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Percentage of Students Who Smoke

A survey of 1,566 FHS students in 1998 by FUHSD nurse Ruth Souza found that "of those who responded":

Class% who smoke% who had tried smoking

Note that it is possible that these numbers are biased high, if smokers preferentially responded. However, judging from the percentage who had tried smoking, which is similar to Nevada (see next paragraph), the percentage who smoked is probably an accurate number.

These numbers are somewhat above the national average for high school students. In California, 20% of 17-year-olds smoke regularly. In Nevada, 69% of high school students have tried smoking, but only 15% smoke regularly. For comparison, about 25% of adults nationally smoke, but only 18% of California adults do so.

Sources: NCT 1/19/99, B1, B3; SDUT 1/2/99, A1.

Rate of Participation in Sports at FUHS

Roughly 900 of the 2,400 students at FUHS annually participate in 24 different varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen sports programs.

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