1998 Update Log for Fallbrook, CA Website

31 December 1998 added claim of denarde construction as Fallbrook's largest employer to employment; added my take on the "orange county misfit"'s comments on airpark, and betty johnston's column on same.

29 December 1998 added 1870's? article on Fallbrook to tidbits/magazine articles.

20 December 1998 added rawhide ranch to attractions, more on heller's bend to conservancy. Corrected typos in santa's toy project, tidbits.

19 December 1998 updated temps, bugs, rainfall.

9 December 1998 added Fallbrook country day school to other links; school webpages; and number of students.

5 December 1998 updated christmas to include more on parade and magic of christmas in tidbits, too. Added former dump off gopher canyon to issues: landfills.

4 December 1998 added scrooge play to annual events and to christmas in tidbits.

2 December 1998 updated xmas parade and added rb inn xmas displayin tidbits; bonsall school number of teachers and students; added more on school test scores; added fuhs grades.

30 November 1998 updated home prices; fire statistics in tidbits.

29 November 1998 updated rainfall, temps, bug plots.

28 November 1998 added christmas in Fallbrook to tidbits; updated info on gregory landfill, valley center sewage problem and rosemary's quarry in issues.

27 November 1998 added date of xmas parade and farmer and adele craft fair to yearly events; santa's toy project to tidbits; bonsall in 1977 in history; added more to bonsall community groups in issues; fixed typo in land conservancy (jilgueros pronunciation); added more to tsunami danger in tidbits; updated url for welk resort in nearby attractions.

26 November 1998 added rate of participation in sports at fuhs; latest napalm removal status; more info on valley center high groundwater problem; more on oasis high school; latest fuhs test scores.

25 November 1998 updated temps, bugs. Added lack of mosquitoes to bugs.

20 November 1998 confirmed that the name for residents of Fallbrook is "fallbrookians" in tidbits; added more on save our forests group.

18 November 1998 added date of greening of Fallbrook this year; bonsall schools historical and future enrollment; more types of booms; legoland admission prices.

8 November 1998 added bit more on revenue neutrality law to incorporation issue.

7 November 1998 added aws to commercial links.

3 November 1998 added a bit more on other napalm formulae and added humorous napalm site to napalm.

2 November 1998 added webpage for Fallbrook hospital in issues and links.

1 November 1998 added webpage for chs sent to me by the indests. Updated home prices, temps, bugs. Added another name for "fallbrookites" in tidbits. Added commercial links for controltec, domelite, and coyotehill.

25 October 1998 added number of students in bonsall schools this year, fuhs historical dates, number of voters in bonsall.

23 October 1998 added alvarado vet hospital to links, moved arrow back to active.

20 October 1998 updated temps, bugs.

18 October 1998 moved scott thom artist link to "links not working now".

6 October 1998 updated area of Fallbrook with feedback from people telling me what community they considered themselves to belong to.

4 October 1998 updated Fallbrook library hours, home prices, temperatures, bugs.

3 October 1998 added christ the king church to other links.

26 September 1998 added more airpark info in attractions; added origin of moosa to history; added "fire-safe" garden to nearby attractions; updated number of students in fuesd; added number of customers for rainbow water in issues; updated temps and bugs.

20 September 1998 added ey's essay main page and first essay.

19 September 1998 added hidden forest to art links.

16 September 1998 added location of Fallbrook sign on northbound I-15 to area and population. Added more travel times to traffic.

13 September 1998 updated temps and home prices. Added year to year using raw monthly numbers.

12 September 1998 updated number of employees for fuesd in employers; number of students in fuesd; added vallecitos school numbers and percent native spanish-speaking; corrected typo in schools/index; added incorporation to issues; updated date for last hail storm in snowfall; added info about boys and girls club to attractions; added hotel del to nearby attractions and driving time.

1 September 1998 took away notice about hospital election on main page; added no. registered voters to area of population page.

28 August 1998 added link to legoland's webpages in attractions.

23 August 1998 added average price and size of new homes in San Diego county. Added magazines mentioning Fallbrook to tidbits. Added more hospital info. Added macademia nuts info. Added concert on the green 1998 info.

22 August 1998 added fhs link to other links.

21 August 1998 added 3 sites to commercial links: wildwood, grand tradition and los willos. Added notice about hospital vote, and statements for a yes vote. Corrected chs page to remove fresno link, which was not associated with community. Updated temps and bugs.

15 August 1998 added more historical links. Repaired broken links at bottom of history timeline. Added California gold episode on flower fields to it. Added links to area info and updated it.

14 August 1998 added more to hours. Added two links to sites with Fallbrook historical info.

12 August 1998 added Fallbrook historical society pages from liz yamaguchi.

9 August 1998 Updated home prices. added histogram of home price info for January - june, 1998 and link to sales info from then, and average prices of new homes in north county. Added more to north county definition, and made page more visible with other links to it. Added glen ivy hot springs info to attractions. Added more fire info to tidbits.

5 August 1998 updated estimate for sr76 construction to bonsall and I-15 in traffic, added more driving times.

31 July 1998 added legal noise limit to tidbits, number of parcels and assessed value.

25 July 1998 updated temps, bugs. Changed text for bugs to reflect proper year.

23 July 1998 added another cat corcelius link to artist webpages.

22 July 1998 added number Fallbrook seniors taking ap tests to schools and tsunami threat to north county in tidbits.

18 July 1998 updated rainfall, temp plots. Added bonsall farms produce stand relocation in attractions. Updated hazardous waste collection info in tidbits, and pala indian info. Added number of teachers and students for Fallbrook high schools, and turnover rate of FUHS principals.

15 July 1998 updated admission prices to wave water park.

14 July 1998 added avocados to tidbits, updated employers. Added info to wave water park.

11 July 1998 added link to homes for sale.

6 July 1998 updated seasons.

5 July 1998 corrected error on main page, missing end to link of gregory canyon landfill.

3 July 1998 added center for natural lands management, reorganized index to have conservation groups together. Added historical rainfall, team arundo. Added 2 new homes to largest houses.

28 June 1998 updated home prices, temps.

27 June 1998 updated commercial links.

18 June 1998 added 3 more personal links, mission theater, vallecitos school.

14 June 1998 added info about community health systems and updated hospital in issues. Added examples of tidbits and issues on main page. Added more info about helicopters in issues.

31 May 1998 updated home prices. Added page on Fallbrook antique car show. Added tree mural to attractions/arts/murals. Finally updated hospital deal in issues.

30 May 1998 updated temps, rainfall and bug plots.

26 May 1998 removed christian boddaert from links at his request.

25 May 1998 added arrow garage doors to commercial links.

24 May 1998 added links on main page to calendar of yearly events and telephone numbers and hours. Added link to l.a. times fuhs info in schools. Updated yearly events.

21 May 1998 added phone numbers in tidbits; wards jewelers to commercial links.

10 May 1998 added lots of items from Fallbrook 1869-1977 to history timeline. Added heavy rainfall and historical snowfall pages. Added more previous population estimates to historical population. Updated rainfall, temps.

6 May 1998 added cat corcelius' personal page

3 May 1998 added awardsource as commercial link

26 April 1998 updated temps, rainfall, house prices. Added castigation of irresponsible reporting of decrease in bonsall home prices.

12 April 1998 added largest employers in rb for contrast to Fallbrook employers. Added home of 6800 sq. ft. and "de luz luxury 20 acre estate" to largest homes. Added live oak park rock channel, previous festivals to history. Updated yearly events.

11 April 1998 added crime rates; added number of employees and employers; minor update to largest homes.

8 April 1998 updated temps and rainfall plots.

7 April 1998 updated home prices, added village wordsmith link to commercial links.

29 March 1998 added definition of north county, reached from several economic statistics pages, and info on largest homes of Fallbrook, with detailed info on 4th largest home.

28 March 1998 added a major new section of economic data, giving demographic and household

26 March 1998 updated projected population estimates for Fallbrook in tidbits; added latest vine-planting efforts to flc; added oldest buildings and structures; moved history files to new history directory; added no. students in bonsall home education to schools; more info on los jilgueros preserve to flc.

22 March 1998 updated temps and rainfall.

12 March 1998 added adams link.

8 March 1998 put in dudley's bread closed mon, tue, added public art statues in attractions; added number of employees of color spot to tidbits; added removal of napalm begins to issues; added rainbow, bonsall population and area estimates. Updated home prices.

2 March 1998 updated rainfall, temps.

28 February 1998 updated flower fields.

27 February 1998 added road closures from rain in traffic. Added historical and projected population numbers to tidbits. Added much more on koi farm to attractions. Added flower show 1998 date to events. Art Sample's windmill to architecture. Added acreage to flc heller's bend preserve.

26 February 1998 added pala indians to tidbits. Split tidbits up into pages. Updated park improvements. Added more to history. Added longest fire season.

22 February 1998 added link to temecula chronology in area info and history. Updated temps and rainfall.

19 February 1998 updated seasons, added link to moxon's weather page.

15 February 1998 added county library info, more to history, added engel preserve to flc, added place name origins and tourmeline info to tidbits.

14 February 1998 added name for Fallbrook residents to tidbits. Updated rainfall, temps.

12 February 1998 added ~7 more links.

8 February 1998 added de luz ecology center to hiking, schools and attractions.

7 February 1998 updated temecula's much-proposed western-themed entertainment park; old packing plant and hospital issues. Split issues.html into several smaller files. Updated avocado festival date. Updated temps, rainfall.

6 February 1998 updated rosemary's quarry, gregory canyon landfill. Provided info on other north county landfills.

2 February 1998 added email to kripke to napalm issue.

31 January 1998 added Fallbrook napalm to issues, and a discussion of the errors of Kripke's Fallbrook napalm site.

25 January 1998 updated home prices.

21 January 1998 updated rainfall.

16 January 1998 updated temps, rainfall.

9 January 1998 updated travel time to Santa Rosa Plateau now that detour is gone.

7-8 January 1998 checked all links in link pages and updated as necessary.

4 January 1998 updated home prices; revised index page to be clearer; added 1997 sales data for individual homes; added more travel times; added dale miller's berms and boot's accident rates to tidbits; corrected link in schools index page.

3 January 1998 added musicians to artist link page. Added paul beach.

2 January 1998 added artist link page. added car corcilius art link and links from tfb/personal. Added major revisions to weather page - complete temperature, sunshine, and climate summary pages.

1 January 1998 added more links (tennismatcher, toth, Fallbrook soccer league).

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