Overview of Fallbrook Historical Society Driving Tours


Note that this material is out of date and has many mistakes. It probably will not be revised until 1999.

#'s refer to pages in Historic Resources of Fallbrook

Number One. 76, Gird Road (Gird #20, Lamb #21, and Hindorff); Reche Rd (Park); Live Oak Park Road (Reche School #36, The Collector, Fox/White #37), E.Mission, past Red Mountain and reservoir, Santa Margarita River over look, reservoir, Nickerson's, to Stage Coach (# 104) to Hillcrest to Masonic Cemetery (# 27), past new FPUD building, to converted motel.

Number Two Out Alvarado (Bell/Shipley #3, Wheeler/4, 5) Continue until you reach the 4-way stop. Turn right onto Stage Coach and follow it (pass Canchola's) through two four-way stops. In another mile, the road bends sharply to the right, and then to the left. Just beyond Rod Street, on the right is the Palomares House. After stopping at the Palomares House, go up Rod Street until it bends to the right to become Calavo. Follow Calavo two blocks until it makes a 90 degree turn to left and becomes Pepper Tree. Follow up the hill to the natural rock wall on the right. This is the Heald/McMillan House. Follow Pepper Tree to Mc Donald Rd. Bear right on McDonald and continue up the hill past the new subdivision on the left and come to the new subdivision on the right. Across from the gate is #935, Sherman / Maxwell place. Continue down McDonald Rd. until it deadends into E. Fallbrook St. and make a left turn. Stay on Fallbrook to Elbrook (about five blocks), turn right and after one block, turn left onto Woodcrest to # 215 (Mora/Steves). Back to Fallbrook St, turn left and continue on to Golden, turn right to #462 (Mrs. Earl Stanley Gardner house). Continue on until Golden meets Morro, turn right and stay on Morro, going up the hill until you see Cookie Lane. The Mack house #93 is two blocks ahead, on the right.

Number Three Green Canyon from Reche Rd., Green Briar Circle, to Winter Haven, go east to Winterwarm (Bandini, Tedford) to Green Canyon to S. Mission. Turn Right. Five locations. Right on Winterhaven, Left on Brooke, up and over hill, and down to Stage Coach Lane. Turn left and return to S. Mission, passing the High School. Turn right at the light and go north on S. Mission Rd. Get into the turn lane and turn left at the Fallbrook Airpark. Take the right hand drive and go up the hill to the Airpark Park in the lot to the left and watch airplanes. Return to Mission. Turn left and pass entrance to Los Jilgueros Preserve. There is room to park on the right if you care to stop and hike. If not, continue on past the "Welcome to Fallbrook" tractors and turn left on Rocky Crest Rd. Up the hill two blocks are Fallbrook's museums, including the 100 year old country home of William Pittenger, Civil war hero who stole a train, a story made famous by the Walt Disney movie. There is also a fine museum featuring minerals and gems of our area and the world, and some fossils.

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