Agriculture Notes

1889, March 22. For Sale at J.S. Richardson Nursery: plums, prunes quinces, nectarines, cherries, figs, currants, pecans, Texas umbrella, Gravilla (sp) robusta, honeysuckle, Margarettes, 17 kinds of roses. He offers liberal credit to responsible parties on bills of $20, adding 1% interest/month, with bankable notes.

1889, Nov 22. J.M.Mack and GF Van Velzer will represent the Fallbrook Horticultural Society at the Horticultural Convention in San Diego, Dec 2.

1911, Mar 24. Fallbrook bee ranches annually produce 2500 cases of comb honey and 30 tons of extracted honey of fine quality. Last year 100,000 doz eggs were produced and 300 doz chickens. Wheat, oats and barley total 75,000 sacks annually and 3000 tons of hay. Red Mountain Ranch last year had an olive crop of 150 tons; also 5 cars of oranges.

1911, May 6. The Loma Ranch olive refinery preceded the one at Red Mountain.

1918, Feb 1. Mack Experimental Farm

1922, Jan 13. P4, cannery picture

1922, Jan 27. Article on cannery

1928, Apr 29. WE Crane has a bee hive factory and makes 100's each year.

1931, Jan. JM Mack experimintal peach to UC Calif to France and Italy

1931, Feb 27. Ad. For Rent. Saddle horses $2/day. Clarence Story, 3 miles south of town.

1931, Mar 6. History of Loma Ranch in obit of Dr. Charles Pratt.

1937, Oct 15. UCLA students to visit McDonald and Anthony groves. Robt. W. Hodgson, SubTropical Hort and Asst Dir of AgExpSta and PAMiller will take students on a tour.

1938, March 25. Herb Pratt, Loma Ranch, installs new dry-steam sterilizer equipped with butane gas so the dairy can better clean their bottles.

1938, June 10. First Future Farmers Day parade.

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