Plant Checklist From Vouchers for Lundy Canyon and Lee Vining Creek Area, Sierra Nevada

This checklist was created for use in a Mono Lake Committee Field Seminar on Identifying High Country Wildflowers in August 2010. It was compiled from a search of the Consortium of California Herbaria on 17 August 2010 for an area of the Sierra Nevada immediately northwest of the town of Lee Vining.

Since I have no expertise whatsoever in the flora of the Sierra Nevada, and vouchers and voucher determinations sometimes have errors, I make no guarantee about this list. It could well contain taxa not actually found in this area, and it undoubtedly is incomplete, since it is very rare for any area to have complete voucher coverage. Caveat emptor!

Fig. 1 gives a locator map for the area searched for vouchers:

Fig. 1 Locator Map for Area Searched for Vouchers

Fig. 2 gives a detail map of this area, along with locations of vouchers found in the search:

Fig. 2 Area Searched for Vouchers

The vouchers came from a geographic search for vouchers between 37.91 and 38.05° latitude, and -119.28 to -119.11° longitude, which returned 1,184 vouchers. The solid blue lines outline the coordinate search box. Some vouchers fall outside of the target area due to rounding of voucher coordinates to two decimal places used in the Consortium search.

As can be seen from Fig. 2, the search area includes Lundy Canyon, Mount Warren, Lee Vining Peak, Mono Dome, Tioga Peak, Lee Vining Creek, the extreme northwestern corner of Mono Lake, and the town of Lee Vining.

I also searched for vouchers without coordinates with Lundy or Lee Vining in their locality field, which added another 124 vouchers, for a total of 1,308 vouchers. I did not check the locality field in detail for those 124 vouchers, so some of them may not actually be from the target area. Spot checks show that most of these vouchers are probably within the target area.

Vouchers determined only to genus were tossed, as were vouchers with names of taxa not present in California.

Three species were excluded from the checklist simply because I didn't have entries for them in my database: two species defined after the 1993 Jepson Manual: Calamagrostis muiriana and Parnassia palustris var. californica, and the hybrid Salix rubens = S. alba x S. fragilis.

I have not attempted to combine vouchers determined only to the species with vouchers determined to subspecies, since I have no expertise in the Sierra Nevada flora.

Some statistics:

The checklist contains 605 taxa, of which 568 (94%) are native, and 37 ( 6%) are non-native.

395 (65%) of the 605 taxa are in my southern California database, and 210 (335%) are in my northern California database. 172 (28%) taxa are recorded as having been observed by me in southern California in my db. Of those, 128 (21%) are recorded as being observed by me at SnJt.

Explanation of column headings:

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#JM FamilyScientific Name(*)Common Name#VouchersSnJt
1DRYAthyrium alpestre var. americanumAmerican alpine lady-fern2  
2DRYCystopteris fragilisbrittle bladder fern 331
3DRYWoodsia scopulinacliff fern 40
4EQUEquisetum arvensefield horsetail 10
5EQUEquisetum telmateia ssp. brauniigiant horsetail 10
6ISOIsoetes bolanderiBolander's quillwort 20
7OPHBotrychium crenulatumscalloped moonwort 10
8OPHBotrychium simplexlittle grapefern 20
9PTEAspidotis densaIndian's dream 20
10PTECheilanthes gracillimalace lip-fern5  
11PTECryptogramma acrostichoidesAmerican parsley fern 50
12PTECryptogramma cascadensisCascade parsely fern2  
13PTEPellaea breweriBrewer's cliff-brake 90
14PTEPellaea bridgesiiBridges' cliff-brake3  
15SELSelaginella watsoniiWatson's spike-moss 25
16CUPJuniperus communiscommon juniper5  
17CUPJuniperus occidentaliswestern juniper 30
18CUPJuniperus occidentalis var. australisSierra juniper 10
19PINAbies concolorwhite fir 149
20PINPinus albicauliswhitebark pine5  
21PINPinus contorta ssp. murrayanalodgepole pine 425
22PINPinus jeffreyiJeffrey pine 346
23PINTsuga mertensianamountain hemlock 10
24ACEAcer glabrum var. diffusummountain maple 11
25ACEAcer glabrum var. torreyiTorrey's mountain maple 10
26APIAngelica linearilobapoison angelica3  
27APICymopterus terebinthinus var. petraeusrock cymopterus1  
28APILigusticum grayiGray's lovage 10
29APILomatium dissectum var. multifidumfern-leaved lomatium 11
30APIOsmorhiza chilensismountain sweet-cicely 16
31APIOsmorhiza occidentaliswestern sweet-cicely 10
32APIPodistera nevadensisSierra podistera 50
33APISium suavehemlock water-parsnip1  
34APISphenosciadium capitellatumranger's buttons 728
35APOApocynum androsaemifoliumspreading dogbane 25
36ASTAchillea millefoliumyarrow 533
37ASTAgeratina occidentaliswestern snakeroot 41
38ASTAgoseris glauca var. laciniatalace-leaved short-beaked agoseris1  
39ASTAgoseris glauca var. monticolamountain short-beaked agoseris2  
40ASTAgoseris retrorsaspear-leaved mountain dandelion 113
41ASTAmbrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweed 15
42ASTAntennaria corymbosameadow everlasting3  
43ASTAntennaria mediaalpine everlasting 20
44ASTAntennaria rosearosy everlasting, pussytoes 36
45ASTAntennaria rosea ssp. confinisrosy everlasting, pussytoes 10
46ASTAntennaria umbrinellabrown everlasting1  
47ASTArnica chamissonis ssp. foliosameadow arnica 10
48ASTArnica cordifoliaheart-leaved arnica 20
49ASTArnica diversifolialawless arnica1  
50ASTArnica latifoliamountain arnica1  
51ASTArnica molliscordilleran arnica1  
52ASTArnica nevadensisSierra arnica 30
53ASTArtemisia douglasianamugwort 12
54ASTArtemisia ludovicianasilver wormwood 10
55ASTArtemisia ludoviciana ssp. incomptamountain mugwort 224
56ASTArtemisia rothrockiiRothrock sagebrush 40
57ASTArtemisia tridentata ssp. tridentatabig sagebrush 10
58ASTAster alpigenus var. andersoniiAnderson's oreastrum-aster 61
59ASTAster breweriBrewer's aster 10
60ASTAster integrifoliusentire-leaved aster1  
61ASTAster occidentaliswestern mountain aster 60
62ASTAster occidentalis var. occidentaliswestern mountain aster 14
63ASTBrickellia grandifloralarge-flowered brickellia1  
64ASTBrickellia microphyllalittle-leaved brickellia 10
65ASTCentaurea maculosaspotted knapweed 10
66ASTChrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. albicauliswhite-stemmed common rabbitbrush2  
67ASTChrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. consimilisthreadleaf common rabbitbrush 14
68ASTChrysothamnus parryi ssp. monocephalussingle-headed Parry's rabbitbrush3  
69ASTChrysothamnus parryi ssp. nevadensisNevada Parry's rabbitbrush3  
70ASTCirsium andersoniiAnderson's thistle 10
71ASTCirsium andrewsiiFranciscan thistle1  
72ASTCirsium scariosumelk thistle 60
73ASTConyza canadensishorseweed 11
74ASTCrepis acuminatalong-leaved hawksbeard 10
75ASTCrepis intermediaintermediate hawksbeard1  
76ASTEricameria bloomeriBloomer's goldenbush1  
77ASTEricameria discoidearayless goldenbush1  
78ASTErigeron clokeyiClokey's fleabane 20
79ASTErigeron composituscut-leaved daisy 30
80ASTErigeron coulteriCoulter's fleabane 60
81ASTErigeron linearisdesert yellow fleabane4  
82ASTErigeron peregrinuswandering fleabane 10
83ASTErigeron peregrinus var. hirsutuswandering fleabane2  
84ASTErigeron pygmaeuspygmy fleabane4  
85ASTErigeron vagusrambling fleabane2  
86ASTEriophyllum lanatum var. integrifoliumOregon sunshine 20
87ASTGnaphalium canescens ssp. thermaleslender everlasting 319
88ASTGrindelia squarrosa var. serrulatacurlycup gumweed 30
89ASTHieracium horridumprickly hawkweed 112
90ASTHulsea algidahigh mountain hulsea1  
91ASTMachaeranthera canescenshoary-aster 60
92ASTMachaeranthera canescens var. canescenshoary-aster 20
93ASTNothocalais alpestrisalpine prairie-dandelion1  
94ASTPyrrocoma apargioidesalpine pyrrocoma 50
95ASTRaillardella argenteasilky raillardella 40
96ASTRaillardella scaposagreen-leaved raillardella2  
97ASTRudbeckia californicaCalifornia cone-flower1  
98ASTSenecio canuswoolly groundsel5  
99ASTSenecio cymbalarioidescleft-leaved groundsel6  
100ASTSenecio integerrimusmountain butterweed 20
101ASTSenecio integerrimus var. exaltatusColumbia mountain butterweed2  
102ASTSenecio integerrimus var. majorlambstongue groundsel 10
103ASTSenecio pauciflorusalpine groundsel 60
104ASTSenecio scorzonellaSierra ragwort3  
105ASTSenecio spartioidesbroom groundsel 10
106ASTSenecio triangularisarrowhead butterweed 37
107ASTSenecio werneriifoliusalpine rock butterweed1  
108ASTSolidago multiradiatanorthern goldenrod5  
109ASTSphaeromeria canatansy 50
110ASTStephanomeria spinosathorny skeleton-plant 10
111ASTStephanomeria tenuifolianarrow-leaved wire-lettuce 10
112ASTTanacetum vulgaretansy 10
113ASTTetradymia canescensspineless horsebrush 10
114ASTTownsendia scapigeratufted townsendia1  
115ASTTrimorpha lonchophyllaspearleaved northern daisy 20
116ASTWyethia mollismountain mule-ears 30
117BORCryptantha affiniscommon cryptantha 11
118BORCryptantha circumscissacushion cryptantha 10
119BORCryptantha glomerifloraTruckee cryptantha1  
120BORCryptantha humilislow oreocarya4  
121BORCryptantha muricataprickly cryptantha 38
122BORCryptantha nubigenaSierra cryptantha 10
123BORCryptantha torreyanaTorrey's cryptantha 10
124BORCryptantha watsoniiWatson's cryptantha2  
125BORHackelia micranthaJessica's stickseed4  
126BORLappula redowskiiRedowski's stickseed 10
127BORLappula redowskii var. redowskiiRedowski's stickseed 10
128BORPlagiobothrys hispidusbristly popcorn flower1  
129BORTiquilia nuttalliiNuttall's coldenia 50
130BRAAnelsonia eurycarpabroad-podded phoenicaulis1  
131BRAArabis drummondiiDrummond's rock-cress3  
132BRAArabis holboellii var. pinetorumpinewoods rock-cress 114
133BRAArabis inyoensisInyo rock-cress 10
134BRAArabis lemmoniiLemmon's rock-cress 20
135BRAArabis lemmonii var. depauperatasoldier rock-cress2  
136BRAArabis lyallii var. nubigenaLyall's cloud-cress1  
137BRAArabis platysperma var. howelliiHowell's broad-seeded rock-cress4  
138BRAArabis puberulaBlue Mountain rock-cress2  
139BRAArabis tiehmiiTiehm's rock cress6  
140BRACardamine breweri var. breweriBrewer's bitter-cress 10
141BRADescurainia californicaSierra tansy-mustard 30
142BRADescurainia paradisaGreat Basin tansy-mustard1  
143BRADescurainia pinnata ssp. halictorumalkali western tansy-mustard 10
144BRADraba albertinaslender draba 20
145BRADraba breweriBrewer's draba4  
146BRADraba densifoliadense-leaved draba2  
147BRADraba oligosperma var. oligospermafew-seeded draba1  
148BRADraba oligosperma var. subsessilisalpine few-seeded draba1  
149BRADraba praealtatall draba1  
150BRAErysimum capitatumwestern wallflower 20
151BRAErysimum capitatum ssp. perennemountain wallflower 30
152BRALepidium densiflorum var. macrocarpumbigseed pepper-grass 10
153BRALesquerella kingiiKing's bladderpod 10
154BRAPhoenicaulis cheiranthoidescommon Phoenicaulis1  
155BRARorippa curvisiliquacurvepod yellow-cress 10
156BRASisymbrium altissimumtumble-mustard 14
157BRAStreptanthus cordatus var. cordatusheartleaf jewelflower 10
158BRAStreptanthus tortuosusmountain jewelflower2  
159BRAStreptanthus tortuosus var. orbiculatusmountain jewelflower3  
160BRASubularia aquatica var. americanaAmerican awlwort1  
161BRAThelypodium brachycarpumshort-podded thelypodium2  
162CAPCleomella parvifloraslender cleomella 10
163CAPLonicera caurianablue fly honeysuckle1  
164CAPSambucus mexicanablue elderberry 121
165CAPSambucus racemosa var. microbotrysred elderberry 20
166CAPSymphoricarpos rotundifoliusmountain snowberry 10
167CAPSymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. rotundifoliusmountain snowberry 30
168CARArenaria kingii ssp. compactaKing's sandwort3  
169CARArenaria kingii var. glabrescensKing's smooth sandwort3  
170CARGypsophila paniculata var. paniculatababy's breath 10
171CARMinuartia nuttallii ssp. fragilisbrittle sandwort5  
172CARMinuartia rubellared-seeded sandwort 10
173CARSagina saginoidespearlwort 124
174CARSaponaria officinalisbouncing bet 20
175CARSilene bernardinaPalmer's campion 30
176CARSilene oreganaOregon campion2  
177CARSilene sargentiiSargent's campion2  
178CARStellaria longipes var. longipesmeadow starwort 60
179CARVaccaria hispanicaSpanish cockle 10
180CHEBassia hyssopifoliafive-hook bassia 20
181CHEChenopodium atrovirensforest goosefoot 115
182CHEChenopodium botrysJerusalem oak 20
183CHEChenopodium glaucumoak-leaved goosefoot 10
184CHEKochia scopariacommon red sage 10
185CHEMonolepis nuttallianaNuttall's poverty weed 10
186CHESalsola gobicolahybrid thistle 10
187CHESalsola tragusRussian thistle 11
188CORCornus sericeaAmerican dogwood 20
189CORCornus sericea ssp. sericeared osier dogwood 20
190CRASedum lanceolatumlance-leaf stonecrop1  
191CRASedum obtusatumSierra stonecrop3  
192CRASedum roseum ssp. integrifoliumrosy stonecrop3  
193ERICassiope mertensianawestern moss-heather3  
194ERICassiope mertensiana ssp. californicaCalifornia moss-heather3  
195ERIGaultheria humifusaalpine wintergreen1  
196ERILedum glandulosumwestern Labrador tea1  
197ERIOrthilia secundaone-sided wintergreen 22
198ERIPhyllodoce breweriBrewer's mountain-heather 90
199ERIPyrola asarifoliabog wintergreen 10
200ERIPyrola asarifolia ssp. asarifoliabog wintergreen 20
201ERIPyrola minorlesser wintergreen 11
202ERIVaccinium caespitosumdwarf bilberry1  
203FABAstragalus canadensis var. brevidensshort-toothed milk-vetch1  
204FABAstragalus kentrophyta var. danausSweetwater Mtns. milk-vetch1  
205FABAstragalus kentrophyta var. tegetariusmat milk-vetch1  
206FABAstragalus lentiginosus var. ineptusfumbling milk-vetch3  
207FABAstragalus purshii var. lectulusPursh's milk-vetch 20
208FABAstragalus purshii var. tinctusPursh's milk-vetch 10
209FABAstragalus whitneyiWhitney's milk-vetch 40
210FABAstragalus whitneyi var. whitneyiWhitney's milk-vetch 10
211FABLupinus argenteus var. heteranthussilvery lupine1  
212FABLupinus argenteus var. meionanthusLake Tahoe lupine2  
213FABLupinus breweriBrewer's lupine 10
214FABLupinus breweri var. breweriBrewer's lupine 10
215FABLupinus lepidustidy-lupine 10
216FABLupinus lepidus var. confertusclustered tidy-lupine 30
217FABLupinus lepidus var. lobbiiLobb's tidy-lupine4  
218FABLupinus lepidus var. ramosusbranched tidy-lupine6  
219FABLupinus lepidus var. sellulusdwarf tidy-lupine 10
220FABLupinus leucophyllusvelvet lupine1  
221FABLupinus polyphyllusbigleaf lupine 20
222FABLupinus polyphyllus var. burkeibigleaf lupine 212
223FABMedicago sativaalfalfa 10
224FABMelilotus albuswhite sweetclover 10
225FABTrifolium monanthum var. grantianummountain carpet clover 128
226FABTrifolium monanthum var. monanthummountain carpet clover 30
227FABTrifolium pratensered clover 10
228FABTrifolium repenswhite clover 20
229FABTrifolium wormskioldiicows clover 11
230FABVicia villosa ssp. variawinter vetch 10
231FABVicia villosa ssp. villosahairy vetch 10
232FAGChrysolepis sempervirensbush chinquapin 235
233GENGentiana newberryialpine gentian2  
234GENGentianopsis holopetalaSierra fringed gentian 50
235GERErodium cicutariumredstem filaree 15
236GERGeranium californicumCalifornia geranium 221
237GERGeranium richardsoniiRichardson's geranium 42
238GRORibes cereumwax currant 10
239GRORibes cereum var. cereumwax currant 132
240GRORibes montigenummountain gooseberry 48
241HYDNama rothrockiiRothrock's nama 10
242HYDPhacelia bicolor var. bicolortwo-colored phacelia 10
243HYDPhacelia hastatamountain phacelia 20
244HYDPhacelia hastata ssp. compactacompact phacelia 50
245HYDPhacelia heterophylla ssp. virgatavaried-leaf phacelia 40
246HYDPhacelia humilislow phacelia3  
247HYDPhacelia humilis var. dudleyiDudley's phacelia1  
248HYDPhacelia mutabilischangeable phacelia 131
249HYPHypericum formosum var. scouleriScouler's St. Johnswort 12
250LAMMentha arvensiswild mint 20
251LAMMonardella glaucagrey monardella3  
252LAMMonardella linoidesnarrowleaf monardella 10
253LAMMonardella odoratissimamountain-monardella 10
254LAMMonardella odoratissima ssp. pallidapale mountain-monardella4  
255LAMMonardella odoratissima ssp. parvifoliamatted mountain-monardella1  
256MALMalva neglectacommon mallow 20
257MALSidalcea oregana ssp. spicataOregon checker mallow1  
258ONACamissonia pubenshairy sun-cup 10
259ONAEpilobium angustifolium ssp. circumvagumfireweed 519
260ONAEpilobium ciliatumwillowherb 130
261ONAEpilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatumwillowherb 11
262ONAEpilobium hallianumHall's willowherb 10
263ONAEpilobium latifoliumriver beauty1  
264ONAEpilobium obcordatumheart willowweed2  
265ONAGayophytum decipiensdeceiving gayophytum 20
266ONAGayophytum diffusum ssp. parviflorumgroundsmoke 114
267ONAGayophytum humilelow gayophytum 10
268ONAGayophytum racemosumblack-foot gayophytum 10
269ONAOenothera elata ssp. hirsutissimaHooker's evening-primrose 21
270OROOrobanche fasciculataclustered broom-rape 14
271OROOrobanche unifloranaked broom-rape 10
272PAPArgemone munitaprickly poppy 21
273PAPDicentra uniflorasteers head1  
274POLAllophyllum gilioides ssp. violaceumdense false-gilia 11
275POLEriastrum sparsiflorumGreat Basin woolly-star 10
276POLIpomopsis aggregatascarlet gilia 40
277POLIpomopsis aggregata ssp. formosissimawestern scarlet gilia1  
278POLIpomopsis congestaball-headed gilia2  
279POLLeptodactylon pungensgranite prickly phlox 124
280POLLinanthus nuttalliiNuttall's linanthus 10
281POLLinanthus pachyphyllusSierra linanthus3  
282POLPhlox condensatacondensed phlox 10
283POLPhlox diffusaspreading phlox 20
284POLPhlox dispersaHigh Sierra phlox1  
285POLPhlox douglasii ssp. rigida  10
286POLPhlox gracilisannual phlox 12
287POLPhlox pulvinatapulvinate phlox2  
288POLPhlox stansburyicold-desert phlox 40
289POLPolemonium occidentalewestern sky pilot 50
290POLPolemonium pulcherrimumsky pilot1  
291POLChorizanthe brevicornu var. spathulatabroad-leaf brittle spineflower 10
292POLEriogonum ampullaceumMono buckwheat1  
293POLEriogonum baileyi var. baileyiBailey's buckwheat 20
294POLEriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat 16
295POLEriogonum elatum var. elatumtall buckwheat3  
296POLEriogonum incanumfrosted buckwheat9  
297POLEriogonum lobbii var. lobbiiLobb's buckwheat2  
298POLEriogonum maculatumspotted buckwheat 20
299POLEriogonum microthecumslender buckwheat 10
300POLEriogonum microthecum var. alpinumalpine slender buckwheat1  
301POLEriogonum microthecum var. laxiflorumloose-flowered buckwheat 20
302POLEriogonum nudumnaked buckwheat 10
303POLEriogonum nudum var. deductumnaked buckwheat 60
304POLEriogonum nudum var. scapigerumnaked buckwheat2  
305POLEriogonum ochrocephalumwhite-woolly buckwheat2  
306POLEriogonum ovalifolium var. nivalecushion buckwheat5  
307POLEriogonum ovalifolium var. purpureumpurple cushion buckwheat1  
308POLEriogonum ovalifolium var. vineumCushenbury buckwheat 10
309POLEriogonum rosenserosy buckwheat1  
310POLEriogonum spergulinumspurry buckwheat 10
311POLEriogonum spergulinum var. reddingianumspurry buckwheat 30
312POLEriogonum spergulinum var. spergulinumspurry buckwheat1  
313POLEriogonum umbellatumsulphur buckwheat 30
314POLEriogonum umbellatum var. nevadenseNevada buckwheat 50
315POLEriogonum umbellatum var. polyanthummany-flowered buckwheat1  
316POLEriogonum wrightii var. subscaposumWright's buckwheat 215
317POLOxyria digynaalpine mountain-sorrel 21
318POLPolygonum arenastrumknotweed 22
319POLPolygonum bistortoideswestern bistort 56
320POLPolygonum convolvulusblack bindweed 10
321POLPolygonum douglasii ssp. douglasiiDouglas' knotweed 111
322POLRumex acetosellacommon sheep sorrel 23
323POLRumex crispuscurly dock 11
324POLRumex paucifoliusfew-leaved dock 20
325POLRumex salicifoliuswillow-leaved dock 10
326POLRumex salicifolius var. denticulatuswillow-leaved dock 24
327POLRumex salicifolius var. triangulivalviswillow-leaved dock 10
328PORCalyptridium monospermumpussy paws 311
329PORCalyptridium parryi var. nevadenseNevada pussypaws 10
330PORCalyptridium umbellatumcistanthe 10
331PORLewisia glandulosaglandular lewisia1  
332PORLewisia nevadensisNevada bitter root 10
333PORLewisia pygmaeapigmy bitter root 10
334PORMontia chamissoitoad lily 13
335PRIDodecatheon alpinumalpine shooting star 21
336PRIDodecatheon jeffreyiSierra shooting star1  
337PRIDodecatheon subalpinumSierra shooting star1  
338RANAconitum columbianummonkshood 20
339RANActaea rubrared baneberry 20
340RANAquilegia formosawestern columbine 338
341RANAquilegia pubescensSierra columbine5  
342RANDelphinium andersoniiAnderson's larkspur3  
343RANDelphinium glaucumSierra larkspur 30
344RANDelphinium nuttallianummeadow larkspur1  
345RANRanunculus eschscholtziiEschscholtz's buttercup 10
346RANThalictrum fendleriFendler's meadow-rue 40
347RANThalictrum fendleri var. fendleriFendler's meadow-rue 224
348RANThalictrum fendleri var. polycarpummeadow-rue 10
349RANThalictrum sparsiflorumfew-flowering meadow-rue 12
350RHACeanothus cordulatusmountain whitethorn 239
351RHACeanothus velutinustobacco brush 40
352RHARhamnus rubraSierra coffeeberry 30
353ROSAmelanchier alnifoliaservice-berry 10
354ROSAmelanchier utahensisUtah service-berry 112
355ROSCercocarpus ledifoliuscurl-leaf mountain-mahogany 27
356ROSCercocarpus ledifolius var. intermontanuscurl-leaf mountain-mahogany 71
357ROSCercocarpus ledifolius var. ledifoliuscurl-leaf mountain-mahogany 10
358ROSChamaebatia foliolosaSierran mountain-misery 10
359ROSGeum macrophyllumlarge-leaf avens 10
360ROSHolodiscus microphyllusmountain spray 10
361ROSHolodiscus microphyllus var. microphyllusmountain spray 214
362ROSHorkelia fuscatawny horkelia1  
363ROSHorkelia fusca ssp. parviflorasmall-flowered horkelia7  
364ROSHorkeliella congdonisCongdon's little-horkelia1  
365ROSIvesia lycopodioides ssp. lycopodioidesclubmoss ivesia2  
366ROSIvesia muiriigranite mousetail2  
367ROSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiShockley's ivesia1  
368ROSPotentilla diversifolia var. diversifoliavarileaf cinquefoil2  
369ROSPotentilla drummondii ssp. breweriBrewer's potentilla4  
370ROSPotentilla drummondii ssp. bruceaeBruce's cinquefoil2  
371ROSPotentilla drummondii ssp. drummondiiDrummond's cinquefoil1  
372ROSPotentilla fruticosashrubby cinquefoil7  
373ROSPotentilla glandulosa ssp. ashlandicamountain cinquefoil1  
374ROSPotentilla glandulosa ssp. nevadensisNevada cinquefoil 318
375ROSPotentilla glandulosa ssp. reflexasticky cinquefoil 122
376ROSPotentilla gracilisnorthwest cinquefoil 10
377ROSPotentilla gracilis var. elmeriElmer's cinquefoil 50
378ROSPotentilla gracilis var. fastigiataslender cinquefoil 44
379ROSPotentilla pseudosericeaPennsylvania cinquefoil1  
380ROSPrunus andersoniidesert peach 10
381ROSPrunus emarginatabitter cherry 121
382ROSPurshia tridentataantelope bitterbrush 50
383ROSRosa woodsii var. ultramontanainterior rose 10
384ROSSibbaldia procumbenscreeping sibbaldia 10
385ROSSorbus californicaCalifornia mountain-ash 10
386ROSSpiraea densifloramountain spirea 50
387RUBGalium hypotrichiumalpine bedstraw1  
388RUBGalium sparsiflorum ssp. sparsiflorumSequoia bedstraw1  
389RUBGalium trifidum var. pusillumthree-petaled bedstraw 10
390RUBGalium triflorumsweet-scented bedstraw 10
391SALPopulus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpablack cottonwood 32
392SALPopulus tremuloidesquaking aspen 10
393SALSalix arcticaarctic willow11  
394SALSalix boothiiBooth's willow1  
395SALSalix drummondianaDrummond's willow1  
396SALSalix eastwoodiaemountain willow7  
397SALSalix exiguanarrowleaf willow 10
398SALSalix geyerianaGeyer's willow 10
399SALSalix jepsoniiJepson's willow1  
400SALSalix lasiolepisarroyo willow 113
401SALSalix lemmoniiLemmon's willow 10
402SALSalix lucida ssp. lasiandrashining willow 11
403SALSalix oresteraSierra willow7  
404SALSalix planifolia ssp. planifoliatea-leaved willow2  
405SALSalix reticulata ssp. nivalissnow willow1  
406SAXHeuchera rubescenspink alumroot 10
407SAXLithophragma glabrumbulbed woodland star 10
408SAXParnassia californicagrass-of-Parnassus 10
409SAXSaxifraga apricaSierra saxifrage3  
410SAXSaxifraga bryophorabud saxifrage1  
411SAXSuksdorfia ranunculifoliabuttercup suksdorfia1  
412SCRCastilleja angustifolianorthwestern paintbrush 10
413SCRCastilleja applegatei ssp. pallidaBrewer's paintbrush4  
414SCRCastilleja lemmoniiLemmon's paintbrush5  
415SCRCastilleja linariifoliaWyoming paintbrush 20
416SCRCastilleja miniatascarlet paintbrush 30
417SCRCastilleja miniata ssp. miniatagiant red paintbrush 127
418SCRCastilleja nanadwarf alpine-paintbrush4  
419SCRCastilleja parvifloramountain paintbrush3  
420SCRMimulus breweriBrewer's monkeyflower 27
421SCRMimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflower 66
422SCRMimulus leptaleusslender monkeyflower1  
423SCRMimulus lewisiigreat purple monkeyflower2  
424SCRMimulus mephiticusskunky monkeyflower1  
425SCRMimulus primuloidesprimrose monkeyflower 30
426SCRMimulus primuloides ssp. primuloidesprimrose monkeyflower 19
427SCRMimulus tilingiilarger mountain monkeyflower 135
428SCROrthocarpus cuspidatus ssp. cryptanthusshort-flowered owl's-clover2  
429SCRPedicularis attollensattol lousewort3  
430SCRPedicularis groenlandicaelephant-head lousewort2  
431SCRPenstemon davidsonii var. davidsoniiDavidson's penstemon2  
432SCRPenstemon heterodoxusSierra beardtongue3  
433SCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. cephalophorusSierra beardtongue1  
434SCRPenstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxusSierra beardtongue3  
435SCRPenstemon newberryimountain pride 40
436SCRPenstemon newberryi var. newberryiNewberry's penstemon3  
437SCRPenstemon procerussmall-flowered penstemon1  
438SCRPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemon 529
439SCRPenstemon rydbergii var. oreocharismountain meadow beardtongue4  
440SCRPenstemon speciosusshowy penstemon 10
441SCRScrophularia californicaCalifornia bee plant 10
442SCRVeronica americanaAmerican speedwell 10
443SCRVeronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusathyme-leaved speedwell 216
444SCRVeronica wormskjoldiiAmerican alpine speedwell 50
445SOLChamaesaracha nanadwarf chamaesaracha1  
446SOLNicotiana attenuatacoyote tobacco 12
447SOLPhysalis philadelphicatomatillo 10
448TAMTamarix ramosissimasaltcedar 10
449VALValeriana californicaCalifornia valerian 20
450VIOViola pinetorumpine violet 10
451VISArceuthobium cyanocarpumlimber-pine dwarf-mistletoe 11
452VISPhoradendron juniperinummistletoe 10
453CYPCarex abruptaabrupt-beak sedge 215
454CYPCarex aquatiliswater-sedge 10
455CYPCarex aquatilis var. aquatiliswater-sedge 10
456CYPCarex athrostachyaslender-beak sedge 10
457CYPCarex aureagolden sedge 30
458CYPCarex breweri var. breweriBrewer's sedge2  
459CYPCarex congdoniiCongdon's sedge6  
460CYPCarex cusickiiCusick's sedge1  
461CYPCarex diandralesser panicled-sedge 10
462CYPCarex douglasiiDouglas' sedge 10
463CYPCarex filifoliathread-leaf sedge 20
464CYPCarex filifolia var. erostratathread-leaf sedge 50
465CYPCarex fissuricolacleft sedge3  
466CYPCarex helleriHeller's sedge4  
467CYPCarex heteroneuravari-nerved sedge 30
468CYPCarex heteroneura var. epapillosasmooth nerve sedge 10
469CYPCarex heteroneura var. heteroneuravari-nerved sedge 17
470CYPCarex hoodiiHood's sedge 26
471CYPCarex integrasmooth-beak sedge 10
472CYPCarex jonesiiJones' sedge 10
473CYPCarex lanuginosawoolly sedge 10
474CYPCarex leporinellaSierra hare sedge1  
475CYPCarex mariposanaMariposa sedge 11
476CYPCarex micropterasmall-wing sedge 10
477CYPCarex nervinaSierra sedge1  
478CYPCarex nigricansblack alpine sedge1  
479CYPCarex occidentaliswestern sedge 11
480CYPCarex phaeocephalabrown-head sedge 20
481CYPCarex praeceptorumearly sedge1  
482CYPCarex praticolameadow sedge2  
483CYPCarex raynoldsiiRaynolds' sedge3  
484CYPCarex rossiiRoss' sedge 27
485CYPCarex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoideawestern single-spike sedge3  
486CYPCarex scopulorum var. bracteosacrater sedge 60
487CYPCarex simulataanalogue sedge2  
488CYPCarex spectabilisshowy sedge8  
489CYPCarex straminiformisShasta sedge4  
490CYPCarex subfuscabrown sedge 23
491CYPCarex subnigricansblackish sedge3  
492CYPCarex tahoensisTahoe sedge1  
493CYPCarex tioganaTioga Pass sedge1  
494CYPCarex utriculatabeaked sedge 20
495CYPCarex vallicolavalley sedge1  
496CYPCarex vernaculanative sedge5  
497CYPCarex whitneyiWhitney's sedge 10
498CYPEleocharis pauciflorafew-flowered spikerush 10
499CYPScirpus clementisYosemite bulrush3  
500CYPScirpus microcarpuspanicled bulrush 11
501CYPScirpus nevadensisGreat Basin bulrush1  
502CYPScirpus pungensthree-square 10
503IRIIris hartwegiiHartweg's iris 30
504IRIIris missouriensiswestern blue flag 20
505IRISisyrinchium idahoenseIdaho blue-eyed grass 11
506IRISisyrinchium idahoense var. occidentaleIdaho blue-eyed grass1  
507JUNJuncus balticuswire rush 10
508JUNJuncus bufoniustoad rush 10
509JUNJuncus capillarisslender-stemmed dwarf rush1  
510JUNJuncus dubiusMariposa rush 10
511JUNJuncus hemiendytus var. abjectusCenter Basin rush1  
512JUNJuncus longistylislong-styled rush 112
513JUNJuncus macrandruslong-anthered rush 11
514JUNJuncus mertensianusMertens' rush 30
515JUNJuncus mexicanusMexican rush 112
516JUNJuncus nevadensisSierra rush 40
517JUNJuncus orthophyllusstraight-leaved rush 10
518JUNJuncus parryiParry's rush 20
519JUNJuncus triformisYosemite dwarf rush 10
520JUNLuzula comosahairy wood rush 119
521JUNLuzula parviflorasmall-flowered wood rush1  
522JUNLuzula spicataspiked wood rush3  
523LILAllium bisceptrum var. bisceptrumtwin-crest onion 10
524LILAllium campanulatumdusky onion 10
525LILAllium obtusumred Sierra onion 10
526LILAllium validumPacific mountain onion 50
527LILCalochortus leichtliniiLeichtlin's mariposa5  
528LILFritillaria atropurpureamountain fritillary 10
529LILLilium parvumSierra tiger lily 30
530LILSmilacina stellatalittle false-solomon's-seal 19
531LILVeratrum californicum var. californicumCalifornia corn lily 217
532LILZigadenus paniculatusfoothill death-camas1  
533ORCPlatanthera leucostachyswhite bog orchid 45
534ORCPlatanthera sparsiflorasparse-flowered bog-orchid 10
535POAAchnatherum lemmoniiLemmon's needlegrass 10
536POAAchnatherum nelsonii ssp. doreimountain needlegrass 20
537POAAchnatherum nevadenseSierra needlegrass1  
538POAAchnatherum occidentale ssp. californicumCalifornia needlegrass 10
539POAAchnatherum occidentale ssp. occidentalewestern needlegrass 13
540POAAchnatherum occidentale ssp. pubescensElmer's needlegrass 18
541POAAchnatherum pinetorumpinewoods needlegrass 10
542POAAchnatherum speciosumdesert needlegrass 14
543POAAchnatherum thurberianumThurber's needlegrass 20
544POAAgrostis humilismountain bent grass3  
545POAAgrostis idahoensisIdaho bentgrass 534
546POAAgrostis scabrarough bentgrass 311
547POAAgrostis stoloniferacreeping bentgrass 11
548POAAgrostis variabilismountain bentgrass9  
549POAAlopecurus aequalisshort-awn foxtail 10
550POABromus carinatus var. carinatusCalifornia brome 223
551POABromus ciliatusfringed brome 218
552POABromus inermis ssp. inermissmooth brome 10
553POABromus tectorumdowny brome 419
554POACalamagrostis brewerishort-hair reedgrass1  
555POACalamagrostis canadensisCanada reedgrass3  
556POACalamagrostis purpurascenspurple reedgrass2  
557POADanthonia intermediatimber oatgrass1  
558POADeschampsia cespitosatufted hair-grass 10
559POADeschampsia cespitosa ssp. cespitosatufted hair-grass 60
560POADeschampsia elongataslender hairgrass 228
561POADistichlis spicatasaltgrass 10
562POAElymus elymoidessquirreltail 230
563POAElymus elymoides ssp. elymoidessquirreltail 40
564POAElymus sierrae 1  
565POAElymus trachycaulusslender wheatgrass 717
566POAElymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulusslender wheatgrass 10
567POAElytrigia repensquackgrass 10
568POAEragrostis cilianensisstinkgrass 10
569POAFestuca brachyphylla ssp. breviculmisshort-leaved fescue3  
570POAFestuca idahoensisIdaho fescue1  
571POAFestuca minutiflorasmall-flowered fescue1  
572POAFestuca rubrared fescue 10
573POAFestuca saximontana var. purpusianaRocky Mountain fescue 10
574POAHesperostipa comataneedle & thread grass 10
575POAHolcus lanatuscommon velvetgrass 10
576POAHordeum brachyantherummeadow barley 10
577POAHordeum brachyantherum ssp. brachyantherummeadow barley 20
578POAKoeleria macranthaJune grass 58
579POALeymus cinereusgray wild-rye 20
580POALeymus triticoidescreeping wild rye 11
581POAMelica californicaCalifornia melic 10
582POAMelica strictarock melica 11
583POAMuhlenbergia asperifoliascratchgrass 20
584POAMuhlenbergia montanamountain muhly3  
585POAMuhlenbergia richardsonismat muhly 513
586POAPhleum alpinummountain timothy 511
587POAPhleum pratensetimothy 10
588POAPoa compressaCanada blue grass 10
589POAPoa cusickii ssp. epilisskyline blue grass1  
590POAPoa fendleriana ssp. longiligulaFendler's blue grass 15
591POAPoa glauca ssp. rupicolatimberline blue grass2  
592POAPoa keckiiKeck's blue grass 20
593POAPoa leptocoma ssp. leptocomabog blue grass1  
594POAPoa nevadensisSierra blue grass 10
595POAPoa pratensis ssp. pratensisKentucky blue grass 50
596POAPoa secundaone-sided blue grass 10
597POAPoa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass 72
598POAPoa stebbinsiiStebbins' blue grass1  
599POAPoa wheeleriWheeler's blue grass 50
600POAPolypogon monspeliensisrabbits-foot grass 21
601POAPtilagrostis kingiiKing's ricegrass2  
602POAPuccinellia nuttallianaNuttall's alkali grass 10
603POATrisetum spicatumspike trisetum 71
604POATrisetum wolfiiWolf's trisetum 10
605TYPSparganium angustifoliumnarrowleaf bur-reed 10

Data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria ( on 17 August 2010.

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