Oldest Existing Buildings and Structures in Fallbrook, CA

This list is undoubtedly incomplete. If you know of additions, please email me.

1828Ranch House built for Rancho Santa Margarita, which is still in use as the traditional residence of Camp Pendleton commanders.
1876Buildings at 211 N. Main used by the Fallbrook Women's Club. The surrey displayed there is circa 1872.
1882De Luz post office opened.
131 West Beech Street, formerly Oddfellows temple, now Sun Center, oldest commercial building in Fallbrook.
1884127 West Elder, former charter school, now Sun manor, built on Juniper Street and moved to Elder street in the mid 1920s.
1894Frederick Fox built home in Live Oak Canyon, just north of the Alvarado St. / Live Oak Park Road intersection. It is believed that this is the oldest original residence remaining in Fallbrook, and is one of the oldest structures in Fallbrook. (VN 11/11/99, 1)
The Gird home, part of the original Gird Ranch on 5,000 acres. It was the first poured concrete home in San Diego County. (VN 7/1/99, 1)
1913First Fallbrook High School built on East Mission Road at Iowa and Juniper (now Ivy?) Streets. It had 6 rooms, and was called Iowa Street School. Condemned as structurally unsafe to earthquakes in 1950s, and now used as FUESD office.
1937Two-story school building with cafeteria and auditorium built at Maie Ellis Site.
1941Two rooms added to new school building on Maie Ellis Site. Main building replaced by a U-shaped structure.
1947San Diego Aqueduct operational.
Firehouse Broiler building built, used first as a welding shop, then a firehouse, now a restaurant.
431 South Main, former home of Fallbrook Sanitation District, now Sun Plaza.
1949Fallbrook Street School built with 5 rooms.
1950Fallbrook Hospital established.
1952Construction of Second Aqueduct approved.
19545 more rooms added to Fallbrook Street School.
Mary Fay Pendleton School built.
19559 more rooms added to Fallbrook Street School.
1957Fallbrook Union High School built.
1961James E. Potter School built.
1962Additions to Potter School.
1964Additions to Potter School.
Pala Mesa Golf Course built.
Fallbrook Airpark opened with dirt landing strip.
1967Construction begins for hangars at Airpark.
~1986Fallbrook Radio Telescope Built.
1994Fallbrook Historical Society and Gem and Mineral Museum Building opens.

Thanks to Roy Moosa for the dates for the Oddfellows temple, Fallbrook Sanitation District, and 127 West Elder.

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