Fallbrook High School Academies

FUHS is starting an academy program in Fall 1997, which is controversial within FUHS itself.

There are 5 separate academies based on specific career interests:

All students take the core curriculum. The academies organize the elective courses into a program. The teachers have common planning sessions and tie the courses together about common themes.

The controversy within FUHS is apparently that some teachers feel that High School is too early to force students to choose an academy, and may restrict students' exposure to areas that they may find of interest. However, there are clearly benefits to be obtained from linking separate courses such as physics and math into a whole, with concepts from one class applied in another.

370 students signed up for an academy for 1997-1998 school year. Of those, 240 went to ASTAR and to AVID Plus, with 130 going to the remaining three academies. This represents 16% of the total of 2,300 FUHS students, but it is a larger percentage of those eligible for an academy, since many of the academies, like the BEST Academy, only take juniors and seniors. So between 16 and 32% of the students eligible for an academy signed up for one.

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