Mining Notes From Newspapers, 2

SDU 23Ag74. Moonlight Mine ledge in San Jacinto Plains; claim filed by Henry Magee, A.C. Reche and WHFellows; extension to same filed by Henry Magee, JWWolfskill, Jwolfskill, WBCong, and WHFellows. My note: JWWolfskill is married to Elena de Pedrorena, Henry Magee's wife's sister.

SDU 4Fe81. 30 men are at work in the mines at "Placeritas." Nine miles from the Laguna |Lake Elsinore|. Chunk of gold sent this week - $83.

SDU 23Fe81. Forster and Tomas Alvarado have rich mine at San Felipe (near Warners ranch); people gathering at rich ledges bordering desert.

SDU 3Mr81 (4:2). Pinacate - new mining camp. 30 miles north of Temecula; new townsite laid out; store; Trujillo owns one mine.

SDU 24My81. Mines; Pinacate - the region opens into Temecula Valley

SDU 3Ja82. Letter signed "Now & Then" about Pinacate Mining District. There were Christmas festivities at mine; who was there.

SDU 28Ja82. Jacinto Mine made two bars bullion.

SDU 10Fe 82 (3:1). Mexicans are getting out gold in Pinacate with araster and panning.

SDU 28Fe82 (3:1). Judge John Lawshe has taken out gold worth $1,200 and expects 150 more ounces.

SDU 31My82. More gold taken out.

SDU 27No83. Mining near Temecula.

SDHS Archives. Santa Rosa Folder. 1884.Silver Gate Prospect Mine. 90' vertical shaft

SDU (3:2) 17My84. ACMorgan has filed a claim to waters of Temecula Creek a short distance above the residence of Melvin Stone; he wants to take water in a flume to land in Section 4 for irrigation and mining.

2,24,1885, 3:4. T. Alvarado is selling his marble mine near Pala to eastern men

3,4,1885, 3:5. New coal discovery by men from Penn.

5,23,1885, 3:3. Feature on Pinacate Mine

8,17,1886, 3:4, Rock from Temecula Canyon, thought to contain tin, has been assayed and found to contain gold; $200/ton. Parties who discovered will sink shaft to 100'. If ledge holds good, mill will be built immediately. Country seems to crop out in every direction and only needs proper effort to make it produce.

12,31,86, 3:2. McNamara, mining expert, says that yield of gold and silver mines of San Diego County in 1885 was $1,000,000. Estimates it will double in 1886.

3,30,1887, 5:1. West American Scientist has article on San Diego mines

SDHS Archives, 1887. Santa Rosa Folder. Indenture. Liverpool, England. Selling Santa Rosa Ranch.

SDU 28Ja88 (1:6), 11Fe88 (5:1), 27Au88 (5:1), 9No89 (2:2), 18No90. Elsinore coal.

SDHS Archives, 1889. Santa Rosa Folder. Deed of land and petition to or for Santa Rosa District (De Luz); to form high school district

Fallbrook Weekly Review 16Mar94. Two paragraphs on the geology of Fallbrook

FE 10No11. Mrs. Mack spoke to Woman's Saturday Afternoon Club on Caloifornia gems, and showed some from this vicinity.

Note. F.E. 10Jan1913. Frank Readers says mastodon bones were found when excavating hotel grounds.

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