Clemmens-Colby Family

An Old-timer and Premier Historical Society Volunteer

Originally Published In Village News 1998

Contributed by the Fallbrook Historical Society

Don Rivers, President

Clemmens - Colby Family History

Albert B. Clemmens and brother Andy, sons of Andrew and Mary E. Clemmens, settled in Fallbrook in 1905. They worked at the Charles H. Pratt Olive Company for $15 a month plus room and board until they had saved enough money to buy land of their own. Albert purchased 13 acres (at $5 per acre) at a location now bounded by Alturas Lane, Clemmens Lane and Ammunition Road.

In 1911, Albert married Carrie E.Colby. Carrie's grandmother was Candice Richardson, one of the early pioneers who came west to the San Luis Rey Valley by covered wagon in the spring following the Donner Party episode of 1846. Miss Florence Colby, sister of Carrie, was principal at the West Fallbrook Grammer School for a period prior to 1931.

The Clemmens property originally bordered the Odd Fellows Cemetery on the south, and when Clemmens Lane was extended to Alturas, two pie-shaped sections remained south of the lane. Albert donated these two sections to the cemetery and many members of the Clemmens and Colby families are buried in the northeast section.

Albert and Carrie had five sons, all born and educated here in Fallbrook. One son, Charles, was lost during World War II, and two are deceased, but Al and Marion remain. Marion has lived in Fallbrook most of his life.

Marion Clemmens Today

Marion married Esther Lee Barnes from Vista in 1939. On July 17 of this year he will celebrate his 80th birthday.

After working for the U.S. Post Office for 23 years he retired in 1972. He is probably busier today than he was while working.

In addition to being on the Board of Directors of the Fallbrook Historical Society, Marion works nearly every day at the museum complex which includes the new building housing our History Museum, the Ford Car Museum w/Meeting Room, the Gem and Mineral Museum, the Pittenger Farm House Museum and a field display of Antique Agricultural Equipment. We also have a newly acquired "Out House" donated by Hilda Hroch that has been newly refurbished by Marion but is only for "display" not for "use".

The grounds and buildings of the museums show the love and dedication that is given to mowing, blowing and putting in new plants, maintaining the irrigation system, besides keeping the buildings themselves functioning. Marion generously does all these duties on a volunteer basis. Because of his approaching 80th birthday Marion could use a helping hand in maintaining the buildings and grounds of the museum. Anyone who is so inclined can contact him at the museum most any day.

For the last several years, the Historical Society has sponsored the Old Timers Picnic, formerly coordinated by Hilda Hroch and other volunteers at Live Oak Park. Now Marion not only attends as an "old timer" but he also helps prepare the location for the many people who attend and enjoy potluck together.

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