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The link I formerly had to the L.A. Times FUHS School Report Card no longer exists. In that report, from sometime in 1997 to 1999, FUHS was number 12 out of 56 San Diego County High Schools when sorted by SAT score, taken by 40% of all seniors.

December, 1996 Testing

FUHS has used the the Stanford Achievement Test (not to be confused with the other SAT - the Scholastic Aptitude Test used for college admissions) since about 1990 as an in-house measuring stick to assess how well FUHS improves its students in each area over their career at FUHS.

The scores are reported as grade equivalents. Thus 8.6 is the average of 8th grade students in their sixth month. The top score is 13, which is what an average high school graduate would achieve.

The test was taken this last year in December, so the average freshman should have scored 9.3 and the average senior 12.3. The difference between seniors and freshman should of course be 3.

The latest tests showed that the average FUHS student increased their test score in 8 of 11 categories by at least 3.5, including categories of reading vocabulary, social studies, all subjects combined, and all subjects combined except for science and social studies, and by 4.0 in reading comprehension, total reading, mathematics and science. This implies that FUHS has done better than the average high school in teaching their students in these areas. This is one of the few comparisons that shows directly how well the school does in teaching, as opposed to reporting raw test scores, which largely measure only the genetics and socio-economic status of the student population.

Areas where FUHS is lagging are English, study skills and spelling.

The seniors achieved scores of 13 on average in four categories: reading comprehension, total reading, math and all subjects combined. Seniors, juniors and sophomores all scored only 10.8 on spelling.

All in all, a pretty good report card for FUHS.

Source: NCT 5/29/97, B2.

May, 1998 Testing

The test used this year was new, the SAT-9, along with the district's own language arts and math tests. The raw test results were not very good, showing that only 42.7% of the students tested at grade level in language arts, and 42.2% in mathematics. At Oasis, more than 60% of the students tested at grade level.

However, Fallbrook students did better than the San Diego County and California state average on the SAT-9.

The raw results may be due to a mismatch between what is being taught and what is measured on the tests. Jim Yahr, the FUHS director of curriculum, said "The numbers I heard was there was only about a 40% match - alignment between what the state of California says our students should be learning at grade nine and what the test was testing for at grade nine."

Students wrote an essay for the language arts test, and solved two math problems, along with providing an explanation of their solution.

Source: NCT 11/22/98, B1, B10; NCT 11/29/989, B4.


The Elementary District also uses the Stanford Test to test second through eighth grades, beginning in 1993-94 school year. After having an outside company score the tests that first year, they bought the scoring program and began scoring the tests themselves in 1994-5. However, they are having a problem in scoring the tests. They get different scores depending on whether they use Potter's scanner, the district office's scanner, or hand-scoring! Apparently the fault lies with the scanners, which respond differently to the darkness of the markings, as well as being sensitive to alignment. Also, in Potter's case, the scanner changes its sensitivity with time under heavy use.

Therefore all scores except 1993-94 are suspect. They are sending out last year's test sheets to be rescored, but clearly ought to send out previous year's sheets as well.

Source: NCT 9/4/97, B1, B3.

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