Writings on Fallbrook History

Elizabeth Yamaguchi

For these essays, Fallbrook's area is that within the boundaries of the original High School District, from the ocean at San Onofre to Palomar Mountain.

Modifications of many of the following were printed in Liz Yamaguchi's column in the Enterprise and the North County Times. Those essays below have been proofed and have a minimum of errors.

However, many of these writings are simply notes jotted down for future reference. These have not been proofed, and have many typos and spelling errors.

All of the following articles and information are a result of my work with the Fallbrook Historical Society and its interest in local history. See my brief biography for more information about me. Information for the articles and notes has been extracted from documentary materials or copies of such materials held by the FHS at the Museum of History. Included are newspapers, travel narratives, early bios, homestead records, letters, pamphlets, etc. They may be used by researchers at the Museum. See Fallbrook Historical Society for information on hours and contacts.

The list of articles is also available sorted by date.

African American

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Asian American

Buildings, Structures & Businesses

Celebrations & Special Events & Activities

Churches, Cemeteries & Religious Activities


Early Period (Before Area Was Part Of The U.S.)

Fallbrook's History & Name


Literary Traditions

Luiseño (Native American) Indian

Military History

Organizations & Clubs



Service Providers

Street History


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