Hellhole Canyon County Open Space Preserve near Valley Center, CA - Trailhead to Escondido Siphon

Key for all trip logs
Participants: Tom Chester and Jay Peterson
Date: 3 May 1997 (Written up 3 May 1997)

Trailhead location, trail condition and hiking directions.

Plants in bloom: California poppy, deerweed (California broom), monkey-flower, blue dicks, a very short plant with a beautiful pink flower, black sage, tall shrub covered with white flowers somewhat similar to california lilac, prickly pear cactus, mariposa lily? and others. California dodder (witch's hair) prominent.
Weather: Sunny, temperature in 90s.
Bugs: Almost none. This was the most pleasant hike I've had in southern california in the last several months.
Number of ticks: None.
Number of rattlesnakes: 0
Other pests: None.

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.0010:11 2100Staging Point
10.7510:29 1650Hell Creek
21.0010:40 1750Jct. House Trail
31.4510:52 1600House
52.7012:05 1600Climbing up.
62.7512:09 1650Trail Junction. Go right.
72.9512:16 1650 
83.0012:21 1700 
93.5512:35 1650Trail Junction. Go right.
103.9012:47 1700Jct. House Trail
114.5001:19 1800Bench
124.9501:40 2100Staging Point

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