Heller's Bend, Fallbrook

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Participants: Tom, Susan and Matt Chester
Date: 27 November 1998 (Written up 20 December 1998)

Plants in bloom: The poison oak was looking splendently red.
Number of ticks: none
Number of rattlesnakes: 0
Other pests: None.

Heller's Bend is a 27-acre former avocado and citrus orchard acquired by the Fallbrook Land Conservancy in 1997. It is open to visitors on foot, and features a running stream, rolling hills, and a great view, especially of southern Fallbrook and Bonsall, from the top of the road.

The preserve is on the southwest side of Heller's Bend Road, which meets S. Mission immediately south of the Via Monserate junction. This is along the old route of highway 395 along Ostrich Creek from 1928 to 1949, before the hillside was cut to straighten out Mission Road.

The hike is only 0.5 mile to the end of the road at the top of the hill, and 1.5 miles total if you wander the various side roads. However, for Fallbrook residents the view from the top is eminently worth it. Those who don't enjoy the view of the countryside can enjoy the view of four large homes immediately west of the Preserve.

00.001:49 350Entrance. Sign: "Made possible by a grant from the California Transportation Commission"
10.452:12 550Top of hill. Some beautiful homes immediately to the west are probably in Rolling Hills along Rollingview Lane. A porta-potty has been placed here.
20.502:17 500End of Road. Turnaround.
30.902:29 400Jct. Side Road on right. Took it to just past end of preserve and turned around.
41.102:37 400Back to main road, took road just below it to shack and then turned around.
51.252:42 350Back on main road.
61.502:48 300Back at entrance.

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