Vehicle Burglary Crime Waves

Like everyplace else, Fallbrook occasionally experiences crime waves when someone discovers their talent for burglary and begin practicing that "occupation" full-time. Typically, these criminals are young men who become increasingly brazen since they think that they are too smart to be caught. These crime waves always end when the culprits are sent to jail.

In the first fourteen weeks of 2000, there were 47 vehicle burglaries in Fallbrook, compared to 18 during the same period of 1999. Nearly all the burglaries have occurred between midnight and 4 a.m., and most have occurred on West Clemmens Lane between Mission and Alturas Street, and in the 500 block of Alturas Street. Items stolen are car stereos, cellular phones, CDs, wallets, clothes and other merchandise in the vehicles.

Anyone with information about these burglaries should call Deputy Joe Montion or Detective Curtis Fewell at 760 723-6050.

There was a similar wave of car burglaries in December 1998. Three men who were convicted for those burglaries are still in prison as of April 2000.

Sources: NCT 4/13/00, B1, B6; VN 4/20/00, A1, A7.

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