Flora of New Dixie Mine Road Area, west of Landers


All pictures taken 22 October 2010. The identifications are, clockwise from the top left: Pectis papposa, Chrysothamnus paniculatus, Senna armata, Krascheninnikovia lanata (fruit), Salazaria mexicana (fruit), Tetradymia stenolepis (fruit), Xylorhiza tortifolia, Salazaria mexicana, Amaranthus fimbriatus, Nicolletia occidentalis. For common names, see the checklist below.

Fieldwork Results
Procedure For Compiling The Checklist
Important Caveats


This area was of interest to us since it was one of the few areas that received enough summer rainfall in 2010 to produce a good fall bloom. Surprisingly, Thomas Stoughton found this area only in the course of other work; there was no indication from radar rainfall maps that this area received any significant summer rainfall.

We visited this area on 22 October 2010, and spent the day admiring the species in bloom, as well as compiling a list of the species we could identify. We compiled a voucher list the day before, so we could have a working list when we botanized this area. We were fortunate that Michael Honer had done a quite thorough job vouchering a number of species from this area in several trips in several seasons. He was the source of 255 of the 295 vouchers from this area.

See pictures from two different locations:


The New Dixie Mine Road is just west of the town of Landers in the Mojave Desert about 11 miles north of the northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park. The area surveyed is where the east slopes of the San Bernardino Mountains meet the Mojave Desert in this area, at an elevation of about 4000 feet.

The location of the area searched for vouchers is shown as the rectangle plotted in the following large-area map:

The area searched for vouchers is shown in more detail on the following map, which plots voucher locations as blue diamonds:

Some vouchers are outside the nominal search area since the Consortium rounds all coordinates to two decimal places in a coordinate search. Since voucher coordinates are often not terribly accurate, we kept all the vouchers returned from that search.

The paths we surveyed are shown in more detail below as the blue lines that originate in three different areas along the New Dixie Mine Road:

Fieldwork Results

We found 95 taxa that could be identified well enough to list below. This is a pretty amazing number, since, for example, we found just two more taxa, a total of 97, from two days of surveys in the prime time of February 2008 at Red Butte Wash / Carey's Wash / Hayfield Area in Joshua Tree National Park. That area had also received summer or fall rainfall to get its bloom going early.

Of those 95 taxa, 73 were found on the voucher list, and 22 are additional taxa not yet vouchered.

Several of the taxa could not normally have been identified to species, since they were not in bloom. However, given the relatively complete voucher checklist, when we could, we assigned those to the most likely species from the voucher list, with appropriate qualifications on the determination given in the checklist below when necessary.

Amazingly, 41 of the 95 species had at least one plant in bloom. The taxa found in bloom is given in the checklist below, along with the number of plants observed to be in bloom for each taxon.

Procedure For Compiling The Checklist

We searched the Consortium of California Herbaria on 21 October 2010 for vouchers within these limits: 34.24° and 34.31° N. Latitude, and 116.58° to 116.38° W. Longitude. That returned a total of 295 vouchers, representing 180 taxa after all names were changed to those in the 1993 Jepson Manual system.

Adding the 95 taxa from our survey resulted in a total of 202 taxa in the following checklist.

Important Caveats

Please note the following important caveats about this preliminary Checklist:

Checklist for New Dixie Mine Road Area

This is a preliminary, working list of the flora of this area, compiled from a single survey done on 22 October 2010, with some observations from an earlier trip in 2010 by Thomas Stoughton, and vouchers from a geographic area search of Consortium of California Herbaria on 21 October 2010.

The Checklist is sorted first by category - ferns, dicots, and monocots - and then by family and scientific name. The JM Family and Scientific Name are from the 1993 first edition Jepson Manual. An asterisk before the Common Name indicates a non-native taxon.

The column ID? applies only to the plants from our survey. See explanation of entries in that column.

Two columns are given under # Plants. The column Bloom / 22Oct10 gives the number of plants observed to be in bloom in our survey on that day. The column Obs'd gives the minimum number of plants we observed, blooming and not, on that survey, up to a maximum number given of 99.

The # Vouchers column gives the total number of vouchers found in the entire study area.

This is a working list, about which we make no guarantees at all. Use at your own risk!

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (8 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (2 double-sided pages). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

#JM FamilyID?Scientific Name(*)Common Name# Plants#Vouchers
1Pteridaceae Cheilanthes covilleibeady lipfern 1 
2Pteridaceae~Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularisgoldback fern 1 
3Cupressaceae Juniperus californicaCalifornia juniper  1
4Ephedraceae Ephedra californicadesert tea 301
5Ephedraceae Ephedra nevadensisNevada ephedra  3
6Ephedraceae Ephedra viridisgreen ephedra  1
7Pinaceae Pinus monophyllapinyon pine  2
8Amaranthaceae Amaranthus fimbriatusfringed amaranth999911
9Apiaceae Lomatium mohavenseMojave lomatium  1
10Asteraceae~Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus var. sphaerocephalusgoldenhead 53
11Asteraceae Adenophyllum cooperiCooper's dogweed5202
12Asteraceae Ambrosia acanthicarpabur-ragweed  1
13Asteraceae Ambrosia dumosaburroweed59912
14Asteraceae Anisocoma acaulisscale-bud  3
15Asteraceae Artemisia dracunculuswild tarragon  2
16Asteraceae Baccharis brachyphyllashort-leaved baccharis11 
17Asteraceae Baccharis salicifoliamule fat  2
18Asteraceae Baccharis sergiloidesdesert baccharis  3
19Asteraceae Baileya pleniradiatawoolly marigold  2
20Asteraceae Bebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush1030 
21Asteraceae Brickellia arguta var. argutaCalifornia spear-leaved brickellia520 
22Asteraceae Brickellia desertorumdesert brickellia123
23Asteraceae Calycoseris parryiyellow tackstem  2
24Asteraceae Chaenactis fremontiiFremont pincushion  2
25Asteraceae~Chaenactis stevioidesdesert pincushion 105
26Asteraceae Chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp. mohavensisMohave common rabbitbrush  1
27Asteraceae Chrysothamnus paniculatusblackbanded rabbitbrush9999 
28Asteraceae Chrysothamnus teretifoliusneedle-leaved rabbitbrush40504
29Asteraceae Coreopsis bigeloviiBigelow's coreopsis  1
30Asteraceae Encelia actoniActon encelia101011
31Asteraceae Ericameria cooperi var. cooperiCooper's goldenbush  1
32Asteraceae Ericameria cuneata var. spathulatawide-leaved rock goldenbush10103
33Asteraceae Ericameria linearifolianarrowleaf goldenbush  2
34Asteraceae Eriophyllum confertiflorum var. confertiflorumgolden yarrow  2
35Asteraceae Eriophyllum wallaceiWallace's woolly daisy  1
36Asteraceae Filago californicaCalifornia filago  1
37Asteraceae Gnaphalium stramineumcotton-batting plant  1
38Asteraceae Gutierrezia microcephalasticky snakeweed 202
39Asteraceae Gutierrezia sarothraematchweed  1
40Asteraceae Hymenoclea salsola var. salsolacheesebush 502
41Asteraceae Layia glandulosawhite tidy-tips  1
42Asteraceae Malacothrix glabratadesert dandelion  2
43Asteraceae Nicolletia occidentaliswestern nicolletia221
44Asteraceae Palafoxia arida var. aridadesert needle  1
45Asteraceae Pectis papposa var. papposachinch-weed999911
46Asteraceae Porophyllum gracileodora220 
47Asteraceae Senecio flaccidus var. monoensisMono ragwort22 
48Asteraceae Sonchus asper ssp. asper*prickly sow thistle  1
49Asteraceae Stephanomeria exigua ssp. exiguaslender wreathplant20303
50Asteraceae Stephanomeria parryiParry's stephanomeria  1
51Asteraceae Stephanomeria pauciflora var. pauciflorawire-lettuce10501
52Asteraceae Syntrichopappus fremontiiFremont's syntrichopappus  1
53Asteraceae Tetradymia stenolepisMojave horsebrush 302
54Asteraceae Uropappus lindleyisilver puffs  1
55Asteraceae Viguiera parishiiParish's viguiera409912
56Asteraceae Xylorhiza tortifolia var. tortifoliaMojave-aster55012
57Bignoniaceae Chilopsis linearis ssp. arcuatadesert-willow 502
58Boraginaceae Amsinckia tessellata var. tessellatabristly fiddleneck  3
59Boraginaceae Cryptantha barbigerabearded cryptantha  1
60Boraginaceae Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniaeSanta Rosa Mountain bearded cryptantha  1
61Boraginaceae Cryptantha micranthapurple-root cryptantha  2
62Boraginaceae Cryptantha nevadensisNevada cryptantha  1
63Boraginaceae Cryptantha pterocaryawing-nut cryptantha  1
64Boraginaceae Pectocarya penicillatacombseed  1
65Boraginaceae Pectocarya recurvatacurvenut combseed  1
66Boraginaceae Pectocarya setosamoth combseed  2
67Boraginaceae Tiquilia plicataplicate coldenia  1
68Brassicaceae Lepidium fremontii var. fremontiidesert pepper-grass 204
69Brassicaceae Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass  1
70Brassicaceae~Sisymbrium orientale*Oriental mustard 11
71Brassicaceae Stanleya pinnata var. pinnataprince's plume  1
72Brassicaceae Thysanocarpus curvipesfringe-pod  2
73Cactaceae Echinocactus polycephalus var. polycephaluscottontop cactus 301
74Cactaceae Echinocereus engelmanniiEngelmann's hedgehog cactus 301
75Cactaceae Opuntia basilaris var. basilarisbeavertail cactus 301
76Cactaceae Opuntia echinocarpasilver cholla 201
77Cactaceae Opuntia ramosissimapencil cholla 10 
78Capparaceae Isomeris arboreabladderpod151
79Caryophyllaceae Arenaria macradenia var. macradeniadesert sandwort  1
80Caryophyllaceae Silene antirrhinasnapdragon campion  2
81Chenopodiaceae Atriplex canescens ssp. canescensfour-wing saltbush 51
82Chenopodiaceae Grayia spinosahop-sage  2
83Chenopodiaceae Krascheninnikovia lanatawinter fat 20 
84Crassulaceae Dudleya saxosa ssp. aloidesdesert dudleya  2
85Cucurbitaceae Cucurbita palmatacoyote melon 2 
86Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce albomarginatarattlesnake weed30302
87Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurge5050 
88Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce serpyllifoliathyme-leafed spurge  1
89Euphorbiaceae Chamaesyce setilobaYuma spurge99992
90Euphorbiaceae Croton californicusCalifornia croton  1
91Euphorbiaceae Stillingia linearifolialinear-leaved stillingia 991
92Fabaceae Acacia greggiicatclaw 99 
93Fabaceae Astragalus douglasii var. douglasiiJacumba milk-vetch  2
94Fabaceae Caesalpinia gilliesii*bird-of-paradise 4 
95Fabaceae Lotus heermanniisilky lotus  1
96Fabaceae Lotus procumbens var. procumbenssilky California broom  2
97Fabaceae Lotus rigidusdesert lotus  1
98Fabaceae Lotus salsuginosus var. brevivexillusshort-bannered coastal lotus  1
99Fabaceae Lotus strigosusstrigose lotus  1
100Fabaceae Lupinus concinnusbajada lupine  2
101Fabaceae?Lupinus sparsiflorusCoulter's lupine 201
102Fabaceae Psorothamnus arborescens var. simplicifoliusCalifornia indigo-bush1993
103Fabaceae Senna armataspiny senna59912
104Fagaceae Quercus cornelius-mulleridesert scrub oak  4
105Geraniaceae Erodium cicutarium*redstem filaree 99 
106Hydrophyllaceae Emmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells  1
107Hydrophyllaceae~Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia var. bipinnatifidaeucrypta 201
108Hydrophyllaceae Nama demissum var. demissumpurple mat  1
109Hydrophyllaceae~Phacelia campanularia ssp. vasiformisdesert bluebells 52
110Hydrophyllaceae Phacelia cryptanthalimestone phacelia  1
111Hydrophyllaceae Phacelia distanscommon phacelia2203
112Hydrophyllaceae Phacelia fremontiiFremont's phacelia  1
113Hydrophyllaceae Phacelia lemmoniiLemmon's phacelia  1
114Krameriaceae Krameria erectaPima rhatany  2
115Krameriaceae Krameria grayiwhite rhatany5991
116Lamiaceae Salazaria mexicanaMexican bladder sage20993
117Lamiaceae Salvia columbariaechia 9922
118Lamiaceae Salvia mohavensisMojave sage 302
119Loasaceae Mentzelia albicauliswhite-stemmed blazing star  1
120Loasaceae Mentzelia jonesiiJones' blazing star  2
121Loasaceae Petalonyx thurberi ssp. thurberiThurber's sandpaper-plant 5 
122MalvaceaesspSphaeralcea ambiguaapricot mallow55010
123Molluginaceae Mollugo cerviana*carpet-weed 3010
124Nyctaginaceae Mirabilis bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's desert four-o'clock 32
125Nyctaginaceae Mirabilis bigelovii var. retrorsaBigelow's desert four-o'clock 501
126Oleaceae Forestiera pubescensdesert olive  1
127OnagraceaesspCamissonia boothiiBooth's evening primrose 201
128Onagraceae Camissonia californicaCalifornia suncup 501
129Onagraceae Camissonia campestrisfield sun-cup  2
130OnagraceaesspCamissonia claviformis ssp. claviformisbrown-eyed primrose 3021
131Onagraceae Camissonia pallidapale-yellow sun-cup  1
132Onagraceae Epilobium canumCalifornia fuchsia  2
133Onagraceae Epilobium canum ssp. latifoliummountain California-fuchsia  1
134Orobanchaceae Orobanche parishii ssp. parishiiParish's broom-rape  1
135Papaveraceae Eschscholzia minutiflorasmall-flowered poppy  1
136Polemoniaceae Eriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicumdesert woolly-star 994
137Polemoniaceae Gilia cana ssp. bernardinashowy gilia  1
138Polemoniaceae Gilia stellatastar gilia  1
139Polemoniaceae~Loeseliastrum matthewsiidesert calico 32
140Polygonaceae Centrostegia thurberiThurber's spineflower  1
141Polygonaceae Chorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornubrittle spineflower 2 
142Polygonaceae Eriogonum davidsoniiDavidson's buckwheat10106
143Polygonaceae Eriogonum elongatum var. elongatumlong-stemmed buckwheat  5
144Polygonaceae Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat 402
145Polygonaceae Eriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet10501
146Polygonaceae Eriogonum maculatumspotted buckwheat20401
147Polygonaceae Eriogonum nidulariumbirdnest buckwheat405010
148Polygonaceae Eriogonum pusillumyellow-turbans161
149Polygonaceae Eriogonum wrightii var. nodosumWright's buckwheat  2
150Polygonaceae Eriogonum wrightii var. wrightiiWright's buckwheat2020 
151Ranunculaceae Delphinium parishiiParish's larkspur 201
152Rosaceae Cercocarpus intricatuslittle-leaved mountain-mahogany  1
153Rosaceae Coleogyne ramosissimablack brush 501
154Rosaceae Prunus fasciculata var. fasciculatadesert almond 201
155Rosaceae Purshia tridentata var. glandulosadesert bitterbrush  2
156Rubiaceae Galium angustifolium ssp. gracillimumslender bedstraw  2
157Rubiaceae Galium stellatum var. eremicumstar-flowered bedstraw 20 
158Salicaceae Populus fremontii ssp. fremontiiFremont cottonwood  2
159Salicaceae Salix exiguanarrowleaf willow  1
160Salicaceae Salix lasiolepisarroyo willow  3
161Scrophulariaceae Castilleja angustifolianorthwestern paintbrush  1
162ScrophulariaceaesspKeckiella antirrhinoides var. microphyllalittle-leaved chaparral beard-tongue 52
163Scrophulariaceae Mimulus aurantiacusbush monkeyflower  2
164Scrophulariaceae Mimulus bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's monkeyflower  1
165Scrophulariaceae Mimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflower  2
166Scrophulariaceae Mimulus parishiiParish's monkeyflower  2
167Scrophulariaceae Mimulus pilosusfalse monkeyflower  1
168Solanaceae Datura wrightiisacred datura  2
169Solanaceae~Lycium andersoniiAnderson's desert-thorn 301
170Solanaceae~Lycium cooperiCooper's box-thorn 101
171Solanaceae Nicotiana obtusifoliadesert tobacco 12
172Solanaceae Physalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherry2201
173Viscaceae Phoradendron californicumdesert mistletoe 202
174Zygophyllaceae Larrea tridentatacreosote bush19912
175Juncaceae Juncus bufonius var. bufoniustoad rush  2
176Juncaceae Juncus macrophylluslong-leaved rush  1
177Juncaceae Juncus mexicanusMexican rush  2
178Juncaceae Juncus xiphioidesiris-leaved rush  2
179Liliaceae Allium lacunosum var. davisiaeDavis' pitted onion  1
180Liliaceae Calochortus kennedyi var. kennedyired mariposa 31
181Liliaceae Dichelostemma capitatumblue dicks  1
182Liliaceae Dichelostemma capitatum ssp. pauciflorumfew-flowered blue dicks  1
183Liliaceae Yucca brevifoliajoshua tree 5 
184Liliaceae Yucca schidigeraMohave yucca 991
185Poaceae~Achnatherum speciosumdesert needlegrass 202
186Poaceae Aristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn5099 
187PoaceaesspAristida purpurea var. nealleyiNealley three-awn114
188Poaceae Bouteloua barbata var. barbatasix-weeks grama205010
189Poaceae Bromus madritensis ssp. rubens*red brome 992
190Poaceae Bromus trinii*Chilean chess  3
191Poaceae Distichlis spicatasaltgrass  1
192Poaceae Elymus elymoides ssp. elymoidessquirreltail  2
193Poaceae Erioneuron pulchellumfluff grass 25 
194Poaceae Hordeum vulgare var. trifurcatum*cultivated barley  1
195Poaceae Melica frutescenstall melica  2
196Poaceae Melica imperfectacoast-range melic  3
197Poaceae Muhlenbergia rigensdeergrass  2
198Poaceae Pleuraphis rigidabig galleta109911
199Poaceae Poa secunda ssp. secundaone-sided bluegrass  2
200Poaceae Polypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grass  1
201Poaceae Schismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus  3
202Poaceae Vulpia microstachys var. paucifloraPacific fescue  1

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/; Thu Oct 21 2010).

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