Possible Illustrations For Historic Themes For Future Historical Murals

Natural environment

Native American (Luiseno) (OAK)

Baskets from Riverside Museum book, 1993; Coiled basket, Luiseno, 1900, from Smithsonian in ; Building construction from Forbes, 1839, reproduced in Heizer's Natural World;

Mission Period (Spanish and Luiseno) (PEPPER TREE)

Pala Mission and An Indian Orchestra and Detail of San Luis Rey Mission and Pala Mission, 1878, Harper's Weekly, May 18, Frenzeny; San Luis Rey Mission with barracks and Luiseno town (like exhibit); San Luis Rey, 1846, from Robinson (in Panorama); Powell sketch of Mission, 1850, JSDH Sp 76, Vol 22 #2, p 12; Sandham illustrations from Jackson's Glimpses of California, 1883: p 134 Call to Mass at Pala, p 80 church and graveyard, SLR, p 106 Weaving Baskets (house in bkgnd), p 128 Woven Granaries, p 154 Mass for Dead, Pala.

Rancho Period (Mexican and Mexican-American) (GRAPEVINE)

Forster residence from Gunn, 1887; 1850, Santa Margarita Rancho, Walker artist (Panorama, 17); Large Landowners (American) (OLIVE TREE): Wedding party from Willaim Heath Davis' 75 Years in Calif, repro. In Panorama, 20; Early California horseman, in costume, in color (in Panorama); Monserate Rancho, pic and diseno from (Copley Book, ?Ranchos?);

Large Landowners (American) (OLIVE TREE)

Gird Ranch in Historic Site Study Topic File); pics of cattle herd and a four year old, WE Gird, Gird Coll.;

Pioneer Period and Town Beginnings (ORANGE TREE)

Hotel Ellis with cars and carriage; Bartlett House; Elliott's De Luz; Elliott's Zeigler farm; Ellis negative, looking west across town with barn and orange grove on football field and one room school; Orange orchard in Southern California, 1878, Harpers Weekly, May 18, Frenzeny; 1887 photo looking NE (school on left); a later orange grove between Fallbrook and Elder, looking toward Santa Margarita Mts. Heath-Watkins Post Card; Mitchell residence (where Potter Jr. High is now) from Early town, looking SE, with top of Bartlett House, and showing barn and windmill, Davis 1/90 #/41;

Real Estate Development and Lemon Industry (LEMON TREE)

Packing house, Tiz Clemmons wide angle photos

Art and Cultural Activities (30's and 40's) (AVOCADO TREE)

Sleeping Indian from Winterwarm (avocado orchard); view of Morro Hill from Alvarado (Scrapbook); high school sculpture (bas relief); WPA buildings; drama at Women's Club; movie shot at old RR station; Made possible by success of Avocado growing; could use Anthony's for example; See pics and copy in Real Estate brochures.


Fallbrook Olive Oil

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