Daley Ranch: Engelmann Oak Loop

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Participant: Tom Chester
Date: 16 December 1998 (Written up 19 December 1998)

Plants in bloom: none were noticeable to me
Weather: mild santa ana: warm and great visibility
Bugs: only one black fly bothered me when I was stopped, and he paid the price.
Number of ticks: zero.
Number of rattlesnakes: 0. 1 little non-rattlesnake was on the trail.
Other pests: None.

I hadn't appreciated what great views were to be had from Daley Ranch until I hiked there, instead of just biking there. This was a delightful hike on a warm fall day. Daley Ranch gives beautiful views of the local area, including the only views I have had (except from Fallbrook) of the Santa Rosa Plateau where the entire Plateau was easily visible.

This hike is similar to the hike described by J. Schad in the 3rd edition of Afoot & Afield in San Diego County, except that I did not take the "Alternate Trail" at #15 below, opting to stay on the Engelmann Oak Trail to continue to enjoy the views.

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.0010:55 1000West Entrance.
10.2511:01 1000Enter Oaks. Trail to left.
20.6511:10 1150Jct. Engelmann Oak Trail on left. Continue ahead.
30.8011:14 1200Jct. West end of connection to Alternate Trail.
40.9511:19 1300Jct. Road to Right. Continue ahead.
51.0011:21 1400Jct. East end of connection to Alternative Trail, and path to right. The altitude is actually the same as previously, just measurement error of altimeter.
61.2011:27 1400Little non-rattlesnake.
71.3011:36  Jct. Central Valley Loop Trail. Went left. Good views of San Onofre Mountain, Santa Margarita Mountains, Santa Rosa Plateau, Santiago Peak, Elsinore Peak, and dim view of east end of the San Gabriel Mountains.
81.5511:44 1600"Stock Pond" has no water in it, just cattails, etc.
91.7511:50 1700Path to left.
101.8011:52 1750Trail separation, with Engelmann Oak Trail going left and Central Valley Trail going right. Went right for a short distance for views east and south.
111.9512:0012:201700Great views of Hellhole Canyon, Rodriguez Peak, Pine Mountain, Angel Mountain, Paradise Mountain, Volcan Mountains, Black Mountain, North and Middle Peaks, Cuyamaca Peak, and Woodson Mountain. Turned around.
122.2512:32 1700=#10. Fair number of grasshoppers along path now.
132.6512:42 1550Jct. path on left. Other end of path encountered at #9?
142.8012:47 1550Jct. path to right.
153.0512:551:081600Jct. "Alternate Trail" Road to left, path to right. Hazy view of San Gabriels. Talked to biker for a while. Continued ahead.
163.201:11 1600Jct. road on right leading to gate.
173.351:21 1500View of Fallbrook water tower, water tank above FUHS. One black fly annoyed me to its death.
183.901:36 1200=#2.
194.501:50 1100Car.

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