Fallbrook High School Scholarships to College

At the Senior Awards Night on June 9, 1997, the superintendent, Mr. Joe DeDominicitanio announced that over 1.3 million dollars was being awarded to FUHS students. Dr. Pete Fellios, assisted by Eloine Waltrip, Dee Jasperson, and team leaders, coordinated close to a hundred different scholarships.

Seniors filled out applications for awards in April, with the results announced only at the Ceremony.

A million dollars is a stunning amount. If 250 of the ~500 students each shared equally in the awards, they would get $4,000 apiece. If they were indeed concentrated in 100 scholarships, they would get $10,000 apiece. This is so large that I found it hard to believe, and thus called Joe D to verify the number.

Joe D said that the 1.3 million was the sum of local awards and awards from the colleges themselves.

The local awards were from Fallbrook and Bonsall service clubs, businesses, and families that had established memorial awards. For example, a bequest of $700,000 was given to FUHS this year to be used for awards, and a bequest of $400,000 last year. In an interesting note, FUHS itself manages some of these bequests, and is able to give 6-7% of the funds per year out of the interest earned on a ladder of government bonds, as compared to only about 3% of the funds that are managed by trust funds with banks as the trustees!

The committee allocating the local awards typically gives significant awards to make it possible for the award recipient to attend college, such as 4 gifts of $5,000 per year.

Several students this year got full scholarships to colleges costing ~$20,000 per year, and hence two students alone accounted for $160,000 of the $1.3 million. Nonetheless, this means that over $1.1 million was shared among the other ~100 students.

Source: Enterprise 6/19/97, A1, and phone call with Joe D. on 6/20/97.

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