1999 Update Log for Fallbrook, CA Website

23 December 1999 added sr76 news about elimination of expressway in Fallbrook to issues! Added rainbow tree lighting to xmas.

18 December 1999 updated url for cgi communicator.

16 December 1999 updated number of people on neighborhood email lists.

15 December 1999 added river running sm river to other links; murretta creek streamflow level to other and weather.

12 December 1999 added prudential agents to commercial links.

11 December 1999 added links for dfa's medfly pages and thrip page, (cal avo's) avocado festival pages.

11 December 1999 added link to eir report for gregory canyon in issues and links/other.

8 December 1999 added money raised by magic of xmas in 1998 to tidbits/xmas; added todaysblinds, branson travel and century 21 rolling hills to commercial links.

1 December 1999 added 3 more travel times to lytle creek area.

21 November 1999 updated library hours, and linked to county website and card catalog search; added more magic of xmas info to xmas; updated no. trees planted by sof.; added bonsall and Fallbrook chamber of commerce to issues/orgs; updated truancy law; added new link for sneller in links/art.

18 November 1999 added link to Fallbrook pop warner in other links, thanks to jim schwartz; got beanies to commercial links.

14 November 1999 added organic botanicals to links - area info and commercial.

13 November 1999 updated temps, bugs.

12 November 1999 added more on fox home to oldest buildings, size of bonsall chamber to numbers, e-y-e to christmas, origin of burma rd to place names; updated home prices; revised name of glen eden and clarified distinction with glen ivy, added glen ivy webpage link.

10 November 1999 added link to virtual relocation in area info links.

9 November 1999 added more to magic of christmas, date of that and farmer and adele to yearly events; added newcomers and encore club to tidbits; added farmer mp3 site to art links.

8 November 1999 updated cat's status to former resident on links/art.

1 November 1999 updated url of annie hindorff page.

28 October 1999 added alternative pendleton future site to other, reorganized that page into categories; list of legislature districts and reps; accuweather forecast in weather; date and grand marshal of xmas parade in tidbits; updates on revitalization plan in issues.

25 October 1999 added miller machine, gum tree ranch, heritage homebuilders, updated url of freco, hogarth to commercial links, and reorganized page into categories, demoting some of the links that didn't work.

19 October 1999 updated moxon's photo album url in attractions - architecture. His old url has been taken over by a porn site, believe it or not! (thanks to dj for letting me know about this.)

7 October 1999 added search capability for this site.

6 October 1999 added palomar mountain link to other pages and nearby attractions.

5 October 1999 updated bugs and temps.

3 October 1999 added clinician review link for rabies to tidbits.

2 October 1999 added power lines tree-trimming schedule to tidbits.

14 September 1999 corrected time and distance to williamson rock; added no cases of dog rabies to tidbits.

5 September 1999 added tidbit about prisoners and cdf workforce to tidbits/fire.

4 September 1999 added rainbow water to largest employers; de luzians to tidbits/names; dates of various safeway stores to history/timeline.

1 September 1999 updated name of big river water park in nearby attractions.

31 August 1999 added link to fire-resistant and not-resistant plants to tidbits/fire.

29 August 1999 updated home prices, temps and bugs; added sundrams to links.

26 August 1999 duped links to remaining tidbits files on tidbits index; added concert on green date to calendar; added grand tradition botanical plans to attractions; fifth public sculpture to attractions/art; rave party to crimes; linked "numbers" page to "economic numbers" on the main page.

23 August 1999 added nws last day's temps page to weather.

21 August 1999 added two thompsons to links, thanks to donna thompson, as well as another vote for fallbrookian to tidbits.

19 August 1999 added date of last sm fire to tidbits.

18 August 1999 added links to info on u.s. public land system to history/links.

17 August 1999 corrected spelling of macadamia in tidbits; removed old link to origin of place names there; added number of gophers vs. time and tap water temperature vs. time in seasons and tidbits; linked black flies from tidbits as well.

14 August 1999 added more on fire danger to tidbits; updated sr76 page for property tax reductions; added bonsall property numbers to numbers/area and population.

12 August 1999 added nctimes to commercial links; eliminated alternate link to smer at their request.

5 August 1999 added kennedy as de luz email list coordinator; santa margarita ecological reserve to other links.

2 August 1999 updated url for usno sunrise/sunset in weather/uv.

1 August 1999 added fire weather forecast to weather; updated home prices, temps and bugs.

22 July 1999 updated home prices, temps, bugs.

16 July 1999 added two more references for names of Fallbrook residents, beech street park, and San Diego aqueduct in tidbits; added graffiti and more on village association to issues; guess real estate page to commercial links; fpud and rainbow to other links; online hotel reservations to main page; added link to rainbow water quality report in tidbits.

15 July 1999 significantly expanded sr76 page in traffic to include latest info.

9 July 1999 updated sr76 caltrans links in traffic to "now operational".

8 July 1999 updated revitalization plan dates and number of comments on gregory canyon in issues; lost pet info to tidbits; added gird home to oldest buildings; flu epidemic of 1917 to timeline; more on mission road widening; added blurb to sneller in art links.

7 July 1999 added sr76 proposed routes through Fallbrook.

3 July 1999 added new scott thom page, king's habit page, and charlie sneller to artists links; calvary chapel to other links.

2 July 1999 added worldclimate Fallbrook rainfall link to climate, their nearby area links, and nws California climate page; sound propagation link to booms in tidbits.

29 June 1999 added a number of driving times to travel times.

27 June 1999 verified all links in "other" links; added cgm to it; updated palomar observatory url and sandag Fallbrook pages. Moved ice cream memories, Fallbrook napalm, and the previously-not-working links to dead links there.

26 June 1999 updated to new url for hummingbird and trails west links for cat, spelts and ces jacuzzi in artist. Checked all links there.

24 June 1999 updated temps, bugs.

24 June 1999 added lists of churches, businesses, restaurants and hotels to main page (links to other sites).

22 June 1999 updated napalm page to note demise of kripke's website; added travel time to toro peak from john lee.

20 June 1999 deleted outmoded text on bicycling page about "things to come" that "were already there".

16 June 1999 added pictures for sculptures and murals, and more info on the murals. Added kennedy's airpark link to attractions/airpark, link to los jilgueros preserve pix in conservancy, and link to main deluz site in area info.

15 June 1999 added sea breeze link from strong, corrected wording for one sentence, added beaufort scale confirmation to wind speed variation; added new county hazardous waste facility to tidbits.

14 June 1999 added brian's last name for credit in wind speed variation.

13 June 1999 corrected spelling error in nearby attractions. Added major update to wind speed variation thanks to a reader question.

10 June 1999 clarified I-15 & 395 to mean 395 exit on I-15.

8 June 1999 added keller peak, I-210, sr138, dawson saddle driving times to travel times.

7 June 1999 updated home prices, temps and bugs; don edrington's url in personal links.

4 June 1999 added bunch of weather links to weather main page.

2 June 1999 added Jim Fahnestock's mural to murals in attractions/art/murals.

31 May 1999 added rainbow days, this year's youth fair, and corrected url for buena vista lagoon in yearly events and attractions.

30 May 1999 added fire season begin, wildflower end to seasons; camp pendleton building conditions to tidbits; fuhs and fuesd budgets to employers; updated bonsall bridge timeline; added update on sale of packing plant to issues.

23 May 1999 added buena vista audubon link to nearby attractions.

22 May 1999 updated home prices for last two months, temps and rainfall. Updated comments about home prices.

9 May 1999 added sycamore ranch info in issues - new home developments; added vandalism incidents to fuesd to crimes in schools; added no. buildings to heritage park in nearby attractions; added mission road expansion plans to traffic.

7 May 1999 updated napalm status.

3 May 1999 added russo's 1963 bonsall memories; moved masonic lodge link to dead link in other links.

2 May 1999 updated greening, wildflower season.

21 April 1999 added major market electronic ad link to commercial; updated url for matlock.

17 April 1999 added dates of wildlife art show, Sunday bbq's, and hot summer nights; no. of vendor booths for avo festival to yearly events; date of boys club charter in historical timeline; added more barc info in issues; added reche schoolhouse to historic buildings and timeline; updated fhs budget in numbers.

16 April 1999 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

13 April 1999 updated url for creature comforts in commercial links; added new showings of sof video to conservancy; added chamber of commerce events calendar to yearly events; added censor to links for personal pages.

4 April 1999 added 1964 population estimate to numbers; eucalyptus log cabin and other log cabins to attractions; updated some info in attractions - architecture; added monthly car cruise and algorithm for date for car show to yearly events.

3 April 1999 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

1 April 1999 added date of car show; info on sr76 non-expansion east of I-15.

28 March 1999 added link to nct article on eastside reservoir in attractions - nearby.

26 March 1999 added many links to ranunculus flower fields; moved legoland from "coming attractions" to main nearby attractions table.

25 March 1999 added moxon's and bird's eye maps of fallbrook to maps; bird's eye to commercial links; art and cultural center to art links and their calendar to yearly events; village news explicitly to commercial links, and updated the 1998 comments about their site in "info" links; added link to organization meeting times on "other" links page; added link to their calendar site to yearly events. Removed notice about no-longer upcoming show on sof. Added "art" to "artist" link page.

20 March 1999 added note about save our forest TV show on channel 3 on 22 and 23 march; added highlights of show to sof; added stier as contact point for morro hills neighborhood; updated temps and bugs.

17 March 1999 added cal macadamia company to links.

16 March 1999 updated stier's link to new url.

15 March 1999 added link to santa margarita rivershed regulation in issues/water.

13 March 1999 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

11 March 1999 added samia rose topiary to nearby attractions; date for garden show to events; flower fields blooming status.

10 March 1999 added kennedy's real estate site to commercial links.

7 March 1999 updated stier's url.

6 March 1999 added lawsuit update to rosemary's mountain quarry; update to revitalization plan; fhs 1999 decathlon superquiz win; updated flower fields info.

3 March 1999 updated info on statue "Fallbrook friends" in attractions/art.

28 February 1999 updated temps, bugs, house prices.

26 February 1999 added plans for 4th tree planting festival in calendar and conservancy.

25 February 1999 added 30% of home buyers are from orange county to demographics - model. Changed link to new ward's jewelers page.

24 February 1999 added santa margarita mtns and tenaja truck trail to de luz to aerial map links.

23 February 1999 added de luz to aerial map links.

22 February 1999 added aerial map links in maps.

21 February 1999 added Fallbrook engineering, Fallbrook country inn, wellness spa, and Fallbrook golf club to commercial links, all from finch. Added alternative link to chamber of commerce site. Updated temperature, bugs and rainfall plots. Added maps of Fallbrook, including digital data for winterwarm and slrey areas, and links to webmaps.

17 February 1999 added bardeen to commercial links.

15 February 1999 clarified area of winterwarm area mailing list.

14 February 1999 updated calendar with new phone no. for community center and some events. Added rally for children. Added more on art in public places in attractions. Added amount of contributions to nct holiday fund in xmas in tidbits. Added link to cdf from fire danger page, and mentioned other firescape gardens in land conservancy.

13 February 1999 added firescape demonstration garden info to land conservancy.

11 February 1999 finally added some bike rides to bicycling, along with road recommendations. Added link to rivers article on snowfall in weather/snowfall.

10 February 1999 updated statistics for number of accesses and put a link under statistics on main page to them.

5 February 1999 added rivers' list of snowfall dates.

31 January 1999 added pitcher to people links; updated temps, bugs and home prices.

27 January 1999 added trash to issues; corrected missing link to melvin thomas there.

26 January 1999 updated rainfall again; updated fuhs link to new url in links - other and in schools.

25 January 1999 updated finch's page in people links; updated rainfall.

24 January 1999 added "remembering the past" pages to history.

20 January 1999 added farc to other pages; updated napalm page to give history of napalm composition.

19 January 1999 added smoking % of fuhs students.

15 January 1999 updated temps, bugs.

9 January 1999 added healthplaza link to other.

8 January 1999 added more travel times.

5 January 1999 added no. of lights for hotel del to xmas, updated home prices.

3 January 1999 added 1999 date for balloon festival.

2 January 1999 added link to melvin thomas discussion under issues. Updated rainfall plot.

1 January 1999 updated temps, bugs. Added more to santa's toy project. Added de luz parade of lights to christmas and calendar. Added 4th Fallbrook sculpture to attractions / art. Added percent of bonsall's students with limited english to schools / numbers.

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