Naval Weapons Station / Fallbrook Historical Society Planning For Historic Preservation Week (May 14-20)

The Fallbrook Historical Society received material on Natl.Trust grants in Dec 94 from Lisa Barnett (Dept. of Navy, Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA 90740-5000) accompanied by note from her: "I thought I'd send this to you for consideration. If the Fallbrook Historical Society is interested, please call me for coordination. The Public Affairs Office would be most happy to organize an event at the station. Joe Davidson can be reached at 310-626-7214. I can be contacted at 310-626-7637."

At the Fallbrook Historical Society board meeting of Jan 10, 1995, members were interested in doing something with the Station, and discussed some of the ideas provided. These included: a homecoming picnic on base to honor WWII veterans, planting trees as living tributes to men and women who worked on Station, display of historic photos, tour of the historic district, etc. Board members were especially interested in an event which would remember residents of Fallbrook who were early or long time employees at the Station.

Last year the Fallbrook Historical Society responded to the Draft Cultural Resources Evaluation of the Weapons Station (to determine if the Station is eligible to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places). A letter was sent requesting reevaluation of some of the buildings, information on the archeological site, possible research opportunities, and a tour. The Historical Society would also be interested in pursuing any of these earlier interests. The Board authorized Elizabeth Yamaguchi to make contacts and file the application for a grant.

Liz contacted Joe Davidson 1/23/95, who provided the name and phone number of the Commanding Officer on the Base: Commander DeSimone (619-731-3609), NavOrdCenPacDiv-Detachment, 700 Ammunition Road, Fallbrook 92028-3187). On 1/24/95 Liz informed Lisa of the Historical Society's interest. Lisa promised to contact Dolly Shrewsberry, the Station public relations person. Lisa also FAXed information needed to fill out the application ( Postal Annex).

On Jan 24, Liz contacted Elizabeth Johnson (National Trust for Historic Preservation, Western Regional Office, Legacy Regional Coordinator, One Sutter Place, Suite 707, San Francisco, CA 92104, 415-956-0610), as required by the guidelines. She had just visited Enid Erikson (725-9726), archeologist with Camp Pendleton, who was applying for a historic preservation grant for the archeolocial site near Las Flores. She welcomed an application from the Historical Society and said they have $5,000 to use for 5 to 10 applicants. The kinds of things they were funding were transportation costs, speaker costs, and printing of brochures. She pointed out that the big problem would be getting the application in by the deadline of Feb.1, because the project must have the approval of the local Commanding Officer.

Later in January, Tom Curtis (731-3546, former OIC, and the person who planned the Station's 50th Anniversary celebration) came to the museum to discuss the possibility of a project, and offer his assistance.

Feb 3, 1995 Liz met at the Station with Lisa Barnett from Seal Beach, and Tom Curtis from the Fallbrook Station. (Dolly Shrewsberry was unable to be present). The deadline for the National Trust grant had passed, but Lisa said they have a budget, and will finance an activity to be decided on. Some of the things mentioned were a tree planting commemorating early employees, and a historical display which, after a ceremony on the Station, would be installed in FHS museum. Another activity might be to do something with artifacts from the archeological site after they are curated. The FHS will be responsible for publicity with the Enterprise. It was indicated that the Station would like to do a historic preservation activity with us every May. To begin with, they would like to have a Committee from the Society to look at the 25 or so binders of historical materials, in order to develop a theme or decide on a remembrance of a special event for this year. Tom Curtis will make arrangements for committee members to have access to the vault (Building 1) where the binders are stored. Also mentioned was the possibility of following up on some of the things discussed in our March 1994 letter.

At the regular FHS board meeting on Feb 7, 1995, a Committee was appointed to work with the Station personnel on a Historic Preservation Week activity. Committee members are: Marjorie Yackey, Dick Griset, Liz Yamaguchi, and Cecelia and Carroll Njust. Committee members decided on March 9 at 9am for their first meeting to look at the historical binders in Building 1, and so informed Commander DeSimone"s office by letter of March 1, 1995.

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