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Updates to hiking page

Updates to FHS page

Updates to Writings on Fallbrook History page

29 December 2000 added a "re-direct" page at the incorrect url given in the flc newsletter for the flc trails brochure.

26 December 2000 moved hospital from "issues" to "organizations" and "history", added renovations and earthquake code.

26 December 2000 updated url for ward's jewelers.

23 December 2000 added dalton canyon, new sr30 travel times.

15 December 2000 updated url for traffic speeds, thanks to scott.

12 December 2000 updated planned park improvements, added defeat of maintenance fee, and removed notice about missing ballots for the fee.

8 December 2000 corrected typo for weedii in flc guide, thanks to liz yamaguchi.

6 December 2000 added use of "brooktown" and "fallbrookuns" to tidbits / names for Fallbrook residents.

4 December 2000 added link to johnston's fall color article in tidbits.

30 November 2000 added chantry flat travel time.

27 November 2000 added a number of corrections to flc field guide on update page from an anonymous reader; added liz's native american uses for plants.

26 November 2000 updated url for scott's homepage.

24 November 2000 added travel times to pinyon wash points.

23 November 2000 added second sneller mp3 site and blue star spirit to art links; corrected toni's name; updated bonsall mushroom farm saga in issues.

22 November 2000 updated temps, bugs.

21 November 2000 added list of other sd trail committees to flc trails committee.

19 November 2000 finally added some info on the planning commission, to issues/orgs.

18 November 2000 minor revision to mm purchase to use name of llc, thanks to wallace.

17 November 2000 added monserate mountain purchase by flc.

15 November 2000 updated seasons page.

14 November 2000 added epa SMR page to SMR, found by jane comella.

13 November 2000 added note about who to call for missing parks ballot.

9 November 2000 added telephone scams (sheriffs); put "I" in "msc" on main page.

7 November 2000 added flc purchase of fpud lands on hold.

5 November 2000 updated all links to my new srp pages.

1 November 2000 updated rain, bugs, temps.

27 October 2000 added elizabethan feast to calendar; updated the urls for the village news links that recently changed, including gum tree ranch; added link to boys and girls club in orgs/other; added cabinets by holladay, dominick's, word shop graphics, lightmyweb, slr downs; cinemastar; la estancia inn; franciscan inn to links/commercial; updated url and changed name for Fallbrook bank; updated url for rhs computer; added link to lightmyweb history page from history/timeline; added holladay to links/people, but then removed the link at her request; typo corrections on flc/trails committee.

26 October 2000 added rock mtn preserve and expanded trails committee info in orgs/flc; added Field Guide link to links/other, links/art and tidbits.

25 October 2000 revised wording about koi closure from "due to lawyers" to "due to our crazy legal system", thanks to input from an anonymous reader; added west coast auto racing to links/other; added navetta family to links/personal.

23 October 2000 added "plants blooming in Fallbrook" to tidbits; clarified that list of native plants included exotics in tidbits/native plants.

19 October 2000 added eye home tour, dates of xmas parade, gourd festival and mud run (including link to website), 2001 dates for arts in park and art in bloom, to calendar; msn curious current weather reports to weather; live oak and sullivan weathernet stations to weather; fpud link to links/other/utilities; moneystreet to links/commercial; life in california link to links/other/other; welburn gourd farm to links/commercial/agriculture.

18 October 2000 added link to center for natural land management webpage in orgs.

5 October 2000 added property tax rate to tidbits.

4 October 2000 began having beseen reindex site every sunday at 3:00 am.

2 October 2000 updated macadamia info from cooper email and other nct articles in tidbits; added stagecoach sunday and farmer's festival to calendar.

26 September 2000 added village elementary school link to schools.

25 September 2000 updated temps, bugs; added grace pres. Church to links/other/churches; simplified url for emmanuel; added link to links/other/churches in list of churches.

14 September 2000 updated flirt page with more about grb from coles.

8 September 2000 added note about turning on javascript in search page, and updated search database.

7 September 2000 updated FLIRT page with lots of new info from Bill Coles and moved it to history; updated fpud budget in largest employers; added amount of water sales to economic numbers.

3 September 2000 updated SMR page to include links to smer; updated links for all to new places/smer page; added tidbits/native plants.

2 September 2000 relinked places/smer to my page.

27 August 2000 added toastmasters to clubs and orgs links.

26 August 2000 added river road and gopher road traffic lights to history/lights.

25 August 2000 changed places link for smer to official page until my "unofficial" page is approved.

24 August 2000 removed two corcilius links that no longer work; updated her url; added la porte.

21 August 2000 added sengme water park campground info.

16 August 2000 updated vandenberg launch number thanks to T-Bone; added origin of large ring in contrail analysis.

14 August 2000 added link to mcrd in my page for them; added link to their agritour page; moved church lists to separate page.

13 August 2000 finally added link for sr76 in traffic index!

12 August 2000 finished adding all the "places" and "organization" links hidden in my pages.

11 August 2000 collected all the "places" and "organization" links and put them on separate pages; moved history sublinks onto a history index page; moved conservation orgs to org page. Updated urls for palomar obs., macadamia society and a few others. Added people to people info.

10 August 2000 updated url for cooper's nuthouse; added url for his macadamia library to links/other; added bonsallchamber link to links/other/orgs.

9 August 2000 updated url for daniels cable; added link to nct search in my search page; added woman's club page in tidbits, correcting historical info for their building; new traffic light on river road.

7 August 2000 added smer page, linked from tidbits, links/other, and hiking; added some of tidbits in text for page_a_g instead of just in main toc.

6 August 2000 corrected typo of "elevation" for "azimuth" in view of agua tibia, thanks to bob gonsett.

4 August 2000 added view of agua tibia fire from Fallbrook.

30 July 2000 updated url for Fire Weather Forecast from the California Wildfire Coordination Group; added mtn lion barrier on I-15 and no deer in Fallbrook to tidbits and road info.

28 July 2000 added temecula checkpoint issue.

23 July 2000 added count of mosquitoes trapped at buena vista lagoon.

13 July 2000 updated search database.

8 July 2000 updated bugs, temps, rainfall, house prices.

4 July 2000 added mox's church list and north county church list from nctimes to main page; emmanuel baptist church and jesus video to links/churches; removed dead link to christ the king church thanks to anonymous reader input.

29 June 2000 added rescission of use permit for rosemary's mountain quarry in issues.

24 June 2000 added analysis of thermometer location and intrinsic biases.

23 June 2000 updated temps, bugs, gophers, and house prices.

18 June 2000 added more travel times.

17 June 2000 added links to star school test scores (from kinder); removed latimes bad url for school scores; search now works again.

16 June 2000 significantly expanded smog page; added analysis of change in official high temperatures for fallbrook and vista.

14 June 2000 corrected typo in traffic light date.

14 June 2000 corrected error in quoted wind direction in humidity, noticed by meaker; added smog in fallbrook.

12 June 2000 added scott thompson link.

10 June 2000 added ron kinder real estate link.

9 June 2000 added valley center links: newspaper, soccer, water district, to area info and other links; added rest of fuesd school webpages to schools/webpages.

5 June 2000 added cowbird trapping, settlement of 1951 suit, and historical timeline items as well as items from refuge in an urbanizing land to SMR.

4 June 2000 added more travel times (oak grove, warner springs, more for d.s.); warning about search function being down to search; angel society to tidbits; updated smr trail description in hiking, added page on sm river to tidbits; added live oak school link to schools and links/other.

26 May 2000 added info from historical timeline for rainbow and bonsall place names; added de luz origin info from rivers there.

24 May 2000 added restaurants from restaurant.com to lists on main page; added initial list of traffic lights vs. time.

20 May 2000 added date of rainbow days event for 2000, and more info on it, to attractions; current status of napalm removal to issues/napalm; added more fire department history to history timeline.

18 May 2000 added mtn lion attack and info, another instance of fallbrookian, to tidbits.

11 May 2000 added end of green season to weather / seasons.

8 May 2000 added rhs computer services to links / commercial.

7 May 2000 added bill harding's email address with his permission to area and numbers.

1 May 2000 updated link to fgms in attractions, tidbits, and links/other.

28 April 2000 added statistics on reindexing after doing another reindex since the first one failed.

27 April 2000 updated search page to warn about non-recent indexing; reindexed; added bugs by mrs. Miller's first grade class to art links; added new section for class webpages in schools.

23 April 2000 updated gophers.

20 April 2000 updated temps, bugs, rainfall; added recent vehicle burglary wave to crimes; land conservancy trails committee to land conservancy; date for concert on green to calendar.

19 April 2000 added link to santa rosa csd in links/other/government.

17 April 2000 added wmc smr link to links/other.

16 April 2000 added fire response time info to tidbits/fire; olive hill nursery to tidbits/nurseries; vessels stallion farm to tidbits.

15 April 2000 added iowa street school link to schools and links/others; added Fallbrook day school, immersion program and Vallecitos links present in links/others to schools.

12 April 2000 added more travel times.

9 April 2000 added location of rainbow signs from property owners association, and theft info, and bonsall current and maximum planned population to area and numbers; dates of san diego city snowfalls to fallbrook snowfall page; added art walk, hot summer night dates, airpark show to calendar; corrected typo in date of first recorded snowfall (1862 should have been 1882), and removed 1884 snowfall as probably being a typo for the 1882 snowfall; corrected typo in ccc for 1931 in history timeline, and added link to snowfall page there.

5 April 2000 added gems of pala to links/commercial.

4 April 2000 updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

1 April 2000 updated revitalization plan in issues; added dates for youth fair and arts in the park to calendar.

31 March 2000 added friends of smr to links/other.

29 March 2000 updated chamber of commerce main link, thanks to nancy johnson.

26 March 2000 updated bird's eye map url.

25 March 2000 added north county fire link to links/other, and their history page to history/links; added fire department history to historical timeline.

24 March 2000 added noise abatement flight paths to attractions/airpark, and noise contour map update plans; details about the 2000 car show; conservation easement from fenton sand mine in tidbits/fenton; updated gopher plot in weather/seasons.

20 March 2000 updated temecula ballon festival info in attractions/nearby; updated url for cgc communicator in links/other; added networld exchange to links/commercial; added north county economic dev council to links/area_info, and moved nctimes up to first position now that it has its archives online.

19 March 2000 clarified northern entrance to los jilg. preserve.

18 March 2000 added more info on black flies to seasons of Fallbrook; updated sr76 info; added de luzions to tidbits/names.

17 March 2000 added date for 5k run, and ticket info for garden tour, to yearly calendar; los jilg. map link to flc page.

16 March 2000 updated bugs, temps, url for nws current weather statistics.

14 March 2000 added 24,000 sq. ft. home in coronado to page on Fallbrook's largest homes.

12 March 2000 updated time for garden tour in calendar.

11 March 2000 updated organic planet farms info; added number of Fallbrook directories printed to area population; music society info.

10 March 2000 added las pilitas nursery, ultratec, and sports cards store to links/commercial, and put in new url for bird's eye maps.

9 March 2000 updated rainfall, temps and bugs.

8 March 2000 updated flc for ljil. Entrances and dahl's contributions; added links for their official page and San Diego land consrevancy.

5 March 2000 updated rainfall.

4 March 2000 updated temps, bugs; added another de luzian ref to tidbits; avo festival held as normal in calendar

2 March 2000 updated rainfall.

29 February 2000 added a Fallbrook CA just south of sacramento to tidbits/other fallbrooks.

27 February 2000 added San Diego earth times smr page to links/other, reformatted "other" listings.

24 February 2000 added date of garden tour.

23 February 2000 added more to mushroom farm; updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

21 February 2000 added naval weapons station, bilingual school programs and sandag 2020 forecast to links/other, and duplicated camp pendleton link there; added Fallbrook refuse service to links/commercial; added "other fallbrooks" to tidbits.

20 February 2000 updated rainfall.

17 February 2000 added more to rally for children, consolidated their entries in attractions/art; added date of garden show to yearly events; added garden club link to links/other; added home study student numbers to schools.

16 February 2000 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

15 February 2000 finally, Fallbrook has turned green - added to seasons.

12 February 2000 added nurseries and euroamerica propagators to tidbits and euro. to largest employers; formatted index for readability by adding blank lines; added mushroom farm to issues; updated temps, rainfall, bugs.

11 February 2000 added more traffic counts and level of service on local highways.

10 February 2000 updated fenton sand mine for lake henshaw and more on indian sand mine.

8 February 2000 added new mine tunnel to collector in attractions; pala indian sand mine to fenton sand mine.

6 February 2000 more clearly distinguished the fenton sand mine from the calmat mine upstread.

5 February 2000 added pala sand mine, and its effect on north county beaches, to tidbits and issues.

3 February 2000 added date for avo festival to yearly events, linked guac. grande there, added date for garden tour in 1999 for reference.

31 January 2000 added phone number for hazardous waste to tidbits.

30 January 2000 updated home prices.

28 January 2000 added another fbians, number of new homes in Fallbrook, more traffic counts, more disagreements among merchants.

24 January 2000 added western riverside co. mshcp to links/places.

23 January 2000 added more on rally for children; date for art in bloom to yearly events; end of fire season, black fly season to seasons; Fallbrook roofing to commercial links; corrected error in text for sunrise times and linked analemma page.

22 January 2000 updated home prices; corrected broken link in issues/rezoning page.

20 January 2000 updated rainfall, temps and bugs. Split 99 update log out. Added more on sr76 plan and revitalization plan.

14 January 2000 added slr downs to attractions. Updates in last month nearly non-existent due to moving SGM site to new domain.

1 January 2000 added CA proteas to commercial/links.

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