Places of the Borrego Desert: View From S22 Overlook of the Northernmost Fork of the Arroyo Salado

As of December 2016, it has been almost twelve years since it actually rained enough in the desert proper to produce a fabulous display of flowers, and for the washes to run with water. Back in the glorious period of October 2004 to May 2005, it really rained in the desert. Fortunately, Aaron Schusteff captured a stunning panorama showing what the northernmost fork of the Arroyo Salado looked like, from a pullout along S22 in Imperial County a bit east of the San Diego County border. On 19 December 2016, Tom repeated the photograph.

The following picture was taken by Aaron on 21 February 2005, from approximately 33.26945° N. latitude, -116.03037° E. longitude, 256 feet elevation. Just below it is the repeat photograph taken by Tom on 19 December 2016.

Click on the pictures to get a larger version showing more detail, such as the radio tower at far right in Aaron's picture.

Two full-resolution crops of Aaron's image are displayed below.

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