Writings on Fallbrook History: Index By Date

Elizabeth Yamaguchi

This page lists my writings by date (see also organization by subject.)

1990Historic Site ApplicationHistorical House History
Feb. 1993Ent. Letter to EditorA Chinese American in 1884
July 1993Exhibit at opening of Heritage SquareFallbrook Hardware Store
Feb. 1995Museum exhibit honoring Mr. MarkhamNotes, Willard Hotel and Temperance
June 1997July 1997 NCTShopping in Fallbrook, 1892
Sept. 1997Oct. 1997 NCTHistorical House and Land Ownership (adapted from Historical House History)
Mar. 1998NCTOstrich Creek Bridge Park (Adapted from Historic Site Application)
 20 Sept. 1998 NCTHawaiians in our History
Nov. 1998Nov. 1998 NCTFallbrook Area Travelers, 1850 to 1889
Dec. 1998NCTElder House / Shipley / Fallbrook Country Day School
7 Feb. 1999NCTTracy Family
  Japanese Americans and WW II
  Black History (Nathan Harrison)
  Agriculture Notes
  Avocado Yearbook, 1936
  Mining Notes 1
  Mining Notes 2
  Notes on Honey
  Notes on Olives
  Water and Women
  Wildlife Notes
  Lugarda Alvarado (Palomares) Grows Up
  Travel in the 1850's and 1860's
  Existing Murals, 1996
  The Fourth at Reche's Grove, 1880
  A Historical Mural in Fallbrook
  Looking at Art in Public Places
  Monument to Nathan Harrison
  Notes on Festivals and Celebrations
  Notes on Los Jilgueros (February 1996)
  Notes on a Road Celebration, 1922
  Vintage Awards
  What is a real mural?
  Vintage Car Mural (May 1998)
  Masonic Cemetery
  Notes on Catholic Native American Cultural Activities
  Religious activity in the Fallbrook area before 1950
  Bonsall, Patten Notes
  Notes on De Luz
  Notes on Monserate
  Another approach to the Early Period
  Life Among the Original People of our Area
  More Pico Background
  Notes on Luiseño Lifeways
  Notes on Spanish Beginnings
  Notes, Mexican and Early California
  Original People Notes
  Pablo Tac and the Luiseño Language
  Soldiers, Spanish and Mexican
  Tour Notes, Luiseño, Spanish, Mexican
  Enterprise Items, 1926
  Enterprise Items, 1946
  Fall  Brook Country
  Fall  Brook Pennsylvania
  Fallbrook District and West Fallbrook
  Notes, Alvarado, Palomares Families
  Pedrorena de Magee, Victoria
  Spanish and Mexican Soldiers
  Notes on Writers and Poets
  Another approach, Early People Exhibit
  Calac Family
  Notes on Luiseño Lifeways
  Notes on Archeology
  Original People Notes
  See also EARLY PERIOD & PEOPLE (Calac, Mazzetti, Magee)
  Japanese Americans in WWII
  Notes on Civil War Veterans Club, 1894
  Soldiers, Spanish and Mexican
  Wayne Morris, Navy war hero notes
  WW I Roll of Honor
  More Pico Background
  Art Club and WCTU Notes
  Boy Scouts in Fallbrook, 1918 to 1928
  Gem & Mineral Society (Rockhound's Child)
  Notes on Girl Scouts
  Notes on the Kiwanis Club
  Alvarado, Palomares Families, Notes
  Calac, JC Family
  Calac, JC References
  Celebrities in Fallbrook
  Field and Lackey Notes
  Higgins Family Notes
  Hindorff Family Notes
  Ireland, Norma Display Notes
  Japanese American Families Notes
  Lincoln Family Notes
  Magee Family Notes
  Magee, Dennis P Notes
  Magee. Victoria Teacher
  Magee, Victoria de Pedrorena Notes
  Markham, Floyd
  Martin, JG Notes
  Mazzetti, Calac Families Notes
  Mazzetti-Calac Letter
  Miller, Mary Rice Family Notes
  Ormsby and Crombie Families Notes
  Patten, Barney Notes
  Perez, Maria Notes
  Pittenger Family Notes
  Rivera, Robert Notes
  Scott Family Notes
  Silver Springs References
  Swisher Family Notes
  Van Velzer, May Family Notes
  Watkins Family Notes
  Westfall, GF Notes
  Westmoreland Family Notes
  Women Activists in the 1890s
  Woodbury Family Notes
  Yackey, Marjorie Data
  Yackey, Marjorie Family Notes
  Yamaguchi Family Notes
  FUHS Light Posts
  FUHS during WWII
  High Schools, 1892 to 1997
  Pedrorena de Magee, Victoria: Teacher
  Potter, JE and FUHS
  Christmas Parade
  Promoting Fallbrook
  Notes on Fighting Fires in Fallbrook
  Depression Notes
  Getting mail in Fallbrook
  Notes on Newspapers
  Notes on Water
  Main and Alvarado Streets, 1890
  Main Street, Hawthorne to Fig, 1920
  Pico Avenue
  Notes on Early Autos
  Railroad, 1880 to 1890
  The Railroad, 1884

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