1997 Update Log for Fallbrook, CA Website

30 December 1997 added more plots for bias of my and mox's temps.

29 December 1997 added school budgets to tidbits; number of students in schools; 1995-96 san diego county schools report cards; revised index for schools; added rest of links from finch's links to links and revised pages.

28 December 1997 added mrchipchat to personal links; daniel's cablevision to commercial. Added mox's humidity and wind speed data to weather; revised weather index page; added analysis of mox's temperature data.

26 December 1997 added analysis of my temperatures compared to official temperatures.

16 December 1997 added knowles to personal links; deleted aichle offline page; added bruce matlock to commercial links

11 December 1997 added knowles consulting to commercial links.

5 December 1997 added fuhs bashing site to other links.

30 November 1997 added more info to area of fallbrook in tidbits. Updated weather plots, added monthly high and low home prices, updated home prices. Added two pages to links.

19 November 1997 added proposed teen center to parks in tidbits. updated home prices, and added time of update info to home price index.html.

17 November 1997 added julian facts to nearby attractions.

16 November 1997 added santa margarita river trail description and map, updated santa margarita river park description, in hiking. Added that link to land conservancy.

14 November 1997 added green house herb farm to nearby attractions.

13 November 1997 added more info to pendleton booms in tidbits.

12 November 1997 updated rainfall in weather.

7 November 1997 updated temperatures in weather.

2 November 1997 Added notice about Fallbrook Community Center Calendar to festivals and yearly events.

24 October 1997 Added Rainbow park plans to tidbits, updated Herban Garden and added Los Willows in attractions.

12 October 1997 Updated village plan in issues, added items to historical timeline, local and nearby attractions. Added "what is area of Fallbrook" to tidbits.

10 October 1997 Updated home price numbers.

9 October 1997 Added source to developer's fees; added fuhs marquee stats.

5 October 1997 Added developer's fees to home prices.

2 October 1997 Updated link pages.

28 September 1997 Updated temps, and added bug plot.

4 September 1997 Added Mission Resource Conservation District and fire suppression plan to tidbits; SAT scoring problems to schools; item to history.

3 September 1997 Added number of students in area schools. Added Bonsall class sizes. Moved tidbits to own directory, and split up file. Added fire acreage burned per year. Added organic planet farms and little creek acres to attractions - food.

30 August 1997 Added analysis of accuracy of predictions for Fallbrook high temperatures in the summer. Corrected typo in bug seasons.

26 August 1997 Updated temperatures.

14 August 1997 Added call for entries for winterwarm area email list to main page and story behind numbers on the water tank to schools and tidbits.

10 August 1997 Updated temperatures.

9 August 1997 Added library hours to hours.

7 August 1997 Added list of computer stores to hours.

2 August 1997 Added Fallbrook Village Concept Plan and list of new housing developments to issues. Updated home prices. Added Hayne Palmour's beautiful picture of the Minuteman II missile launch contrails to views.

17-18 July 1997 Added more about tree planting to conservancy, Major Market to attractions. Added glen ivy hot springs and nudist camp, perris railroad museum to nearby attractions.

13 July 1997 Added in-depth analysis of contrail of 23 June 1997, as well as schematic drawing of the contrail from NCT picture.

10-11 July 1997 Updated cow story in traffic, aids report in schools. Added fuhs dropout rate, alternative high school info to schools. Added more helicopter info and more rosemary's mountain quarry info in issues. Added more info to attractions and nearby attractions, and split attractions file up further. Added planned park improvements to tidbits. Added Vandenberg missile vapor contrails and Camp Pendleton "battlefield illumination flares" in views.

5 July 1997 Added doris wood cottage garden to nearby attractions.

3 July 1997 Added loose cow on Mission to traffic, more to Harvest Hoedown in attractions.

29 June 1997 Added FUHS SAT scores, number of FUHS students signing up for academies to schools. Updated home prices. Updated history. Added tree-planting info to land conservancy. Made separate link to land conservancy under attractions on main page.

28 June 1997 Added more info to wave water park in nearby attractions, updated daley ranch, more history to historical timeline.

27 June 1997 Added new hazardous waste facility, updated curfew info, added largest employers, new bonsall bridge info to tidbits. Added Pala and Santa Ysabel Missions to nearby attractions. Added Fbrk hospital date to history.

23 June 1997 Added more info on FUHS scholarships in schools. Started Fallbrook history timeline. Added events to yearly events. Split attractions into smaller files.

19 June 1997 Added FUHS scholarships to schools, more annual events to attractions.

15 June 1997 Added link to Greg Shorts' Daley Ranch pages.

14 June 1997 Added River Awareness Day, Fallbrook Air Park info to attractions, home schooling, AIDS rumour and FUHS academies to schools. Reorganized index.html and attractions.

13 June 1997 Added hours of some businesses and institutions to tidbits, more festivals and Gem and Mineral Museum to attractions.

8 June 1997 Updated Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa, times to nearby attractions.

2 June 1997 Added "salaries are lower in San Diego" to tidbits, vintage car show to attractions. Updated flower field info in attractions.

1 June 1997 Added info about possible regulation of underground water in Pauma and Pala Valleys to issues. Updated temperatures. Added importance of water supply to issues. Added seasons of fallbrook (fly season, etc.) to weather. Added big river country, the wave to nearby attractions. Added San Clemente I-5 checkpoint statistics to traffic. Added parking fee to Guajome Park in attractions. Added hellhole canyon fire to hiking guides.

30 May 1997 Added sunrise and sunset times, recent heat wave to temperature plot versus distance from coast in weather.

19 May 1997 Added Quail Botanical Gardens, Heritage Park Village to nearby attractions, radar use on I-5 to traffic, sullivan academic decathlon win to schools, another hike to lake hodges, fallbrook hospital to issues. Minor updates to Buena Vista lagoon, Del Mar Fair in nearby attractions, Los Jilgueros Preserve in Land Conservancy, helicopters in issues and camp pendleton booms in tidbits.

18 May 1997 Updated temperatures. Added section on views from Fallbrook, including a gif animation showing the santa rosa plateau as seen from 4000' over my house descending to my house at 690'.

12 May 1997 Added airport congestion to traffic, landfill lifetime to issues, Buena Vista Nature Center to nearby attractions.

11 May 1997 Added second-busiest sd intersection to traffic, and issues of water supply, Gregory Canyon landfill and the old packing plant to issues. Added more to Rosemary's Mountain quarry to issues.

10 May 1997 Updated San Dieguito River Valley, Alt Karlsbad spa, SR76 delays info. Added more info on fluoridation and Valley Center sewage problem to issues. Added Leslie Farms to nearby attractions. Added new roof restrictions to tidbits.

9 May 1997 Added Stubb's Fuchsia nursery and Weidner's Begonias to nearby attractions.

8 May 1997 Updated Pechanga casino in nearby attractions, added FUHS in national jeopardy-style academic competition.

3 May 1997 Updated travel times from my house.

2 May 1997 Added camp pendelton booms to tidbits.

1 May 1997 Added some art information to attractions, street sign errors to traffic, julian fat tire festival to bicycling, river watch group and helicopter injunction hearing to issues.

30 April 1997 Added Carlsbad Village Faire; revised some times to nearby attractions; added travel times and distances from my house; updated santa rosa plateau info.

29 April 1997 Added some local flowers to attractions; topiary description to Tom's Farms in nearby attractions.

28 April 1997 Added Del Mar Fair, updated Daley Ranch percentage of Escondido.

27 April 1997 Updated home prices, Daley Ranch. Added Alt Karlsbad Spa, Allinson windmill phone number, santa margarita river county "park".

25 April 1997 Updated area info to include sdut bonsall site. Updated attractions to include address of blue sky reserve, and following site links: cleveland national forest, wild animal park second site, lawrence welk, deer park winery. Info added for los penasquitos, guajome, live oak park. More on Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival. Updated fallbrook temps, rainfall.

24 April 1997 Added Lake Skinner, Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival, Fallbrook Land Conservancy info to attractions.

23 April 1997 Added traffic and road information, updated attractions to include Herban Gardens.

17 April 1997 Updated Daley Ranch information.

13 April 1997 Added hell hole canyon park to nearby attractions and hiking.

11 April 1997 Added fluoride and hard-water links, minor curfews to tidbits.
Updated santa rosa plateau info, fallbrook temps and rainfall.

10 April 1997 Added issues, more school honors, legoland and old west theme park in temecula.

9 April 1997 Added schools link, with academic decathlon information.

8 April 1997 Added water quality to tidbits. Added De Luz to cities on index.html.

5 April 1997 Updated tidbits of Fallbrook.

4 April 1997 Added dos picos park and tidbits of Fallbrook.

3 April 1997 Added update log, north county cycling clubs, daley ranch map. Split attractions page into local and nearby pages.

Everything prior to 3 April 1997 was reconstructed after the fact.

23 March 1997 Added attractions page.

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