Plant Species of the Borrego Desert

This page is devoted to the species themselves. For bloom reports, a working draft of the flora for the Borrego Desert, preliminary analysis of the flora, and some pages on places of the Borrego Desert, see The Borrego Desert.

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General Pages
Individual Plant Species or Groups of Similar Species
Pages at Main Plants Site

General Pages

iNaturalist Flora of Anza-Borrego State Park and adjacent desert Project Description Page. Search for observations by species and/or by location:

Species Obscured in iNaturalist for the Borrego Desert Project

Pictorial Gallery of Species in Bloom

Annual Plant Species: Seedling and Flower Pictures

Distinguishing Characteristics of Similar Species

Endemic or Near-Endemic Species

Monsoonal Species

Fasciated Plants

Individual Plant Species or Groups of Similar Species

In November, 2015, we have begun putting distribution maps online for some species, whenever they pique our interest enough that we wanted to see a map for ourselves. Those maps will either be linked from the species page, or will be given as a separate link for each family.

The distribution maps may be made from our GPS point database, or from vouchers, or from both.

For an overview of our GPS point database, and maps showing where we have processed records, see Geographic Distribution Maps of GPS Points for Plant Species.

See also Fred Melgert and Carla Hoegen's Distribution Maps of Rare Plants.


Pteridaceae, Brake Family


Acanthaceae, Acanthus Family (chuparosa is our best known family member)

Apiaceae, Carrot Family

Apocynaceae, Dogbane Family

Asteraceae, Sunflower Family

Boraginaceae, Borage Family

Brassicaceae, Mustard Family

Burseraceae, Torchwood Family

Cactaceae, Cactus Family

Campanulaceae, Bellflower Family

Convolvulaceae, Morning Glory Family

Crassulaceae, Stonecrop Family

Ericaceae, Heath Family

Euphorbiaceae, Spurge Family

Fabaceae, Pea Family

Fouquieriaceae, Ocotillo Family

Lamiaceae, Mint Family

Loasaceae, Stickleaf Family

Malvaceae, Mallow Family

Nyctaginaceae, Four O'Clock Family

Polemoniaceae, Phlox Family

Polygonaceae, Buckwheat Family

Rhamnaceae, Buckthorn Family

Rosaceae, Rose Family

Scrophulariaceae, Snapdragon Family

Solanaceae, Nightshade Family

Zygophyllaceae, Caltrop Family


Agavaceae, Agave Family

Juncaceae, Rush Family

Liliaceae, Lily Family

Poaceae, Grass Family

Pages at Main Plants Site

These pages from the main Plants of southern California site contain information about Borrego Desert Species.

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