Plant Guide to Reef Point Trail, Crystal Cove State Park

Mile#id?Common NameLatin NameComments# trlstp listsccsp lists
0.00  Reef Point Parking Lot. Trail begins at first bathroom on the left after entering the parking lot.
0.001 western vervainVerbena lasiostachys var. scabrida 222
0.002 coyote bushBaccharis pilularis 432
0.003 saltbushAtriplex lentiformis ssp. lentiformis 12 
0.004 peninsular sycamorePlatanus racemosa var. wrightii 102
0.005 *shortpod mustardHirschfeldia incana 832
0.006 bladderpodIsomeris arborea 232
0.007 toyonHeteromeles arbutifoliaOn left of restrooms922
0.008 California buckwheatEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifolium 110 
0.009 California sagebrushArtemisia californica 1032
0.0010 *horehoundMarrubium vulgare 632
0.0011 coastal goldenbushIsocoma menziesii var. vernonioidesMany of the plants in 2002 satisfy the keys for ssp. menziesii, but we think this is due to the drought. They don't look the same as the ssp. menziesii at Torrey Pines.232
0.0012 California enceliaEncelia californica 132
0.01  Middle of bathroom building
 13 mule fatBaccharis salicifolia 732
 14 *castor beanRicinus communis 232
 15 lemonade berryRhus integrifolia 232
0.0216 black sageSalvia mellifera 1032
0.03  Long series of steps descending to beach
0.0417sspfourwing saltbushAtriplex canescensThe first plant here may be ssp. canescens, but we need to check the fruit. The second plant, very close by, is intermediate between canescens and linearis, with 1 mm lvs but stalked fruit.13 
0.0518?*red bromeBromus madritensis ssp. rubens 1032
0.0519?unk annual grass
0.0620 telegraph weedHeterotheca grandiflora 632
0.0621 deerweedLotus scoparius var. scoparius 512
0.07  Staircase turns left 130 degrees.
0.12  End of staircase at beach. Turn right and follow base of bluffs.
0.13  Lifeguard tower
0.1522 California saltbushAtriplex californica 222
0.1523~white everlastingGnaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalum 942
0.1924 *European sea rocketCakile maritima 142
0.2125 sea-cliff buckwheatEriogonum parvifolium 231
0.2226 *Russian thistleSalsola tragus 432
0.2227 saltgrassDistichlis spicata 232
0.2428 woolly seabliteSuaeda taxifolia 121
0.28  The sand makes a "barking" noise when your shoes scrape across the surface!
0.3129 *crystalline ice plantMesembryanthemum crystallinum 132
0.3230 sacred daturaDatura wrightii 332
0.3331 *creeping Australian saltbushAtriplex semibaccata 532
0.3632 seaside heliotropeHeliotropium curassavicum 132
0.3833 western ragweedAmbrosia psilostachya 632
0.3834 *rabbits-foot grassPolypogon monspeliensis 522
0.4035 marsh jaumeaJaumea carnosa 13 
0.4136 coast prickly-pearOpuntia littoralis 232
0.43  Take paved road up on right.
0.4337 *tocaloteCentaurea melitensis 932
0.4438?wild oats?
0.4739 *fennelFoeniculum vulgare 232
0.4740?big saltbush?Atriplex sp.similar to A. lentiformis, but leaves are narrowly oblanceolate less than 1 cm wide. Infl is too long to be A. canescens. Need fruit to id.   
0.4941 *black mustardBrassica nigra 232
0.49  Road curves right
0.51  Road changes from concrete to asphalt; road curves back to south.
0.52  Top of bluff
0.55  Jct. road merging into this from left
0.56  (white everlasting with dead blooms from previous year)
0.5742 *crown daisyChrysanthemum coronariumlocation uncertain; plants were whacked away this trip132
0.6043 *scarlet pimpernelAnagallis arvensis 432
0.61  Field of Isocoma menziesii var. vernonioides?
0.65  Jct. road/trail on left.
0.67  Annual sunflower?dead plant from last year, 5 feet high, stems with 5 heads
0.73  Jct. road/trail on right leading to overlook, and path to left.
0.75  Jct. paved path to parking lot on left.
0.79  Jct. road/trail on right leading to overlook; path to left leads to parking lot
0.79  Small revegetation area newly planted
0.82  Smaller revegetation area newly planted with single pads of prickly pear
0.8244?Vasey's prickly pearOpuntia Xvaseyi 2  
0.85  Smaller revegetation area newly planted with single pads of prickly pear
0.86  Smaller revegetation area newly planted with single pads of prickly pear
0.89  North end of parking lot with bathroom.
0.93  End loop trail at bathroom.
Updated 16 December 2002.