Class Sizes

In 1996-7, Fallbrook Elementary reduced class sizes to 20 students per teacher for all 1st through 3rd classes except for one third-grade class, which I think had a ratio of 21. Bonsall Elementary did the same. In 1997-8, both districts will reduce kindergarten classes as well.

The Fallbrook Superintendent, Jennifer Jeffries, told the school trustees that grades 4-8 might also now be reduced to as low as a ratio of 28 students per teacher, from the current average of 31.5 for those grades. This reduction would cost $658,845, and thus depends on the amount of money to be received from the state.

The district will receive 29 new relocatable buildings in the summer of 1997, which will be used to complete reduction of kindergarten through third grade levels.

Sources: NCT 6/10/97, B1, B4; NCT 9/3/97, B1.

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