Bonsall in 1977

Dominic Savoca, the "grandfather" of Bonsall, moved to Bonsall in 1977. "You could walk down the middle of Old River Road and not see a car for hours." The town consisted of Perry's Market, where Arco now stands, a real estate office across the road, which is now a vacant lot, and a real estate office on a spot now occupied by the El Establo restaurant.

Source: NCT 11/26/98, B4, B5.

Bonsall in 1963

by Mark Russo

There was a Rocket gas station and garage up on the south turn leaving Bonsall proper. Before the restaurant and liquor store were built on the N.E. corner, there was the old Crossroads Market and gas. The best thing about (Wilson) Perry's was the deep well water he served in the cafe. I remember going in for an orange Nehi after school. Once, while I was hanging out at Perry's, a military convoy stopped in the parking lot. While the drivers were in the store I went out to look at the trucks. They were transporting the experimental X-15 supersonic jet! It was so cool for a little kid to actually touch the truck it was on!

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