Notes from Fallbrook Historical Society Minutes regarding Enterprise microfilming

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10/02/78Cecelia Njust (Temp. Sec.)Bob White reported that files from 1911 to 1959 will be available for filming. It will be funded by Fallbrook Historical Society and the Fallbrook Library. The files are deteriorating, so they will then be stored and unavailable to the public. Films of these files will be available at the Fallbrook Library. Since 1960, the Enterprise has been filming all editions, but only for staff use. This policy will continue. However, the original files are available to the public at the Enterprise (by appointment only for issues older than one year). The project now rests with the Friends of Fallbrook Library Board.

02/06/79Edna Hanson, Sec.Old issues of the Enterprise are still being repaired for microfilming. Ownership of the microfilm should be held by the County, and they should remain at Fallbrook Library.

03/05/79Edna Hanson, Sec.Repairing completed and they are ready for microfilming.

04/02/79Cecelia Njust for Edna HansonJohn Lynn, Coordinator of the joint effort of Friends of Fallbrook Library and the Fallbrook Historical Society to microfilm early copies of the Enterprise. 19,698 pages of issues from 1911 to 1960 are complete, and the microfilming is being done in Whittier by the same firm that films current copies of the Enterprise. Microfilming will be completed by mid-April. The best reader for the library is on order and should be in place by May. Cost of filming will be less than $500. Cost of reader, $1635. Society's half of the total cost will be $1080.

10/06/80Orville Evans, Sec.It was reported that the faulty microfilm reader, purchased by the Society and installed in the Fallbrook Public Library was being replaced at a cost of $275. The cost will be paid by Friends of Fallbrook Library.

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