Proposition A: The Lease of Fallbrook Hospital to Community Health Systems, Inc.

Message from Melvyn J. Michaelian, M.D.

As a active staff member of Fallbrook Hospital I urge all the citizens of our community to vote Yes on proposition A. We all recognize that Fallbrook Hospital is a vital asset to our community's health care system. Community Health Systems (CHS) will allow Fallbrook Hospital to continue to provide the standard of care that our community has come to expect. CHS will upgrade our facility; purchase new equipment; recruit physicians that are needed; and increase needed services. This 30 year lease will ensure the continued stability of health services in our area. I therefore urge all of our citizens to vote YES on proposition A.

Message from Tom Chester

Voting yes on your mail ballot for Proposition A is a no-brainer. Without affiliation with a stronger entity, Fallbrook Hospital will be forced to close. If that happens, Fallbrook residents will be left without a nearby emergency room, which services 800-900 people per month, 21% of whom are children and 35% elderly.

Your ballot must be received by 1 September to count, so I urge you to return your ballot marked "YES" in the mail by 29 August, and 31 August at the very latest.

Fallbrook Hospital History contains more background about the Hospital.

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