Sycamore Canyon: Loop From Sycamore Canyon Road Trailhead

9 September 1999: Susan Chester and I hiked the 4.5 mile loop given by Schad from the Sycamore Canyon Road Trailhead, 10:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m. My pedometer read 4.42 miles, and the altitude gain and loss given by Schad was 500'.

Plants in bloom: there are three dominant flowers, in addition to some nice displays of red poison oak leaves.

A few samples of these were seen: everlasting firmly in its dried flower phase, dodder's little white flowers on a yellow dodder, purple aster ending, sunflowers still blooming despite most of the plant being dead and black, a yellow daisy on a wiry stem, a normal cattail and a miniature cattail, brightly-colored pink and red galls on shrubs. Lots of star thistle is in its dried spiky form. A few shrubs that looked a lot like chamise had small white buds at the ends of the needle-like leaves.

It was probably too early in the fall and too hot to really appreciate Sycamore Canyon. The temperature at the end of the hike was 84°. There were some annoying bugs that would have made it a bit unpleasant to stop for any length of time. The trails were in great shape, with no overgrowth at all. Martha's Grove was filled with leaf litter, a good deal of which was red.

There were wonderful satellite photos at most trail junctions showing the preserve and its trails, with marked mileages. There was a brochure at the trailhead giving a topo map of the area with the trails with mileages.

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.0010:41 1000Trailhead
10.7510:59 800Martha's Grove
21.4011:18 850Field of rabbitbrush
31.7011:30 800Junction Road. Satellite photo.
42.0011:39 750Jct. Olive Grove Rest Area
52.2611:45 750Jct. Road. Went left.
62.6211:55 650South end of Preserve, trails curves west then north.
73.6512:23 800Jct. Road. Went left.
84.4212:43 950Car.

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