Brief Biography of Elizabeth Yamaguchi

Elizabeth Yamaguchi

I grew up in Fallbrook in the thirties and graduated from FUHS in 1946. AA earned in 1949 from UCLA. BS from Tuskegee Institute (now University) in 1978, when I graduated with two of my children. MA, 1981, from Auburn University, Alabama. Thesis was a history of Macon County AL, where we lived for fifteen years while my husband taught at the Institute.

In 1981 Shogo and I moved to Fallbrook to take care of my mother. I had enjoyed my thesis work, and began immediately to gather documents of Fallbrook. My articles and notes result from these years of collecting information from newspapers in the San Diego public library, the archives of the San Diego Historical Society, and the Federal Archives at Laguna Niguel, among others. Another important source has been the collections of the Fallbrook Historical Society and the writings of local historians like Maie Ellis and Floyd Markham. All of my materials are now in our museum's files.

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