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start with fossil finds

How Fallbrook's land began. Sauer Palomar is a quadrangular mass raised against the Elsinore. It is completely bounded by faults. It is a range of mountains which begins in Mexico's Baja and ends near the Santa Ana River.

Seeps are every where.

Core is of granite intruded through surface sediments. Later underground volcanos melted some of the core where magma pushed up (Plate geology)

Larsen Batholith. Morro Hill is a small volcanic neck of tridymite dacite intruding Jurassic granitic rocks and remnants of Tertiiary sediments. Rock is light grey and dense. It is probably a stock and crater filling which has been little eroded.

Near Pala pegmatite dikes have produced gem mineral and lithia

Good Hope mine is 4 mi SW of Perris

In 1937&8 a new gold vein was found, 100 yards South of DeLuz Creek and 1/2 mile west of Santa Rosa boundary

True, Early Complex. Near Agua Tibia is a mud flow deposit formed near close of Pleistocine. Well preserved horse, elephant and mastodon remains have been found. Human tools have also been found. Occupied for hundreds of years.

FE 10No11. Mrs. Mack spoke to Woman's Saturday Afternoon Club on Caloifornia gems, and showed some from this vicinity.

(Note. F.E. 10Jan1913. Frank Readers says mastodon bones were found when excavating hotel grounds.

For nearly one hundred years, the gem mines of Northern California have been the most prolific producers of fine gem stones in all of North America. So begins Fallbrook resident, Peter Bancroft. In an article in the magasine of the SDMuseum of Natural History. He also wrote _________________

FHS includes the entire High School District (the territory of those who attended FHSchool, I decided to write about (and since the G&MMuseum is having its grand opening in October.Since

References to mining in Fallbrook's early history

Kinds of mines

References to early residents who mined.

Today. June 72 San Diego Magazine about having lunch in the Tourmaline Queen mine with Bill Larson (of Today's Collector) Maybe Bill Larson has some old photos he would loan to FHS and let paper reproduce.

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