Ford Museum Notes

1922 Ford. Donated by Paul Stiles, June 1994.

Paul Stiles and his family came to Fallbrook in 1953 and lived in an 1893 house (the old Clemmens Ranch) on Morro Road. Paul enjoyed taking his grandchildren for rides in this car, and he also took it to local schools and gave rides to the children.

Paul Stiles bought the car as a 1920 model, and he restored it from the ground up. He went to swap meets to get parts, and he found parts from 1919 models. He bought a 1923 body and put it on the chassis, and changed the block. It took him a year to restore the car, and in 1974, Frazier McCracken was the first to drive it. The 1923 plates will be put on the Ford. There are dipsticks for measuring the oil and gasoline.

Horse-breaking sulky cart. Donated by Willa Mae Gird for Rhoderick S. Gird of the William E. Gird family. Donated in 1987.

The Girds came to California by covered wagon in 1853. (In the upstairs museum we have a small trunk which they brought with them.) After living in the Los Angeles area for twenty years, they bought the middle third of the 11,000 acre Monserate Ranch from Alvarado's daughter, Dolores Serrano. They came to live on their ranch in 1880, five years before Fallbrook was surveyed into a town.

The elder Girds died in 1913, and son, William E. Gird married. The couple built the home which still exists on Gird Road. Designed by Richard Requa, a prominent San Diego architect, it was the first poured concrete residential structure in the county. The Gird ranch, along both sides of Gird Road, continued as a working cattle ranch into the 1940's, when Will Gird, then in his eighties, could still be seen on horseback overseeing ranch operations.

The working sulky was used for many years to train the horses needed to raise pure bred Devon cattle. After it is restored, the sulky will be hung from the ceiling of the upstairs museum.

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