Update Log for Fallbrook Historical Society Website

16 February 2009 updated fhs page per input from Sandra Baxter to correct hours, mention move of gem society, remove don rivers as president, update contact for tours, and clarify that the walking tours are self-guided.

8 May 2000 changed Fallbrook in review info to point to link, added p.o. box address for membership info.

7 May 2000 added info on Fallbrook in review.

1 May 2000 updated link to fgms.

20 February 2000 updated hours to every sunday.

8 February 2000 added somacal buildings info.

23 January 1999 added area code to phone numbers, link to remembering the past.

2 January 1999 added membership info.

26 November 1998 added news from native California link to links.

29 September 1998 changed format of index page to make headings with blue font and non-caps.

22 August 1998 created link page.

12 August 1998 Fallbrook historical society pages put online.

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