FHS Walking Tours: Summary


Note that this material is out of date and has many mistakes. It probably will not be revised until 1999.

Number One. Businesses along Main Street {IVY to MAIN, east side}

Starts at the parking lot at N. Main and Ivy and proceeds to Mission Theater. Goes south to Hawthorne, left on Hawthorne and around to Jackson Square back entrance, back to Main, left to Alvarado, past the Square and down to Fig, left on Fig to walkway along Fallbrook Creek to alley to Vine, left onto Alvarado, left into alley behind Square, through the Square to the traffic light. Goes over to Harrisons to look at plans. Includes 2 theaters, 2 historic homes, 5 historic businesses (5 of which provided living quarters), the RR, livery stable, 2 historic post office locations, Village Square, 2 revitalization projects, and today's businesses: 3 eating places, and art gallery, gift shops, 3 clothing stores, bead and hobby shop, antique store, stationers, florist, interior decorator, jewelry, etc.

Number Two. Businesses along Main Street {MAIN to ELDER, west side}

Starts at parking lot at Alvarado and Pico. Goes to S. Main by way of Packing House Restaurant. Down Main to Elder to Pico to Fig and up to Mission. Up Mission to Hawthorne, down Hawthorne to Pico, down Pico to Alvarado, down Alvarado to Main. Turn left and cover all shops in the block. Goes back down to Harrison's to look at plans. Includes 3 former hotels, 7 historic homes, the RR, a New Deal auditorium (WPA architecture), site of a historic industry, the Pico Promenade, revitalization (Harrison's), and today's businesses: 2 restaurants, 2 art galleries, gift shops, 2 clothing stores, bike shop, book store, art glass, jewelry, etc.

Number Three. Heritage Square & Pico Promenade (FIG to FALLBROOK STREET)

Starts at Richardson's, goes to Fallbrook Street, cross and go down Fallbrook to feed store. Take alley to Heritage Square. Beech street to park. Next steps need work. Has an agricultural history orientation. Oldest commercial building in Fallbrook. Description of revitalization projects.

Number Four. New Deal Structures (VINE, ORANGE and IVY}

Starts at Vine and Hawthorne (La Caseta/Maze #107, Shockey/Potter #108), goes along E. Hawthorne to Orange, (Scout Hut #24, Bus Barns #25), up Orange to Ivy and right on Ivy at the Fire Station. Up Ivy to see New Deal architecture (Boys and Girls Club #33, home economics and model home #32). Return to Orange and turn right (Kirk/Tracy #95) and cross Orange to Levering/ Smelser #96. Go through Levering parking lot to alley and go north to Chamber of Commerce office for more info. From Chamber parking lot look across E. Mission at Vega's Tailor Shop #92 and The Car Place #91. Go back to alley behind Mortuary, down steps and over to Vine. Cross over to E. Mission. Turn left to look at Victorian storefront. 127. Return to Vine and go down Vine, (looking at Dr. Fiala's old office, now a travel agency), past old Bank of America (now a church), past Pine Tree's wall to point of beginning.


This tour will go from Aviation to Del Rey, covering agriculture, early service station along US 395, including ammunition convoys of WWII.

Number Six. Building boom of the 1920's. Residences north and west of Mission. Probably needs to be a driving tour. Probably of interest to specialists only.

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