FUHS Dropout Rate

As the school dropout rate has been publicized recently, California schools have made greatly increased efforts to provide accurate numbers. As a result, the number of dropouts reported by north county high schools is falling rapidly.

The major problem in deriving accurate numbers of course comes from students who leave school because their families have moved.

However, Fallbrook has managed to turn one of the worst dropout rates in the county to one of the best rates by working hard at providing alternatives for students who have trouble with traditional schooling. The High School District has two alternative schools: Oasis, a continuation school, and Ivy, an independent school, both of which allow students to do most of their work at home. Also, FUHS has implemented a good program of calling parents if their students miss any period during the school day.

The dropout rate is the number of students who dropped out of school and couldn't be accounted for as attending another school, during that school year. Thus 2% of all the students in four grades dropping out in a given year implies that 8% of all freshmen dropped out before graduating from high school.

The following table is sorted by the dropout rate in 1995-6.

Dropout Rate in North County High Schools

 Dropout Rate (%)
High School1991-21992-31993-41994-51995-6
Ramona  1.3 0.9
San Marcos
San Diego County
Sources: Ent 6/15/95, A1, A3; NCT 6/4/97, B5.

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