 open disturbed places
157 Solanum americanum Little Flowered Nightshade A/P 4-11 open disturbed, damp places
158 Solanum sp. White Nightshade P/SS most CSS, Ch, CS
TamaricaceaeTamarisk Family
159 Tamarix sp.Tamarisk *S - edges of marsh, moist places
TropaeolaceaeNasturtium Family
160 Tropaeolum majusGarden nasturtium *A/P most moist, shaded places
UrticaceaeNettle Family
161 Parietaria hesperaPellitoryA 4-5 moist, shaded places
162 Urtica dioica ssp. holosericeaStinging NettleP 6-10 moist places, streambanks
163 Urtica urens Dwarf Nettle *A 1-4 weed of garden, disturbed places


ArecaceaePalm Family
164 Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm *T 6 desert springs, other moist places
CyperaceaeSedge Family
165 Carex sp.Sedge P -wet or moist places
166 Scirpus acutus var. occidentalis Tule P 4-10 marshes, lakes, streambanks
167 Scirpus americanus Three-Square P 1-8 marshes, ponds
168 Scirpus californicusCalifornia BulrushP 4-10 marshes, wet places
169 Scirpus cernuus Low Club Rush A 5-8 moist sandy places, CSM, FWM
170 Scirpus robustus Bull Tule P 4-8 CSM, FWM, AS
JuncaceaeRush Family
171 Juncus acutus ssp. leopoldiiSpiny RushP 5-6 moist saline places, CSM, alkali seep
172 Juncus (balticus) Wire GrassP 5-8 moist places, MC
173 Juncus bufonius Toad Rush A 4-9 moist places
PoaceaeGrass Family
174 Arundo donaxGiant Reed*P 3-9 moist places, seeps, ditch banks
175 Avena barbataSlender Oats *A 3-6 disturbed places, grassy fields
176 Avena fatuaWild Oats *A 4-6 disturbed places, grassy fields
177 Avena sativa Cultivated Oats *A 4-6 W
178 Brachypodium distachyonFalse Brome*A 4-5 W, dry sites
179 Bromus catharticusRescue Grass*A/B 4-11 disturbed places, fields
180 Bromus diandrus Rip Gut *A 4-6 open fields, disturbed sites
181 Bromus hordeaceusSoft Chess *A 3-6 open, often disturbed places
182 Bromus madritensis ssp. rubensRed Brome *A 3-6 open, disturbed places
183 Cortaderia selloana Pampas Grass *P late summer along coastal bluffs, etc.
184 Cynodon dactylonBermuda Grass *P 6-8 W
185 Distichlis spicataSalt GrassP 4-9 CSM, alkaline places
186 Hordeum (intercedens) Slender Foxtail A - grassy areas, coastal
187 Hordeum murinum Foxtail *A 3-7 moist, disturbed sites
188 Lamarckia aureaGoldentop *A 3-5 W, rocky places, trails
189 Lolium multiflorum Italian Rye *A 4-10 W
190 Monanthochloe littoralisSalt-CedarP 5-6 CSM
191 Parapholis incurvaSicklegrass*A 4-6 edges of CSM
192 Paspalum dilatatum Dallis Grass *P 5-11 moist places, ditches, roadsides
193 Pennisetum clandestinumKikuyu Grass*P 7-10 roadsides, W
194 Poa annuaAnnual Bluegrass *A 1-7 disturbed, moist places
195 Polypogon monspeliensis Rabbitsfoot *A 4-8 moist places, along streams
196 Schismus barbatusAbu-Mashi *A 3-4 dry open places, W
197 Spartina foliosa Cord Grass P 7-11 CSM
198 Stenotaphrum secundatum St. Augustine Grass *P 7-9 fields, roadsides, moist places
199 Triticum aestivum Wheat *A 4-5 W
200 Vulpia myuros Rattail Fescue *A 3-4 open places, sandy soils
Typhaceae Cat-Tail Family
201 Typha sp. Cat-Tail P 6-7 marshy areas
T = Tree
S = Shrub
SS = Subshrub
* = Introduced
A = Annual
P = Perennial
B = Biennial
CS = Coastal Strand
CSS = Coastal Sage Scrub
CSM = Coastal Salt Marsh
FWM = Freshwater Marsh
Ch = Chaparral
OW = Oak Woodland
VG = Valley Grassland
AS = Alkali Sink
W = Weedy, Waste and Disturbed Places
& = And Other Communities

Maps showing locations of the following taxa:

Plant list digitized by Tom Chester and Michael Charters 3 November 2002; maps scanned by Michael Charters 3 November 2002.

The only changes made from the printed edition of 1999 were to incorporate the additional species into the main list, the addition of the non-native designation for #125, Lythrum hyssopifolium, and a re-alphabetization.

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