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9 December 2000 added wildflower usage, accidentally omitted previously.

27 November 2000 added native american usage of plants.

23 January 1999 added links to remembering the past.

2 January 1999 corrected diseno in elder house.

30 December 1998 added dec 98 article.

29 December 1998 added missing paragraph (ref. 9) in historical house, index by date to articles, Nov 1998 article.

25 December 1998 added articles in buildings, etc.

26 November 1998 added travel in 1850s and 60s article.

2 November 1998 finished adding rest of articles in agriculture and natural resources section.

25 October 1998 added two more essays: ag notes and avo yearbook 1936.

4 October 1998 corrected Luiseño. minor updates to index: source of materials, alphabetize celebration articles; link to fhs site; corrected update log to refer to this site.

1 October 1998 added more writings in toc, fixed some heading errors that were subsumed under other categories; added hawaiians article.

30 September 1998 added ey bio, changed copyright to rhs, few other minor changes.

20 September 1998 put first essays online - toc and nathan harrison.

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