The Flora of the PCT
San Gabriel Mountains D6, Vincent Gulch Divide to Islip Saddle

Fig. 1.

Segment StartSegment EndSegment LengthElevation (feet)
Vincent Gulch Divide, 6580 feetIslip Saddle, 6600 feet11.5 miles658094002820

Survey Dates
The Trail Plant Checklist


See The Flora of the Pacific Crest Trail: Overview for an Introduction to these plant checklists, and D. San Gabriel Mountains for an Introduction to the San Gabriel Mountain section.

Fig. 2. Trail Map for the PCT Section D6 through the San Gabriel Mountains, from USDA Forest Service Interactive Map.

This hike starts with some serious elevation gain as you make your way up to Mt. Baden Powell. The forest changes in species composition from Jeffrey Pines to Lodgepole Pines, with ancient Limber Pines found near the summit. Kennedy's Buckwheat is an alpine species found on the summit along with other unusual plants such as Cycladenia and Oreonana. The trail then mostly stays along the crest of the ridge separating the L.A. basin from the Mojave Desert for a number of miles, going in and out of an old burned area. Just past Windy Gap, Little Jimmy Springs is a small, lush area with a number of showy and unusual plants.

This section is also divided into four segments, each with their own plant list:

Survey Dates

The entire section was surveyed on 6/2/2013 by RT, Shaun Hawke and Tom Chester. 112 species were observed, a low number of plants were in bloom due to a dry year.

Subsets of section D6 have been surveyed separately. Section D6a, from Vincent Gap to Mt. Baden-Powell, was surveyed numerous times in 2002-2004, and several times each in 2013 and in 2014. Section D6c was surveyed extensively in 2010 and 2011 as part of the Lily Spring Study Area, and surveyed additionally in 2013 and 2014.

As expected, significantly more species were found by surveys in additional years and at different times of year. The plant list as of 9/25/14 contains 162 species.

The Trail Plant Checklist

The Plant Checklist is available in four different formats:

Separate condensed print versions of just the checklist names are available for all except for the Calflora thumbnail picture version, as a link on each of those pages.

See also Michael Charters' Photo Gallery from Throop Peak to Vincent Gap on 7/14/13 and Photo Gallery from Islip Saddle to Throop Peak on 6/24/13 and 7/1/13)

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