Wildlife Notes

Reminiscences. Chas. V. Reche, now living at old Fallbrook, three miles east of the present city of Fallbrook, came here July 4, 1970. Fallbrook was given its name by his father, V.C.Reche, who named it after their old home town of Fallbrook, Pennsylvania. At that time, bear and deer were plentiful. Deer were to be found in droves of 25 or more. The biggest bear ever killed so far as known was killed on the spot where Ridgley and Martin's store now stands. They were so numerous in the canyon where the Santa Fe's Fallbrook Depot with its Grecian style of architecture now stands, that it was unsafe to travel around in that vicinity at night. There is now no longer any trace of a bear in this "neck o' the woods" but each year a few deer are killed in the hills hereabouts. Mr. Reche is one of the largest bee raisers in this part of the state. He now has in a canyon near Temecula, something near 200 stands besides a large one near Fallbrook. (From Fallbrook Enterprise, 1911, Ap 7)

1881, Au 21 SDU. A young man named Andrew Phillips, employed by the railroad, was bitten by a rattlesnake in Temecula Canyon.

1882, Je 20 SDU. Largest snake ever seen in this section was killed on John Mitchell's place. Mrs. Mitchell was walking near the Martin place. After hearing the rattle, she shot the head of the snake with her revolver at 20 steps. The snake was 4' long and 9" in circumference.

1895. My 10 Fallbrook Observer. LORobinson killed a rattlesnake at Mr. Pittengers Thursday.

1896, Ja 17. In Fallbrook Creek an ancient skull was found which could not be identified.

1913, Ja 3. FE. Frank Readers says mastodon bones or those of some other prehistoric creature were found when excavating hotel grounds.

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